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“Soup is cozy.”

October 24, 2017

Last night I just couldn’t fall asleep. I tried to watch television, but that didn’t work. On Netflix I saw the start of several movies but couldn’t get interested in any of them. I then watched most of my DVR’d programs and got the number winnowed to two, both Dirk Gently’s. To watch that program I need a different mood. At 3:00 I turned off the light and tried to sleep. At 3:30 I turned the light back on. Finally, at 4:30 or so I fell asleep. Television is definitely a wasteland late at night but not enough to lull me to sleep.

Today is dark and windy, but surprisingly warm. It will rain later tonight. We could get inches of rain. My mother would call it a deluge.

Unlike Mother Hubbard, my cupboard is full. Peapod came yesterday.

My coffee maker loses water all over the counter. My washing machine won’t spin. I had to put towels on the line in the cellar. They were heavy with water. I hand wrung them, but they were still soaked. The other clothes went into the dryer. I hate when stuff starts to fall apart. I have ordered another coffee pot and will call an appliance man with hopes the washer can be fixed. Both are essential.

We live in the toss it and buy another age. Stuff is not build to last anymore. It is often cheaper to replace than repair.

My mother always made pea soup after we’d had a bone- in ham for dinner. The soup was thick and green. It was my father’s favorite, but because I liked it too, my mother would save some in jars and freeze it for my next visit. I reciprocated and made chicken soup. I always brought my mother some. She loved my chicken soup.

My mother used to come down to visit often. We shopped, went out to dinner and sometimes out to lunch as well. At night we’d play Big Boggle, her favorite game. We played countless times. She used to fill her trunk with shopping bags. The joke was she’d only bring in a couple when my father was home. He always remarked about little she’d bought. When he went to work, she’d empty the rest of her trunk.

It has started to rain. I heard it dripping from the eaves onto the deck. The wind is  stronger, and the biggest branches on the oak trees are swaying. I was going out as I do have one errand, but now I’m staying home, cozy and dry.

“I haven’t been to sleep for over a year. That’s why I go to bed early. One needs more rest if one doesn’t sleep.”

November 17, 2016

Maddie and Gracie are fast asleep; however, I am not. It is now almost 5 AM. I have been awake most of the night on and off. These animals are killing me. Maddie howled, but it sounded strange so I got out of bed and checked. She was just fine. By then it was close to one-thirty. I turned off the light and fell asleep. Gracie woke me up by moving around the bed. She was panting. I turned on the light to check on her. She came up to me and leaned against me. I patted her and her stub of a tail wagged, but she was still hovering and leaning. I got worried and decided to go downstairs with Gracie. It was about 3:30. I let her out. When she came in, she wanted a treat. I gave it to her then she got on the couch and went to sleep. She is even snoring. I’m exhausted.

Television is awful in the early morning. Not even Hallmark tempted me with its description of a runaway dog bringing two people together. I also had other choices like Bubble Boy which is not to be confused with The Boy in the Plastic Bubble and Delta Farce which is not to be confused with Delta Force. I must have gone up and down the channel numbers several times before I settled in at On Demand where I could choose the bad movies I wanted to watch.

Well, this paragraph is a continuation. I fell asleep around 6:30 despite how loudly Gracie was snoring. I tossed and turned several times as the couch, where I ended up, wasn’t comfortable. I woke up around 9:30 and hurried to make the coffee. I needed it in sort of a life’s blood kind of way.

Nothing of any import is on my dance card. I may do a bit of unnecessary but fun shopping. I definitely will take a nap.

Today is cloudy though the weather report said partly sunny. I guess I don’t live in the right part.

“Autumn burned brightly, a running flame through the mountains, a torch flung to the trees.”

October 22, 2016

The clouds and the on again off again rain have put a damper on my day, literally and figuratively. I just can’t seem to scare up enough energy to do anything but sit and watch television; however, I’m watching Syfy, not MSNBC.

It is warm right now, but that will change. By the late afternoon, we’ll be down into the 40’s, sweatshirt weather. It will be autumnal (I love this word).

When I went to get the papers, I was struck by how quiet the morning was. There was no breeze to rustle the leaves, no one was outside and no cars traveled down the street. I stood outside for a bit.

This is my favorite season. I used to think the Cape didn’t have much color until my first autumn back from Africa when I found the color so beautiful, so bright with reds and yellows. I saw cranberry bogs filled with deep red, ripe berries and watched when they were harvested. Pumpkins and sheafs of wheat decorated front steps. Mums in autumn colors came alive in the gardens. I fell in love with fall.

I have a couple of errands to do today. Gracie will come along to keep me company. She loves rides. She stands on the console between the front seats and looks out the windshield. When we stop at lights, she sticks her head out the back window. I swear she smiles.

I am losing my mind. I bought a bag of anise bears. The other night I ate so many I decided to put the bag away to eliminate temptation. Last night, I went to get the bag. I couldn’t find it. I looked in all my usual hiding places and in some odd places like the fridge just in case. It seems I did a remarkable job at keeping temptation away. I never did find those anise bears.

“Look up in the sky! It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s Superman!”

January 12, 2013

Today is a low-keyed day though I do have one triumph to report. A mouse now has a new residence. I caught my first one last night. It fell for the old cheese in the box routine. I noticed its capture around 10:30 last night so Gracie and I took the mouse for a ride and, in defiance of the law, relocated it a few blocks away. The mouse was a black one, and I think the same one the dog was chasing on Christmas Eve. I wish it well in its new home wherever that is.

The week has been a busy one for me, and I’m done with it. Today is a nothing day: no errands, no mice, no sun and no ambition. Maybe I’ll read, or maybe I won’t. I’m ambivalent. I’d watch the syfy channel, but today is destroy Earth day, and I’ve already seem most of them. I know the endings-the Earth is always saved.

When I was a kid, I don’t remember ever having nothing days. Monday to Friday was school, and it consumed most of my week. At this time of year, when I’d get home, the dark came too early, and it was usually too cold for playing outside in the afternoons. We’d play in the cellar instead or play a board game while lying on the living rug or watch television.

Superman was on TV every day at 4:30. It never occurred to me back then that Lois, Jimmy and Perry should have seen through Clark’s disguise and should have followed up the questions Lois always asked about Clark’s disappearance when Superman was on the scene. It looked like Superman was really flying though I knew he wasn’t. I can still remember the flying music and the sound of the wind as Superman jumped into the air then flew with arms outstretched. Clark always took off his tie first. That and the music were the sign Clark was soon to be Superman. I wondered about the suits he left in telephone booths and alleys. I figured he always went back to the storage room for the suits he left at work but what about the others.  Now I just can’t imagine his clothing allowance. I can still see in my mind’s eye the train and the shooting gun when Superman was described at the beginning of the program, “Faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive.” It was stirring to see Superman, arms akimbo, with the flag waving behind him. The world was in good hands!

“Even as an adult I find it difficult to sleep on Christmas Eve. Yuletide excitement is a potent caffeine, no matter your age.”

December 24, 2012

When I was a kid, I knew today was the longest day of the year. It had everything to do with anticipation. Clock watching never helped. The clock’s hands took forever to move from one tick to the next, and every tick seemed to echo. Usually it was too cold to go outside and play so there was little to do to while away the hours. We’d watch television, and we’d watch Santa Claus, who had been on TV every afternoon for a few weeks from a station in New Hampshire. He’d be winding up his TV career, loading his sleigh and saying good-bye to all of us. As soon as it got dark, we pretended to be tired, but my mother knew. We just wanted to go to bed early hoping we’d fall asleep so the night would pass quickly. Supper was light. My mother always had the big dinner to prepare the next day so mostly we had sandwiches and sugar cookies for dessert. The tree looked especially beautiful on Christmas Eve. It was lit the whole day.

I remember one year on Christmas Eve my mother sent me to buy some ingredient she’d forgotten. I rode my bike to the red store. I couldn’t believe my mother had me doing an errand on such an important day. It just wasn’t right. Christmas Eve was too special for a simple errand.

If we were lucky, A Christmas Carol, the perfect movie for Christmas Eve, was on TV in the late afternoon or before dinner. I have never tired of watching Scrooge and his redemption. This year I have seen two different versions, both excellent: George C. Scott and Alastair Sim.

Just before bed, it was time to hang the stockings. They were red with white cuffs. Our names were on the cuffs and had gold glitter on them. The bannister was a small one but we managed to fit all four stockings. Though we didn’t have a fireplace, we never worried. Santa would find a way.

We’d lie in bed and talk from room to room until finally we’d drift off to sleep.

“4 am—if I’m ever up that early, it’s because I’m up that late.

December 23, 2012

It was another one of those what time is it mornings when I first woke up. It was still dark, but when I looked out the window, I saw three houses ablaze with light. It being Sunday and all I figured it was late at night, but I was wrong. It was 4:45. Knowing I was done with sleep, I came downstairs, cranked up the heat and made coffee. It’s far too early for the papers.

Television is interesting this time of the morning. Infomercials rule the air waves. I think my favorite title was Holiday Hair Gain. I watched a bit of The Thing From Another Planet, but I’ve seen that so many times I know a lot of the dialogue. James Arness, though, does make a great Thing or Mr. Thing, I’m not sure of the protocol when it comes to flesh eating aliens. Dante’s Peak is on now. It is one movie which proves the rule that you can kill people but never a dog. The grandmother gets it, but the dog finds refuge and is saved. Obviously I’ve seen this too many times as well. A main character is now talking about how wonderful a town it is for raising children. Good luck with that.

Vampires are out. Their blood sucking days are over. Zombies are in though they are far uglier and tend to be less discriminatory about which parts of the body they enjoy. Zombie actors also come a bit more cheaply: no speaking parts. I think the only directions they get are to drag their feet and try not to drop dangling body parts.

I watch all sorts of Christmas programs. Yesterday I saw a movie I’ve never seen before, Carol for Another Christmas from 1964. It has quite the pedigree as it was written by Rod Serling and has a Henry Mancini score. The movie was made for TV and is a dark version of A Christmas Carol. Peter Sellers appears in a strange role in Christmas future, a devastating future. When I looked up the movie on IMDB, I found out, “Presented without commercial interruptions, this “United Nations Special” was sponsored by the Xerox Corporation, the first of a series of Xerox specials promoting the UN.” I watched all of it without enjoying it much. I was just curious as to how Mr. Grudge would find redemption. Now I don’t need ever to see it again. Give me Alastair Sim every time.

No white Christmas this year. Rain is forecasted. Good think Santa is magical.

“I’d rather be a little weird than all boring.”

November 2, 2012

The morning is nearly gone. I slept in and then took my time reading the papers and checking my e-mail. All of it was a delaying tactic as I knew my mind was empty, devoid of original thought. The idea of filling a blank page was scary. What’s to say? The problem is I’m bored. I even thought about going through the cabinet hunting for my apple slicer, corer. The whole absurd idea of cabinet foraging is indicative of how far gone I must be. I remember summers when I’d whine to my mother there was nothing to do in the whole town. This is one of those moments. Sure, Gracie and I could go for a ride but what’s to see?  Maybe we should shop: the use of maybe tells you how really bored I am. Never do I use maybe and shopping in the same sentence. I suppose I should change my bed. Whoopee!! (which must be read with a tone oozing sarcasm). Maybe I should read those catalogs: the pile is high enough to be dangerous should it fall on one of the cats, but I know that won’t work. I’ve tried it before. The catalog ends up on the floor as soon as boring rears its ugly head. The house is dusty and, given my mood, will stay dusty. Cleaning is never the solution for anything.

My landscaper cleared the yard yesterday. I can see my grass, the driveway and the deck. All the leaves and pine needles are gone. I watched out the front door. Looking back, I realize that was the first indication of creeping ennui. Leaf raking and blowing will never be interesting yet I stood and watched.

TV last night sent me reading. I’ve started Stolen Prey, a John Sandford. I read three pages then put it down. Even mass murder couldn’t hold my interest.

The last two Walking Dead programs are on my DVR. I suppose I could watch zombies eating live people and live people killing zombies. Such fun is almost overwhelming to contemplate.

Well, this is it. I’ve finally run out of words.

“I think Saturday may be Latin for “stay in pajamas til noon then eventually motivate yourself to shower and get ready for bed that night.”

October 27, 2012

I again woke to a beautiful morning filled with sun capped by a deep blue sky. It was quiet until I went to get the papers and was assailed by the harsh jeering of several bluejays in the front trees. I wondered if they sensed the coming storm and were giving warning or if it was just noisy bluejays. They disappeared as quickly as they came.

Gracie has spent most of the morning in the yard. Once in a while she barks for no reason. She’s just being a dog. She comes back inside every now and then, takes a drink from the porcelain bowl then goes back outside. I followed her one time and stood on the deck. She stood on the driveway. We both just watched and listened.

Saturday is still magical for me. From the time I was a little kid throughout my entire working life Saturday has always been the best day. On Saturday I could sleep-in, more important to the adult me than the kid me, but the kid me appreciated not hearing, “Time to get up for school.” Saturday morning TV was always the best. Sitting, watching, eating cereal and still wearing pajamas was my favorite way to greet the morning. In that regard, not much has changed. This morning I sat, drank my coffee and read the papers while still dressed in my night clothes, no longer pajamas but close enough. Later I’ll watch a really bad movie on the SyFy channel, and it will be like the Saturday matinee. I have to go out and pick up a few things I forgot yesterday then Gracie and I will take a ride. I love to roam on a Saturday. I always have.

“Spring shows what God can do with a drab and dirty world.”

February 16, 2012

Last night was one of those why aren’t I sleepy nights but finally, around 2 or 2:30, I felt tired so I dragged myself upstairs to bed. Until then, the TV was my only distraction. I did try reading, but I just couldn’t make my mind hold on to the words, and I lost track of the plot by the third paragraph, despite a couple of re-readings, so I gave up. My next activity was a few games of cribbage on Pogo but even that didn’t hold my attention.

Amazingly it was still 40° when I went upstairs. I almost wanted to go for a walk, but good sense led me to bed where I finally fell asleep.

The warmth has held and right now it is 45°. When I went to get the paper, I had to stand outside for a while because the air smelled a bit like spring, all fresh and new. It also felt like a spring morning when the air has a chill without being cold. If the sun were out, I’d be sitting on the deck, but, alas, we have a grey day though I still have hopes for the sun as the sky seems to be getting lighter.

Today is errand day, and I have three stops to make. When I finish, I’ll going to take a ride up-Cape as it has been a while. I know there are croci blooming along 6A. I think they’re just what I need, and they’ll go perfectly with the feeling of spring in the air.

“One advantage of talking to yourself is that you know at least somebody’s listening.”

February 4, 2012

Saturday just isn’t as interesting as it used to be. When I was a kid, it was cartoons , Howdy Doody, Annie Oakley and all the rest day. It was eating cereal in front of the small, black and white TV set with the wooden doors. In college, it was recuperate from Friday night day. It was a day to do absolutely nothing until party time Saturday night, and there was always a party. When I was working, Saturday was errand day. It was ride around town, do some shopping to perk the soul and spirit, hit the grocery store and maybe meet friends later for a drink or two.

Since I retired, I can do all of my errands any day of the week. Saturday has slipped into being just like all the other days. Its only redeeming quality is the SyFy (silly darn spelling) channel which often shows really bad movies all day. I miss the old Saturday.

We’re back to the 40’s again while my sister in Colorado is buried under two plus feet of snow. Even the schools were closed on Friday, a most unusual event for Colorado. We have sun and blue skies and a bit of a breeze. All in all it’s a pretty nice day.

I called my sister yesterday so I could hear a human voice. My other sister called me. It was a banner day for conversation. Moe talked about the snow and how happy she was that they had shopped before the storm. Her street hadn’t been plowed since the morning, and it was late afternoon. Gracie in that much snow would be hidden, and her movements would resemble those of the giant worms in Tremors where all you saw was the ground rippling.

Today has been a mishmash. My mind is a potpourri of useless tidbits, of space fillers. It seems all the outloud talking I’ve been doing to myself is finally taking its toll. I even think I’ve started answering.

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