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Happy Birthday Joan Baez

January 9, 2021

I don’t often dedicate all the songs of any day on Coffee to one singer, but Joan Baez has, since I first found folk music, been one of my favorites. I still have some old vinyl from the beginning. Joan Baez is 80 today!!

How D’ya Like Your Eggs In The Morning: Vic Damone

January 3, 2021

Twas the Night Before Christmas: Charles and Camilla in Star-Studded Christmas Reading

December 24, 2020

I loved this. I knew just about every actor. It made me smile how emotive most of them were. This poem is an American view of Santa but the British do it justice.

“He who lights his [candle] at mine receives light without darkening me.”

December 17, 2020

Yesterday was freezing, and I had a busy day. The post office was first. I went to mail the packages which should have gone out with the rest of them on Monday, but I had left in my trunk. Priority mail won’t make it by Christmas the clerk told me. I asked how I could have a guarantee. He said pay $100.00, and everyone behind me in line laughed. I didn’t pay. The other two stops were medical; well, one was dental. They found a tooth which needs a crown.

Around nine last night the snow started. It came whipping down sideways from the north. I know that because when I ran across the street to get my mail, my face got pelted. I put up my hood. My face still got pelted. The car had a snow layer which looked icy. I was careful.

When I woke up this morning, I could hear the rain. What snow there is looks ugly, pitted. When I went to get the papers, I left footprints in the slush, and the bottoms of my flannel pants got wet. The streets have two tire tracks filled with slush. It is an ugly day. The rain will turn into snow later, but the amount is iffy. The paper had this description of today’s weather, ” Windy with wet snot at times.”

I have housekeeping chores today. There is a pile of boxes to be put into the car and one trash bag for the trunk. I hate the clutter. Two packages came today. I found the first wrapped in plastic on the steps. I could see the slushy footprints of the delivery man. Henry alerted me to the second delivery. There was a package from Target on my steps delivered by a regular driver in a regular car who waved: it was sort of odd. One box has a gift for my sister. I’ll just readdress the box and sent it along. The other has a Christmas vinyl tablecloth with the best colors and wonderful designs of Santas, trees and stockings. It is a just in case keeper. I also bought some socks.

Today is dark so the living room is night time lit. The tree is on as are candles around the room. On the hearth is a winter scene, a birthday gift this past year. It nicely lights up that side of the fireplace. My painted gourd is lit as are a wooden star and twigs with lights among pussy willows. The low light in the room, the quietness of it all, gives me a sense off comfort. I like to sit there in the living room. Jack likes to sleep on the anti-scratch chair cover, there because of him, a bit of irony. Henry sleeps on the rug. He knows to stay off the living room couch.

I’ve been playing Christmas albums on my record player. I love the sound, scratches and all. Do I need to mention the album my classmates and I made with Guy Lombardo and the Royal Canadiens? I played that album first. The one early note in Winter Wonderland is my celebrity moment.

That Christmas Feeling: Perry Como

December 15, 2020

Okay, not crazy or odd but it’s Perry. You have to have Perry Como at Christmas.

Bubbles: The Kalin Twins

December 4, 2020

Betty Lou Got A New Pair of Shoes: Bobby Freeman

November 27, 2020

Don’t Let Go The Coat: The Who

November 2, 2020

Break On Through ( To The Other Side ): The Doors

October 23, 2020

Don’t Start Me Talking: Johnny Darrow

September 24, 2020

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