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“I cannot command winds and weather.”

September 5, 2017

The weather is sublime. The sun is shining in a clear blue sky. Sometimes there is a breeze while other times it’s a wind. The ringing of the chimes and the swishing of the leaves are the only sounds. I refilled two feeders this morning, a sunflower feeder hanging off a limb and a thistle feeder hanging off a hook on the deck. Both see lots of bird traffic. The goldfinches love the thistle. The chickadees also like the thistle, but they prefer the sunflowers seeds. Yesterday I saw a house finch, a nuthatch and a titmouse eating the sunflower seeds while the chickadees were perched on branches waiting  their turns. Today I saw two crows taking turns at the sunflower feeder. I think it is the first time I’ve seen them on the deck partaking a meal. I figure they’ll probably be back. Nobody turns down a free dinner, not even a crow.

I really hate going out to do errands. I love being home, being comfortable. I love an afternoon nap. Today I have a couple of stops, both quick ones. Gracie still can’t come, too hot for her to wait in the car, but I’ll salve her disappointment by giving her lots of treats when she goes into her crate. She’ll be fine I know, but I still feel a bit guilty.

I’m watching the weather channel to keep track of Irma. Right now it is a category 5 hurricane headed toward the Leeward Islands. Having lived through hurricanes and seen the damage the winds can do, I’d evacuate in a heartbeat.

The Emergency Alert System does a monthly TV test. This morning it did three monthly tests, all the same. I’m thinking they were dry runs in case of a hurricane.

If we were all extras in an end of the world science fiction movie, we’d probably see weather similar to what is happening now. The Northwest is suffering from record heat in the low 100’s, and the region is rife with fires exacerbated by the weather. The second destructive hurricane of the season is on its way to Florida. The East Coast will feel the impact of Irma when a cold front brings thunderstorms and pelting rain. Should any of you see four horsemen riding white, red, black, and pale horses, you’ll know the end is nigh. If a movie hadn’t already been called Armageddon, I’d have chosen it for my movie.

“Be grateful for luck. Pay the thunder no mind – listen to the birds. And don’t hate nobody.”

June 18, 2011

I wish you all could have joined me on the deck this morning for coffee. The catbird dropped by, lots of nuthatches and a giant crow who preened. First he rubbed his bill against the rough pine bark then he spread one wing and cleaned a pinion at a time. I came in, got my camera and went back outside. He posed.

The day is wonderful; I might even say perfect with the sun and a slight breeze; it’s probably the same sort of morning Adam and Eve woke up to before the serpent intervened. I always wonder about Adam and Eve. How the heck did the story of their fall make it all the way to us? When I was a kid, we’d play gossip, the game of whispering a phrase from one person to another until the last person repeated what he or she heard. The end result never resembled in any way the starting phrase. I’m supposed to believe oral tradition carried the story of Adam and Eve through the ages. I’m guessing his real name might have been Chuck and she was Louise. I’m still thinking it was an apple, red being such a provocative color. Did all the animals speak or just the serpent?

My world is really noisy on Saturday. It is mow the lawn day everywhere. Kids are outside playing and dogs bark and bark, at what I have no idea. Gracie once in a while joins them, but she is far more content lying asleep in the shade of the trees overhanging the deck.

I have my book, In the Woods, coffee waiting to be iced and a comfy chair. If you want me for anything, I’ll be on the deck.

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