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“Without ice cream, there would be darkness and chaos.”

May 4, 2014

Dare I risk saying it aloud and perhaps ruining the spell? Well, I am a risk taker so here it is: spring is finally here. Yesterday was a delight. I opened windows to the fresh smelling air and was on the deck in the sun for a while replenishing my vitamin D. It was in the 60’s again. Today is no less a delight with the bright sun making a return engagement though the morning is a bit cooler than yesterday’s.

My lawn was mowed in the late afternoon, and the sweet smell of that fresh mown grass filled the air. The grass, a deep spring green, is still lush from all the rain. It is perfect for bare feet even after being mowed.

I still have a Sunday mentality left over from my childhood. Saturday is for chores and errands. Sunday is for church if you’re so inclined, family time and a quieter day than the rest. Today is perfect for a ride after dinner and a stop for ice cream on the way home.

My town used to have a Dairy Queen. We’d ride our bikes down and get small vanilla cones with chocolate dips. My father was indignant when we called it ice cream. He always corrected us and said ice milk. It comes as a powder to which milk gets added in the mixing machine. My father worked for Hood Ice Cream, real ice cream, not ice milk, so the difference was important to him. I didn’t care. It was still ice cream to me though the ice milk did melt faster than real ice cream. The cones from DQ were never my favorites. They were tasteless. Sugar cones from ice cream shops were the best though sometimes the ice cream would leak from the bottom cone tip. It was a race to make sure the top of the ice cream didn’t melt or the bottom didn’t leak all over my shirt. I had ice cream crazes. Mint chocolate chip with jimmies (as we call them) was one as was mocha chip. I ordered one or the other for the longest time. Lately coconut has assumed the top position as favorite. Add some caramel sauce with sea salt and it is a dish fit for the gods.

“I wonder what it would be like to live in a world where it was always June.”

June 20, 2012

Hello Summer!

Those words seem almost magical. It wasn’t that long ago we were longing for the summer and trying to stay warm during the dark nights of winter. Our feet froze in the snow. We cursed the shoveling. We huddled on the couch under afghans. Sure, the snow was lovely falling down but then we had to contend with it for days. Would summer never come? Well, here it is in all its glory, and today we’ll usher in the new season with the hottest day so far. Boston will be at least 95°, and here we’ll reach the low 80’s. Tomorrow is supposed to be even hotter, but I don’t care! Finally it’s summertime, deck time, movies outside on a Saturday night, barbecues and outside showers.

I was on the deck earlier with my coffee and papers. It got hot. Gracie was in the shade and panting so we both came inside and the house felt wonderfully cool. This room gets the afternoon sun so it’s lovely in the mornings. From my perch here, I can see out my window. The leaves on the trees by the deck are barely moving. The sunlight is dappled. The sky is azure. Mother Nature did herself proud.

The beginning of summer always reminds of all those last days of school when we were finally free. The day felt like a holiday, not as good as Christmas but still high on the list of kids’ favorite days. No more getting up in the mornings and being grumpy at having to walk to school despite the weather. No more coats or hats or mittens or even spring jackets. The bike could stay out of the cellar until it started to get too cold again. Every day for the next couple of months was ours: unplanned and waiting to be filled with all the fun of summer. The street lights didn’t come on until really late so back out we’d go after dinner. I still remember the  sounds of those summer evenings: the shouts and laughter of all the kids in my neighborhood, including me, as the day disappeared and the summer night was upon us. It was time to watch for the fireflies.

“Be grateful for luck. Pay the thunder no mind – listen to the birds. And don’t hate nobody.”

June 18, 2011

I wish you all could have joined me on the deck this morning for coffee. The catbird dropped by, lots of nuthatches and a giant crow who preened. First he rubbed his bill against the rough pine bark then he spread one wing and cleaned a pinion at a time. I came in, got my camera and went back outside. He posed.

The day is wonderful; I might even say perfect with the sun and a slight breeze; it’s probably the same sort of morning Adam and Eve woke up to before the serpent intervened. I always wonder about Adam and Eve. How the heck did the story of their fall make it all the way to us? When I was a kid, we’d play gossip, the game of whispering a phrase from one person to another until the last person repeated what he or she heard. The end result never resembled in any way the starting phrase. I’m supposed to believe oral tradition carried the story of Adam and Eve through the ages. I’m guessing his real name might have been Chuck and she was Louise. I’m still thinking it was an apple, red being such a provocative color. Did all the animals speak or just the serpent?

My world is really noisy on Saturday. It is mow the lawn day everywhere. Kids are outside playing and dogs bark and bark, at what I have no idea. Gracie once in a while joins them, but she is far more content lying asleep in the shade of the trees overhanging the deck.

I have my book, In the Woods, coffee waiting to be iced and a comfy chair. If you want me for anything, I’ll be on the deck.

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