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The Rose: Bette Midler

July 7, 2020

Chinese Boogie: Hy-Tones-

June 18, 2020

Put the Lime in the Coconut: Harry Nilsson

May 21, 2020

Clean Up Woman: Betty Wright

May 15, 2020

I know I have played this before but it needs a replay. Betty Wright passed on May 10th.

This is her signature song, Clean Up Woman (1971), which was recorded when she was only 17.

Happy Together: The Turtles

May 4, 2020

“Sometimes it takes sadness to know happiness, noise to appreciate silence and absence to value presence. “

April 28, 2020

Yesterday was the watershed moment for me. It was the I can’t take it anymore day. I yelled at Henry and Jack. I would have yelled at Gwen but she was upstairs. I admit a few expletives escaped from my lips aimed at nobody, just the situation. I watched a movie I don’t even remember. I just remember it was a terrible movie, and it made me cry. Movies don’t make me cry. Situations do.

Today is a different day, at least for me though not for the weather. It is dismal, cold and damp. Right now it is 40˚ and showers are predicted for later. I have no outside plans, just inside. I’m okay with that. I vented well yesterday.

The dust has returned. I am losing the battle. I’m going to clean the house a bit today in case of company. That last sentence was sarcastic.

I’ve almost reached the clean out my cabinet stage of isolation. Periodically, when I get massively bored, I check the expiration dates on jars and such. I have found jars in the back with dates like 2017 yet I still load from the front. It is just easier.

My bananas are almost black so banana bread is in my future. I guess I have reached the frenzied baking- cooking stage.

Henry has been with me two years this month. He was a skinny 8 month old puppy when he came here. He has grown to be a handsome, muscular dog, but he still has his quirks and still growls at the front door when someone is there. That’s what we’ll work on next. I haven’t told Henry yet, but he is due at the vets for a shot and a nail cutting. He does hate the car.

It is often still cold, especially at night when it goes down to the 30’s, but every day more flowers bloom. Color has come to the front garden.The grass is growing, my day lilies have buds and the ivy is growing way up the pine tree’s trunk. Spring is really here.

Life Is a Waiting Game

April 23, 2020

Sorry about the music. It will be posted later. Right now I have to change the litter, consolidate trash bags, fill the car and get to the dump. The music will be back later this afternoon.

See you then!

For the Roses: Joni Mitchell

April 7, 2020

You Don’t Own Me: Lesley Gore

March 8, 2020

Love of the Month Club: Connie Stevens

February 27, 2020