“Without ice cream, there would be darkness and chaos.”

Dare I risk saying it aloud and perhaps ruining the spell? Well, I am a risk taker so here it is: spring is finally here. Yesterday was a delight. I opened windows to the fresh smelling air and was on the deck in the sun for a while replenishing my vitamin D. It was in the 60’s again. Today is no less a delight with the bright sun making a return engagement though the morning is a bit cooler than yesterday’s.

My lawn was mowed in the late afternoon, and the sweet smell of that fresh mown grass filled the air. The grass, a deep spring green, is still lush from all the rain. It is perfect for bare feet even after being mowed.

I still have a Sunday mentality left over from my childhood. Saturday is for chores and errands. Sunday is for church if you’re so inclined, family time and a quieter day than the rest. Today is perfect for a ride after dinner and a stop for ice cream on the way home.

My town used to have a Dairy Queen. We’d ride our bikes down and get small vanilla cones with chocolate dips. My father was indignant when we called it ice cream. He always corrected us and said ice milk. It comes as a powder to which milk gets added in the mixing machine. My father worked for Hood Ice Cream, real ice cream, not ice milk, so the difference was important to him. I didn’t care. It was still ice cream to me though the ice milk did melt faster than real ice cream. The cones from DQ were never my favorites. They were tasteless. Sugar cones from ice cream shops were the best though sometimes the ice cream would leak from the bottom cone tip. It was a race to make sure the top of the ice cream didn’t melt or the bottom didn’t leak all over my shirt. I had ice cream crazes. Mint chocolate chip with jimmies (as we call them) was one as was mocha chip. I ordered one or the other for the longest time. Lately coconut has assumed the top position as favorite. Add some caramel sauce with sea salt and it is a dish fit for the gods.

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8 Comments on ““Without ice cream, there would be darkness and chaos.””

  1. olof1 Says:

    It was quite nice here today when the wind didn’t blow and it didn’t for long periods but when it did it blew strong.

    Nothing better than ice cream and I don’t know if I’ve ever had ice milk but I guess I have. We went to our favorite ice cream maker Triumfglass (Triumph Ice cream). We have two different kind of cones here, one that is crisp till the end made from what I think is a batter very similar to waffel batter. The other one get soggy after a while but taste much the same and it’s cheaper and smaller too.

    I can’t remember my favorite taste when I was a kid, it might have been vanilla or blueberry. Later on it was rum raisin and now I think I lean towards hazelnut. But vanilla is never wrong 🙂

    They do make some rather decent ready made ice creams ánd the one favorite I have amongst those is called Magnum, not because it’s especially big though 🙂 It’s real vanilla ice cream covered with milk chocolate and almond pieces 🙂

    Have a great day!

    • katry Says:

      The sun is gone now and the wind is here. It is chilly now.

      We also have two kinds of cones, but the sugar cone I mentioned is tasty all by itself though ice cream makes it perfect.

      Vanilla is the favorite ice cream of all of them. Maybe because you can out so many toppings on it.

      I buy a Dove bar which is on a stick and is vanilla ice cream with some carmel in it and is covered in chocolate.

      I do love ice cream!

      Have a great evening!

  2. flyboybob Says:

    Ice cream, ice milk, gelato, custard, if it’s cold, creamy, sweet and preferably comes in chocolate than I will eat as much as possible.

    DQ is very much alive in Texas and those dipped cones still bring back memories. When I was a kid we traveled by car to get to our vacation spot and the roadside Dary Queen was a required stop along the way. In those days the DQ was not a fast food resturant but just a soft serve ice cream stand along the roads. In those days before the interstate highway system most highways went through the middle of small towns. Today’s DQs serve burgers, fries, chicken fingers and other fare along with soft serve. My favorite soft serve ice cream is made by a company founded in NYC called Carvel. It’s real ice cream made in a soft form not ice milk like the DQ. McDonalds sell soft ice cream cones dipped in chocolate for a dollar and a quarter everywhere. They are only a buck without the dip.

    The latest ice cream craze is gelato. Italian ice cream makers have arrived everywhere in the US selling their version of ice milk at outrageous prices. I enjoyed gelato better in Italy since it was a part of the Italian experience and there were no DQs. The McDonalds there didn’t serve the soft ice cream but they did serve beer and wine.

    Today is absolutely wonderful. The sky is brilliant blue without a cloud anywhere and the high shoud be just over 90 degrees. This morning it was a perfect to sit outside and sip coffee while reading the news on line. In August the morning low temperatures will be in the high 80s before the sun heats up in the afternoon to over 100 degrees. That’s 42 C which doesn’t sound as hot.

    • katry Says:

      I love gelato as well and lemon flavored is my favorite. I love chocolate but other flavors as well. Chocolate chips in it are so tasty.

      That was what our DQ was, just for ice cream. We have a DQ in the next town and the lines for counter ice cream are always long a hot day. I prefer the ice cream stand the next town over even though they too have a line. Smuggler’s is our local ice cream shop. When it opens, it is spring!

      I have liked gelato for years, and I loved it in Italy. In East Boston and the North End of Boston you can buy slush, and the lemon is so tasty and cooling on the hottest days. I haven’t ever been in a McDonald’s in another country though I would try one in India and Japan as they are so different.

      I can’t agree with 90˚ being wonderful. It is too hot in my mind. I like the season to roll in slowly.

      Ghana was over 100˚ every day during the height of the dry season. I had no AC or fan. I just lived with it.

      • flyboybob Says:

        I know that the North End in Boston is or was an Itialian neighborhood. Is the slush they sell there the same as Italian ice that is sold in Italian neighborhoods in NYC?

        If so, I like the lemon version followed by Strawberry. Is Smuggler’s a chain or a family owned local establishment? If so do they make the stuff on the premises? Those kind of shops are getting harder to find. In many cases the family has owned them until there college educated children don’t want to work in the family business when their parents are retired or dead. How do you keep them down on the farm once they have been to Paris?

      • katry Says:

        It is handmade while much of the Italian ice comes from machine made.

        Smuggler’s is family owned. There are no chain ice cream stores anywhere near me. Cape Cod Creamery has my favorite coconut ice cream. It is owned by a former student. He told me at a party once he was going to go into making ice cream and was going to school to learn how. He learned well!

  3. Birgit Says:

    Ice cream mania started here in the 1920’s with ice cream makers from Northern Italy. They were still like migrating birds when I was young. The season started when they came in spring and re-opened the cafés and in late autumn they went home to Italy. Handmade ice cream, very delicious and cheap enough for kids like us.
    It was sunny today and I’ve had vanilla ice cream coffee. I’m a little bit sick, but ice cream is medicine, right?
    Enjoy spring!

    • katry Says:

      Ice cream is most decidedly medicine. It heals both the body and soul.

      When the ice cream and seafood shops open here, the season has started. That was last week, and I couldn’t be happier!

      Thanks, I will!

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