“I wonder what it would be like to live in a world where it was always June.”

Hello Summer!

Those words seem almost magical. It wasn’t that long ago we were longing for the summer and trying to stay warm during the dark nights of winter. Our feet froze in the snow. We cursed the shoveling. We huddled on the couch under afghans. Sure, the snow was lovely falling down but then we had to contend with it for days. Would summer never come? Well, here it is in all its glory, and today we’ll usher in the new season with the hottest day so far. Boston will be at least 95°, and here we’ll reach the low 80’s. Tomorrow is supposed to be even hotter, but I don’t care! Finally it’s summertime, deck time, movies outside on a Saturday night, barbecues and outside showers.

I was on the deck earlier with my coffee and papers. It got hot. Gracie was in the shade and panting so we both came inside and the house felt wonderfully cool. This room gets the afternoon sun so it’s lovely in the mornings. From my perch here, I can see out my window. The leaves on the trees by the deck are barely moving. The sunlight is dappled. The sky is azure. Mother Nature did herself proud.

The beginning of summer always reminds of all those last days of school when we were finally free. The day felt like a holiday, not as good as Christmas but still high on the list of kids’ favorite days. No more getting up in the mornings and being grumpy at having to walk to school despite the weather. No more coats or hats or mittens or even spring jackets. The bike could stay out of the cellar until it started to get too cold again. Every day for the next couple of months was ours: unplanned and waiting to be filled with all the fun of summer. The street lights didn’t come on until really late so back out we’d go after dinner. I still remember the  sounds of those summer evenings: the shouts and laughter of all the kids in my neighborhood, including me, as the day disappeared and the summer night was upon us. It was time to watch for the fireflies.

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11 Comments on ““I wonder what it would be like to live in a world where it was always June.””

  1. Caryn Says:

    Hi Kat,
    Happy Summer to you!
    Though it is still technically spring until 7:19 or so this evening.

    I was watching the firefly last night while the dog was out doing his thing. I say firefly because there was only the one and that made me a bit sad. When I was a kid there were lots of them. Sometimes there are a lot of them now but then the town sprays for mosquitoes and after that there are not many fireflies but there are still tons of mosquitoes.

    Rocky and I went for our walk early this morning. The breeze was very cool but the sun was very warm. Even though I tried to stay in the shady bits I was still sweating a fair amount by the time we were done. The house is lovely and cool, even without the AC on.

    Enjoy the day and stay cool!

    • katry Says:

      Hi Caryn,
      It’s 4:30 and hotter than it’s been all day: 93°. The air-conditioner is blowing that wonderful cool air. I went outside a bit ago to water the veggies and nearly died from the heat. Poor Gracie was panting for all she was worth so I brought her inside to cool down.

      I have tons of fireflies in my yard but not this early in the year. They don’t spray down here so they get a chance to survive. It is always a joy to find the first one of the year and follow it with my eyes until it leaves the yard.

      The house was far too hot upstairs, which is a third floor because of the walk-in cellar so the AC is a must on days like today or I’ll never fall asleep in all that heat.

      I’m nice and cool and reading a Clive Cussler, a perfect summer read!

  2. olof1 Says:

    We have summer here as well today but already on Friday it will take a break 🙂

    Yes summer meant freedom and to do what ever we wanted. I loved to go down to the harbor to fish when I was in the city or go to the library reading through book after book (on rainy days that is 🙂 ). Our street lamps didn’t go on until very late at night so I can’t remember them lit at all 🙂

    Have a great day!

    • Hedley Says:

      Thank you for your kind comments about England.
      We the day day off today while Angela Merkel makes her way to the finals and tomorrow the fun begins again.

    • katry Says:

      I noticed my neighbors have put in their screen doors, but I haven’t yet. I’d have to keep the doors closed when the air is on if I did. Just the other night was so chilly I needed a cover to get warm. I’ll wait a bit and see what Mother Nature has in store. I know tomorrow will be hotter than today.

      When I was teaching, I had that same feeling of freedom! When I became a principal. I had to work all summer-it was a bummer!

  3. Zoey & Me Says:

    Hide and Seek when the sun was just going down was the most fun ever. Our neighborhood was blessed with older couples every few houses and they all enjoyed watching us kids . . . some would even let us hide on their porch. I DO remember those childhood days. Good one!

    • Kat Says:

      Thanks, Z&Me,
      I also remember hide and seek on a warm summer night and standing with my arm across my eyes as I leaned against a tree trunk and counted. Those were fun days which I figured would last forever!

  4. Bob Says:

    Summer has already started in Texas regardless of the calendar. We have been using the AC since April. The success of the South and Southwestern States is directly tied to the advent of air conditioning after WWII.

    I am planning a business trip after the fourth to Sao Paulo Brazil. I had to apply for a visa today to get it back in a couple of weeks. I have never been to Brazil but it’s winter there since they are south of the equator. I don’t think I will find any snow since the temperature today was 65 degrees for a high in Sao Paulo. Brazil is the only country in Latin America that doesn’t speak Spanish, they speak Portuguese. It’s a good thing because my high school one Spanish didn’t work at all when I tried to say something to a native while I was in Santiago Chile. Most people there assumed I was a gringo and just started speaking to me in English. I won’t even attempt to say anything in Portuguese. Thank goodness for the international symbols for the toilets.

    • Kat Says:

      I never thought about the relationship of AC and the growth of the South, but now that I’ve read your comment I totally understand the connection.

      I was in Brazil in August one year, and it wasn’t very cold. I think we had to wear a sweatshirt one or two days while long sleeves were fine the rest of the time. I got to Brazil after having spent six weeks traveling from Venezuela through several South American countries, and my Spanish worked just fine. I was at a total loss once I hit Brazil!

      • Bob Says:

        In the summer of 1953 my father was traveling in West Texas in his newly air conditioned car. He stopped at a roadside restaurant to get a cold drink. Seated next to him at he counter was an old rancher wearing boots, jeans and a 10 gallon straw cowboy hat. My dad asked the man what they did here in the days before airconditioning. The man replied that it never used to get this hot.

  5. Kat Says:

    I laughed right out loud-loved the man’s reply!

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