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“You can’t teach people to be lazy – either they have it, or they don’t.”

April 20, 2018

The sun is shining, and the sky is a deep blue unmarred by clouds. The breeze is chilly and strong enough to blow the chimes hanging from limbs in my backyard. The sound is sweet.

Not much happening. The house is quiet as Maddie and Henry are both napping. He woke me up at 6:30 so I hurried downstairs and opened the back door. He went through the dog door. I went back to bed. He joined me after he’d finished his outside business. He used the dog door again. We both slept until 9:30. I stayed up until the end of the Sox game. They are playing on the west coast so it was late. They won handily.

When I was a kid, I’d check out the funnies in the newspaper every day. I remember my fingers got black from the printer’s ink. That no longer happened at some point, but I don’t remember when. It’s happening again. The Boston Globe leaves my fingers  blackened, mostly on the tips.

The other day I noticed one ear was missing an earring. It was from a pair I had bought in Ghana. I figured I’d lost it at physical therapy. I called. They found it. I took the remaining earring and put it on the table or at least I thought that’s what I did. I couldn’t find it. I had thrown away some papers so I checked the trash: no earring. I checked it again: still no earring. I looked all over this room without success. When I went to PT, they gave me my other earring. I was a bit bummed to have just one. Yesterday Lee and Roseana came to clean. I told Lee, the designator vacuuming half of the cleaning duo, to keep an eye out and an ear tuned. He found the earring under the table. He heard it clink.

My lack of energy is disappearing. I did all my laundry. I had no choice. I needed the clothes. I was almost at the breaking point and gave thought to bringing the dirty clothes to the laundromat where they wash it and give it back clean and folded, but I caved and did three loads. It’s upstairs waiting to be put away. Thoughts of my sort of staff prompted this burst of energy. My house gets cleaned, my groceries get delivered, my lawn gets cut, my snow shoveled and plowed and even my flowers planted so I figured I’d reluctantly leave a task or two for me.

My day is open. I have no plans, no tasks and no appointments. I’m excited about that. I have been, of late, a homebody and resent having to go out. My sister makes fun of me. I don’t care.

“Come, ye cold winds, at January’s call, On whistling wings, and with white flakes bestrew The earth.”

January 2, 2018

This morning I redefined leisurely. Gracie and I went out around 9:30. She did her business while I got the papers and Saturday’s mail. Once inside, I got the coffee going, fed Gracie treats and Maddie her breakfast. It took two cups of coffee before I finished the Globe. Gracie and I shared a gingerbread biscotti with the second cup. The Cape Times was next. That was only a one cup read. I then sat and read my book for a bit, an Elly Griffiths. I turned on the TV and started watching Die Hard 2, a cheery Christmas sort of movie. Finally I checked my e-mail and took Gracie out again. That brings us to now.

Outside almost seems balmy. We have sun framed by a light blue sky. It makes the day feel warmer. I may even wear a Hawaiian shirt over all my other layers. It is 15˚ and could go as high as 21˚.

I am going to start putting Christmas away. I have already piled the kitchen decorations on the counter. I de-Christmas room by room. The tree is always last.

My niece started putting Christmas away. Her 3 year old cried on the couch. Her 5 year old started hiding decorations. The two boys were devastated. She let them each chose a couple of decorations they could keep in their room. That worked.

Summer clothes are bright. Winter clothes are dark. I have never understood why for it is in deep winter when we need color and brightness the most. In summer the world is alive. Gardens are bursting with flowers. The grass is lush under foot. The sky is a gentle blue. In winter, gray white and brown predominate. Dead leaves still hang off the ends of branches. The birds wear their drabbest coats. Color is packed away and stored.

Even the sounds of winter are muted behind closed windows. I sometimes hear a barking dog from the street behind me. It sounds lonely, even mournful. At night, the wind seems to howl with a ferocity, and I imagine it surrounding the house and shaking it like a snow globe. The few cars going down my street ride silently on the snow.

The only stirring I will do is to clear off the car windows. The brush is on the floor of the back seat, a silly place as I have to clear that door and window to get at the brush. I guess I’ll use my broom then buy another brush to keep in the house. Winter forces me to be practical.

“Her routine was as predictable as the rotation of the earth.”

November 11, 2017

Last night was bitingly cold. When I took Gracie out around 1:30, the cold took my breath away. Gracie didn’t like it any more than I so she peed as she walked. It was not squatting weather. Today is much warmer in comparison. I went into the yard with Gracie and didn’t mind waiting. She roamed a while then picked her spots. She squatted just fine.

I have all these patterns of movement every morning. I take Gracie out and fetch my papers then we both go to the backyard. Once Gracie’s finished in the yard and we’re back inside the house, I make the coffee then get Gracie’s dish. That’s kitchen to hall to den. On the way back from leaving Gracie’s dish, kitchen to den, I get the cat’s dish. That’s den to living room to kitchen. I fill the cat food dish then pour my first cup and head back to the den. That’s kitchen to living room to den. I read the Globe first then it’s back to the kitchen where I put the toast in the toaster oven and wait. Once it’s done, I fill my cup for the second time and walk back down the hall to the den to read my second paper, the Cape Cod Times. That’s where the usual pattern ends. The rest of my day is free form.

I didn’t make it to the dump yesterday. Even on warmer winter days the wind rips across the recycle center, and it’s cold. Yesterday the dump would have been freezing, frozen tundra like. I won’t be able to go until tomorrow as it is closed for Veteran’s Day.

Today I have an empty dance card. I’ll go through my recipes to find appetizers for game night tomorrow. I expect to get the laundry done. I’ve hit my breaking point. The pile is high enough to have my full attention and merits a sign: beware of falling laundry.

“It was a morning like other mornings and yet perfect among mornings.”

October 25, 2016

When I first got home from Ghana, I was waking up around 4, or if I slept in, around 5. Now I am waking up at 8 or, like today, closer to 9. In Ghana, I was asleep by 9 or 9:30 at the latest. Every morning, the rooster woke me up when it was still dark, and I’d sleep fitfully until 6 or so. I go to bed much later now, and there are no roosters or calls to prayer   in the early mornings to wake me up. Where am I going with this? Well, I am writing Coffee so much later now. I take my time in the mornings and read both papers. I also do the crossword in the Globe and the cryptogram in the Cape Times. Sometimes I have breakfast, but most mornings I just drink coffee. I am in no hurry. That’s a piece of Ghana still with me, and I’m holding on to that for a while. Mornings should be leisurely. I can think of no better way to start the day.

For the first time, Massachusetts is allowing early voting. I figure on hitting the booth today. I figure it is a foregone conclusion as to who will win the state. Massachusetts is about as blue a state as there is. We even voted for McGovern, and I think we were the only state which did. Later, after President Nixon resigned, bumper stickers appeared which said, “Don’t blame me. I’m from Massachusetts.”It was wonderful being clairvoyant.

This morning I watched an Edward G. Robinson movie on TCM called Confessions of a Nazi Spy which was released in 1939. EGR played an FBI agent who hunts down Nazi spies one at a time by capturing members of a spy ring operating in the United States. I did a bit of sleuthing and found out it was based on the articles of former FBI agent Leon G. Turror who had been active in investigating Nazi spy rings in the United States prior to the war and lost his position at the Bureau when he published the articles without permission. The movie was banned in Germany, Japan and many Latin American and European countries. The music played during the credits was God Bless America. I liked the movie and figure the obvious propaganda was well timed.

My laundry is sitting in front of the cellar door where it has been for five or six days. I have plenty of clean clothes of all sorts. Needing clothes seems to drive my doing the laundry; however, I am getting tired of looking at that laundry bag so I have a couple of choices. I can throw the bag down the cellar stairs and shut the door or I can do the laundry. I’m leaning toward doing the laundry. I can be a sloth for only so long.

“good girls go to heaven and bad girls go everywhere”

February 29, 2016

Today is so windy that everything is blowing. I hear the chimes, and I can see the tops of the pine tree trunks bending and swaying. I filled the bird feeders earlier and it was chilly, all because of that wind.

It is just one of those days. I couldn’t get into my computer because I kept giving it the wrong password. I didn’t even remember what my hint meant so I had to go through the rigmarole of resetting the password. I walked into the kitchen to get another cup of coffee and ended up on the deck filling bird feeders. I never did get that coffee. I’m thinking I’ll use sticky notes to describe my task and where I’m going. We’re talking in the house, not on the road.

Last night I watched the Oscars. I expected to be bored, but I wasn’t. I actually enjoyed most of it. I had only seen two movies and one of then, Spotlight, won best picture. It was about the Spotlight team of the Boston Globe and its investigation into child sex abuse by Catholic clergy. One of the worst abusers, Father Shanley, was a priest in my parish. He abused some of my classmates so I had a vested interest in the movie.

When I was a kid, I didn’t know anything about sex. I always thought that meant male or female. Fill in one circle. It never occurred to me to wonder how babies started or how they finished. I was seven when my youngest sister was born, and I don’t even think I noticed my mother was pregnant. All of a sudden there was a new baby. I forget when I started to get curious. I think it was my early teens. We were naive in those days. None of us knew much, but we had a lot of questions. When I was in the eighth grade, one of the priests gave us a quick introduction to the basics. He used the chalk board and drew pictures, but that didn’t help much.

In high school, they separated the girls and the boys for a more in-depth introduction to reproduction. They had visual aids. I don’t remember who gave the talk, but I do remember the girl next to be was a nervous wreck. She shook so much that we all shook because we were sitting in linked canvas chairs. That was the talk where more than the basics were covered.

In high school I didn’t know personally know anyone who had had sex. Outside of marriage only bad girls did was what I was taught. We did hear rumors about girls, and they  were tagged with bad names like town pump. We whispered about them. We didn’t hang around with them. Nobody wanted a bad name.

Keep in mind that girls thought differently than boys. We didn’t see a triumph. We saw a bit of disgrace.

It was college and the 60’s which gave my generation a whole new perspective on sex. I’m guessing the nuns probably gave the same lecture but I’m thinking there were smirks. Besides, what in the heck did nuns know?

“To win the people, always cook them some savoury that pleases them.”

August 7, 2015

Today is truly another day in paradise. The weather is sunny, dry and in the high 70’s. The breeze, coming from the north, is cooling. It ruffles leaves and sways the smaller branches. It is nap time here. Fern, Maddie and Gracie are sleeping. The cats are each on a different couch and Gracie is snoozing in her crate. I can hear her snoring. I’m thinking an afternoon nap might be just the thing.

The Globe gave me a few chuckles this morning. A video, part of the robbery at the Gardiner Museum, has been released. From the night before the heist, it is possibly a dress rehearsal for the real event the next night. It shows Guard Richard Abath opening a door to let the man inside the museum. The next night it was Abath who opened the door to two men dressed as police officers who went inside, subdued Abath and tied him up. There are other issues connected to Abath, but my chuckle came from a man who was a student with Abath back in the day. The man, Knight, called Abath “a very nice guy, very intelligent, very well-read.” Knight recalled Abath said it was an honest mistake letting in the men posing as officers. Knight went on to say, “I hoped he was not involved in this. It would certainly cast him in a different light if in fact he was proven beyond a reasonable doubt he was guilty. That would alter, in my mind, his overall character significantly.” Do you think?

Another article described the top Argentinian officials facing charges in a 1994 bombing. “On a day of heavy rain, several of the 13 men were ushered into court…”I have no idea why we needed to know it was raining, but once we did I wanted more. Did they wear raincoats, use newspapers to cover their heads or have umbrellas? I want the full story!!

My favorite of all is the SJC (the state’s Supreme Judicial Court) has tossed out a law which made it illegal to lie in political campaign material calling it “inconsistent with the fundamental right of free speech.” The court explained, “Citizenry, not the government, should be the monitor of falseness in the political arena.” So what happens when your opponent fills the air waves with lies about you? According to Justice Cordy,”That solution is counter speech.” In other words, tell your own lies. Let the people figure it out the truth on their own. How scary is that?

“Erratum. In my article on the Price of Milk, ‘Horses’ should have read ‘Cows’ throughout.”

June 11, 2015

Yesterday was a busy day for me. Gracie and I did a dump run then I did some home chores. One was to attach the umbrella light adapter to the bottom of the umbrella then plug the other end into an outlet. Last year I was clever. I had a hole drilled in the deck for the adaptor to go through then I unbent a wire hanger. The top loop of the hanger was left intact and stayed in the hole on the deck, but the rest of the hanger went into the hole and hung down under my deck. I went and tied the adapter to it, climbed upstairs to the deck and pulled the wire through the hole then attached the adaptor to the umbrella. It was a brilliant idea and well-executed. This year I went to do the same thing. On the first try I got the adaptor tied and through the hole to the ground under the deck. I went to attach it to the umbrella but dropped the wire which immediately fell through the hole. It took me four more tries to get that stupid adaptor end connected. That’s four times under the deck standing on my tiptoes to tie the adaptor, four times up the long staircase and four times on my knees trying to attach the adaptor.

My next job was replacing the storm in the front with the screen. I didn’t do the back door screen, the dog’s door, as I figured nights might still be chilly, and the inside door is kept open. That storm door pane weighed what seemed a ton and it was awkward to move. Going down the cellar stairs was a bit dangerous for me given my penchant for falling. I imagined a fall, shards of glass and a penetrated femoral artery. Luckily all went well.

It was hot yesterday, in the high 70’s. Today is supposed to be the same with some rain later, but there is a cloudy sky and a wonderful breeze. The house is cool.

The Globe this morning had an interesting tidbit of news. The State Police captured one of their most wanted, Keith Truehart. He was found in a hide-out built of wood and sheetrock under a sink in an apartment. It seems no one knew he was there. I’m thinking I’d notice a hide-out under my sink. Anyway, he was wanted for assault and battery on a child, a nine month old baby. From the article I gleaned the baby was his girlfriend’s baby, but this is what I read,”The baby was Truehart’s girlfriend, who lives in the North Main Street apartment where he was captured. His girlfriend is not under arrest at this time.”Whew!