“Soup is cozy.”

Last night I just couldn’t fall asleep. I tried to watch television, but that didn’t work. On Netflix I saw the start of several movies but couldn’t get interested in any of them. I then watched most of my DVR’d programs and got the number winnowed to two, both Dirk Gently’s. To watch that program I need a different mood. At 3:00 I turned off the light and tried to sleep. At 3:30 I turned the light back on. Finally, at 4:30 or so I fell asleep. Television is definitely a wasteland late at night but not enough to lull me to sleep.

Today is dark and windy, but surprisingly warm. It will rain later tonight. We could get inches of rain. My mother would call it a deluge.

Unlike Mother Hubbard, my cupboard is full. Peapod came yesterday.

My coffee maker loses water all over the counter. My washing machine won’t spin. I had to put towels on the line in the cellar. They were heavy with water. I hand wrung them, but they were still soaked. The other clothes went into the dryer. I hate when stuff starts to fall apart. I have ordered another coffee pot and will call an appliance man with hopes the washer can be fixed. Both are essential.

We live in the toss it and buy another age. Stuff is not build to last anymore. It is often cheaper to replace than repair.

My mother always made pea soup after we’d had a bone- in ham for dinner. The soup was thick and green. It was my father’s favorite, but because I liked it too, my mother would save some in jars and freeze it for my next visit. I reciprocated and made chicken soup. I always brought my mother some. She loved my chicken soup.

My mother used to come down to visit often. We shopped, went out to dinner and sometimes out to lunch as well. At night we’d play Big Boggle, her favorite game. We played countless times. She used to fill her trunk with shopping bags. The joke was she’d only bring in a couple when my father was home. He always remarked about little she’d bought. When he went to work, she’d empty the rest of her trunk.

It has started to rain. I heard it dripping from the eaves onto the deck. The wind is  stronger, and the biggest branches on the oak trees are swaying. I was going out as I do have one errand, but now I’m staying home, cozy and dry.

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6 Comments on ““Soup is cozy.””

  1. Rowen Says:

    In my mind I’m inside, cosy and dry, listening to the dripping rain.

  2. Jay Bird Says:

    In the early 70’s age now rules our sleep. I have little trouble dozing off (thank God), but am awake too long during my periodic bathroom stops during the evening. Waking at 7:00 am is the kiss of death. Awake for the day. Ack!!

    • katry Says:

      When I am up late which happens often, I tend to sleep in until close 10:10 or so. At night, I am in and out of the bathroom but back to asleep in minutes. It is getting to sleep during the first attempt which which gives me trouble.

      Last night I watched televisions hoping to find something boring. I failed. It is 1:20 and I am still doing stuff. I’m hoping for bed by 2:00

  3. olof1 Says:

    Raining all day here today but further north they had a snow storm and it left 10 inches of snow on the ground. I hope it stays north for quite some time, qt least until I have my winter tires on next Friday.

    Our pea soup is thick and yellow but since thgey both are made from peas I guess they taste much the same. Here they often put either some kind of sausage or pork in it too. It is one of my favorite soups but my stomach can’t take it I’m afraid. That has never stopped me from eating it though 🙂 🙂

    Have a great day!


    • katry Says:

      It is pouring right now, and it has been doing that on and off all day. I guess it will keep going on all night. I have to wait until the rain slows down a bit to get Gracie outside. She doesn’t like rain.

      We are having such warm weather snow is totally out of my head.

      Your pea soup does sound a bit like mine, but my mother used ham from the ham bone for the meat. I think the last time I ate it was before my mother died.

      Have a great evening!!

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