“Erratum. In my article on the Price of Milk, ‘Horses’ should have read ‘Cows’ throughout.”

Yesterday was a busy day for me. Gracie and I did a dump run then I did some home chores. One was to attach the umbrella light adapter to the bottom of the umbrella then plug the other end into an outlet. Last year I was clever. I had a hole drilled in the deck for the adaptor to go through then I unbent a wire hanger. The top loop of the hanger was left intact and stayed in the hole on the deck, but the rest of the hanger went into the hole and hung down under my deck. I went and tied the adapter to it, climbed upstairs to the deck and pulled the wire through the hole then attached the adaptor to the umbrella. It was a brilliant idea and well-executed. This year I went to do the same thing. On the first try I got the adaptor tied and through the hole to the ground under the deck. I went to attach it to the umbrella but dropped the wire which immediately fell through the hole. It took me four more tries to get that stupid adaptor end connected. That’s four times under the deck standing on my tiptoes to tie the adaptor, four times up the long staircase and four times on my knees trying to attach the adaptor.

My next job was replacing the storm in the front with the screen. I didn’t do the back door screen, the dog’s door, as I figured nights might still be chilly, and the inside door is kept open. That storm door pane weighed what seemed a ton and it was awkward to move. Going down the cellar stairs was a bit dangerous for me given my penchant for falling. I imagined a fall, shards of glass and a penetrated femoral artery. Luckily all went well.

It was hot yesterday, in the high 70’s. Today is supposed to be the same with some rain later, but there is a cloudy sky and a wonderful breeze. The house is cool.

The Globe this morning had an interesting tidbit of news. The State Police captured one of their most wanted, Keith Truehart. He was found in a hide-out built of wood and sheetrock under a sink in an apartment. It seems no one knew he was there. I’m thinking I’d notice a hide-out under my sink. Anyway, he was wanted for assault and battery on a child, a nine month old baby. From the article I gleaned the baby was his girlfriend’s baby, but this is what I read,”The baby was Truehart’s girlfriend, who lives in the North Main Street apartment where he was captured. His girlfriend is not under arrest at this time.”Whew!

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4 Comments on ““Erratum. In my article on the Price of Milk, ‘Horses’ should have read ‘Cows’ throughout.””

  1. olof1 Says:

    I can feel Your frustration when loosing that wire for the fourth time but I must admit I laughed while reading it 🙂 and I’m very glad You didn’t fall while carrying down that storm. We don’t have those here in Sweden thankfully, I feel I carry too many things as it is anyway 🙂

    Almost F here today, tomorrow will be a bit warmer but after that it will cool down again, I’m not surprised because after all it is a weekend when most of us could enjoy a nice summers day 🙂

    I’m pretty sure I would notice a hide-out under my sink too 🙂 I would however be very impressed if anyone could make a hide-out there since it is filled with plastic bags, glass vases and other things I rarely use 🙂
    It would have been even worse if the baby had been his girlfriend 🙂 🙂

    Have a great day!

    • Christer,
      I was so very careful taking that sort for part down the cellar stairs. It is quite heavy and awkward.

      That wire had me cursing. I, of course, did it the first time and was sputtering when I dropped it into the hole to the ground. That was really a two person job, but at least I managed to get it done.

      If I were the editor of that paper, I’d have the proof reader’s head. That was an awful mistake to make.

      I think I’d notice someone hiding under my sink!

      Have a wonderful evening!!

  2. Caryn Says:

    Hi Kat,
    I know that aggravation when I keep fumbling something the same way multiple times. The air is very blue when that happens.
    Usually my fumbles involve tiny things that should go together with no problems at all but my fat, sometimes numb fingers mess it up. If it involved going up a lot of stairs, I would not bother with a second attempt. 🙂

    Mr. Truehart likes the younger ladies, apparently. Whew, indeed.
    I wouldn’t notice a hideout under my sink because I never look under there. I keep nothing under the sink. But Rocky and Piki Dog would know something wasn’t right.

    It’s breezy, 86ºF and mostly cloudy at the moment. The house is cool but if the sun comes out strongly, it will get hot inside, too.

    Enjoy the day.

    • Hi Caryn,
      The worst of it all was I actually had it in my hand on the first try. That was the most frustrating part of it.

      The stairs are steep as the deck is a second floor. I was determined to get that job done yesterday so up and down and up and down until it was done. I felt accomplished but still not happy.

      The hide out would have to be small to be under my sink: the size of two cabinets. I, however, keep stuff in both cabinets so I’d notice. I still don’t understand how he accomplished that without notice.

      Breezy here and now partially sunny. I doubt we are as warm as you but it is warm when the breeze stops.

      Have a wonderful evening!

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