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Cant Teach My Old Heart New Tricks: Benny Goodman – (Martha Tilton vocals)

August 22, 2019

Sleep of the Just: Elvis Costello

July 30, 2019

“Where to look if you’ve lost your mind?”

July 13, 2019

I had perfectly planned my morning. First was the ATM for money as I had none. Next was the post office, but it wasn’t open yet so I moved to my net stop: the farmers market. With basket in hand, I stopped at a produce table and decided to buy blueberries to make a pie. When I went to pay, I found my checkbook wasn’t there. I checked my car: no checkbook. I went back to the post office hoping to find my checkbook. I didn’t, but at least I did mail my cards and packages. My next stop was the bank where I spent over an hour closing my checking account then opening another. I got a new ATM card. I was out the $50.00 from the ATM. With my proverbial tail between my legs I went home. I checked the car one more time and found the checkbook wedged beside the seat in a spot I missed as it just didn’t seem probable. I now need to spend a good deal of time changing accounts like the electric to my new checking account. In between I am going to scream!!!

I am giving Coffee a break today as I absolutely need to complete th changeover!! I feel like and idiot!!

Jump For Joy: Sarah Vaughan

July 2, 2019

The Ballad of High Noon: Tex Ritter

June 27, 2019

Who’ll Stop The Rain: Creedence Clearwater Revival

May 30, 2019

The Dress Looks Nice On You: Sufjan Stevens

April 20, 2019

The Green Grass Starts to Grow: Dionne Warwick

April 16, 2019

Wildflowers: Tom Petty

April 14, 2019

I Think It’s Going To Rain Today: Judy Collins

April 13, 2019