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“He would pore by the hour, o’er a weed or a flower, / Or the slugs that come crawling out after a shower.”

June 25, 2015

The sun had set but it was not dusk yet. It was that nether time between light and dark, day and night. I stood looking out the front door. Everything was still but not quiet. I could hear birds singing from all directions then from the corner of my eye I caught a glimpse though I wasn’t quite sure so I kept watching. Then it happened again and again, the blink of a firefly, on the lawn. Ever since I was a kid, I have always believed fireflies are magical, fairies like Tinker Bell waving their wands as they fly between trees, through flower beds and atop the blades of grass. The first firefly of the season made me clap and smile. The fairies are back.

Yesterday was a sweaty, grubby day for me. I repotted plants, painted a table and my old fountain red and the last part of the fence by the back door, the one keeping Gracie in the yard, green. I swept the outside shower clear of spiders and webs. I got my fountain together though it was a struggle because one piece was so heavy I could carry it up to the deck only a step at a time. It took three trips to get it altogether. The new pump fit the fountain perfectly, but there was a problem. The pump plug didn’t fit into the outlet. I was beyond frustrated. Today I will try to buy something to solve the problem.

Last night’s shower was glorious. I know the word glorious sounds strange when coupled with shower, but that’s the truth. I stood under the warm water and let all of the day’s labor, all of the sweat and all of the frustration wash away.

Today is another beautiful day, even better than yesterday as there is no humidity. It is an outside the house day with four errands on my list. The top errand is finding the plug for the outlet so the fountain plug will fit. That last sentence somehow reminds me of lines from Farmer in the Dell. The rat takes the cheese; the outlet takes the plug. Hi-Ho, the Derry-O the outlet takes the plug.

“I wonder what it would be like to live in a world where it was always June.”

June 20, 2012

Hello Summer!

Those words seem almost magical. It wasn’t that long ago we were longing for the summer and trying to stay warm during the dark nights of winter. Our feet froze in the snow. We cursed the shoveling. We huddled on the couch under afghans. Sure, the snow was lovely falling down but then we had to contend with it for days. Would summer never come? Well, here it is in all its glory, and today we’ll usher in the new season with the hottest day so far. Boston will be at least 95°, and here we’ll reach the low 80’s. Tomorrow is supposed to be even hotter, but I don’t care! Finally it’s summertime, deck time, movies outside on a Saturday night, barbecues and outside showers.

I was on the deck earlier with my coffee and papers. It got hot. Gracie was in the shade and panting so we both came inside and the house felt wonderfully cool. This room gets the afternoon sun so it’s lovely in the mornings. From my perch here, I can see out my window. The leaves on the trees by the deck are barely moving. The sunlight is dappled. The sky is azure. Mother Nature did herself proud.

The beginning of summer always reminds of all those last days of school when we were finally free. The day felt like a holiday, not as good as Christmas but still high on the list of kids’ favorite days. No more getting up in the mornings and being grumpy at having to walk to school despite the weather. No more coats or hats or mittens or even spring jackets. The bike could stay out of the cellar until it started to get too cold again. Every day for the next couple of months was ours: unplanned and waiting to be filled with all the fun of summer. The street lights didn’t come on until really late so back out we’d go after dinner. I still remember the  sounds of those summer evenings: the shouts and laughter of all the kids in my neighborhood, including me, as the day disappeared and the summer night was upon us. It was time to watch for the fireflies.

“Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions.”

June 24, 2011

Chilly and damp again this morning, a gift from yesterday’s rain. It’s only 61°. I have a growing list of errands because the last two days of torrential rain dampened my energy and enthusiasm so I stayed home, both days, but at least I did get dressed yesterday. I’ll be out and about today finishing and crossing the items off my list.

Earlier I was on the deck clearing debris off the chairs, emptying water from the candles hanging from the trees and sweeping the leaves and pine needles the wind left. Later I’ll refill the oriole feeders as the rain has dissolved the grape jelly. My outside decoration lights didn’t come on last night so I went down the cellar and reset the circuit breaker. The lights came right back on but a few minutes later went right back off. I did it again. So did the lights. I left them dark. Today I’ll reset the breaker and the timer.

We saw our first firefly. I think he’s really early as they don’t usually appear until the warm nights of August, but he was quite welcomed. We watched him as he moved about the yard. Fireflys are summer magic.

My imagination is one of my favorite places. When I was little, I was so many different people: a pirate, an explorer, a cowboy riding a horse disguised as the bottom banister of the cellar stairs, an Olympic athlete racing down the hill on my bike to win a medal and different characters from some of my favorite books. As I grew older and more cynical, I lived in a real world with real problems and being an imaginary anything seemed childish. Unbeknown to me, my imagination, hanging around in the background, was fighting for its life. Luckily it survived, and I found it again. It still thrives.



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