“Her routine was as predictable as the rotation of the earth.”

Last night was bitingly cold. When I took Gracie out around 1:30, the cold took my breath away. Gracie didn’t like it any more than I so she peed as she walked. It was not squatting weather. Today is much warmer in comparison. I went into the yard with Gracie and didn’t mind waiting. She roamed a while then picked her spots. She squatted just fine.

I have all these patterns of movement every morning. I take Gracie out and fetch my papers then we both go to the backyard. Once Gracie’s finished in the yard and we’re back inside the house, I make the coffee then get Gracie’s dish. That’s kitchen to hall to den. On the way back from leaving Gracie’s dish, kitchen to den, I get the cat’s dish. That’s den to living room to kitchen. I fill the cat food dish then pour my first cup and head back to the den. That’s kitchen to living room to den. I read the Globe first then it’s back to the kitchen where I put the toast in the toaster oven and wait. Once it’s done, I fill my cup for the second time and walk back down the hall to the den to read my second paper, the Cape Cod Times. That’s where the usual pattern ends. The rest of my day is free form.

I didn’t make it to the dump yesterday. Even on warmer winter days the wind rips across the recycle center, and it’s cold. Yesterday the dump would have been freezing, frozen tundra like. I won’t be able to go until tomorrow as it is closed for Veteran’s Day.

Today I have an empty dance card. I’ll go through my recipes to find appetizers for game night tomorrow. I expect to get the laundry done. I’ve hit my breaking point. The pile is high enough to have my full attention and merits a sign: beware of falling laundry.

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6 Comments on ““Her routine was as predictable as the rotation of the earth.””

  1. olof1 Says:

    The snow didn’t melt away completely here because the temperature stayed just above 32F and the sunshine we actually had all day after I wrote my blog didn’t warm especially much and the strong winds made it rather nasty. So I watched the Nordic Championship in team gymnastics all day. It was really impressing! Too bad we didn’t have that when I grew up because I think I ould have loved to do that.

    I do have my morning routines too but I walk far less than You do 🙂 I walk between the livingroom and kitchen only twice 🙂

    Have a great day!


    • katry Says:

      I’ll take a few really cold days this time of year rather than snow. It is just too soon for snow. It sounds like you spend a cold day perfectly.

      My downstairs does have a circle as each room connects to another room, and they all connect through the hall.

      I hope you stayed warm and cozy!!

  2. Bob Says:

    Today has been one of those laid back days. We had lunch at one of our favorite barbecue joints, Big Al’s Smokehouse. They run a Saturday special of a pork rib basket with two sides. I usually can’t finish the basket and can’t images how many more large ribs would come on the dinner plate. My spouse gets the stuffed baked potato while I go for creamed corn and coleslaw. My daughter went for fries and fried okra.

    Many restaurants honor vets today by offering them free food. My mother in law’s paramour is 93 and always wears his WWII vet ball cap and trolls for free stuff in restaurants. Wearing the cap today is appropriate while at other times it says I’m looking for a handout or a complement. 🙁

    Today’s celebration started out in 1918 as Armistice Day then renamed Veterans Day. I think in Canada and other countries it’s Remembrance Day accompanied by paper poppies. My boss celebrates his anniversary today. He didn’t say his vows at the eleventh minute at the eleventh hour. 🙂 I celebrated mine yesterday.

    Clouds and some wind makes today feel cooler than it’s 65 degree high temperature. Looking for rain tomorrow and Monday.

    • katry Says:

      You’re right. The day seemed perfect for just laying back. I didn’t go out, but I ordered in and had it delivered. I do love barbecue, and we have had a few down here, but they don’t seem to last too long. I could eat ribs all day long.

      The number of free meals for vets seems to grow year by year. I think it is a good thing, especially for vets who saw combat. Its is a wonderful way to say thank you. My brother was in Germany for 2 years. My life in Ghana, also for two years, was far more primitive with almost no amenities.

      It has always been the eleventh month, the eleventh day and the eleventy hour. For a short time it was a Monday holiday then put back on the original day because of the significance of the 11’s.

      65˚ would hover near a record high for this time of year.

  3. Bob Says:

    The best Texas barbecue is found in the small town, 12,000 pop, of Lockhart. Central Texas was settled in the 1800s with Czechs and Germans who combined their sausage smoking experience with Texas beef cattle.


    • katry Says:

      Reading a few of those articles about the restaurants made me hungry for barbecue. They made a great couple: sausage and beef!

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