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Lateness of the Day

May 8, 2016

My computer turned on me this morning. It bared its teeth and growled at me. I tried desperately to muzzle it, but the machine got the better of me until just a few minutes ago. Two keychain access boxes appeared and asked for my old password. I had no idea what that was. Every password I tried had the boxes shaking and laughing at me. I then tried Safari which was more afraid of the beast than I and would not open. I next tried Firefox. It kept putting up pages my beast rejected. I cannot tell you how many times I swore at the computer. Even poor Gracie came under fire for snoring. It was not a good day. For four hours I tried to yank from my memory drawers every password I’ve ever used. Finally I found one the box liked and the box disappeared, Safari opened and I got to post.

All’s fine with the world!

We Interrupt This Broadcast

April 1, 2016

My computer is not working. The screen is black, and it won’t boot. I have tried several suggestions but none have worked.

i apologize as I haven’t been able to answer all your comments. The IPad doesn’t post them.

I can’t use my one finger to compose so I’m going hunting to see if I can get my MAC up and running.

Coffee is on a short break. I would have said coffee break but that even made me groan.

“To lovers of adventure and novelty, Africa displays a most ample field.”

March 14, 2015

The day is bleak and rainy. The house was cold when I woke up so I turned on the heat and then finished the rest of my morning rituals. I made the coffee, got the papers, filled the dog’s dry food bowl, changed the water in the dog dish and then sat down to read the papers. The animals got their morning greetings then they went back to sleep. They are, of course, in their usual spots. Mornings never change around here.

Last night my palm tree was lit for the first time since the big snowstorm. It was unexpected. The tree had stopped lighting in February, and I hadn’t been able to check the connections as they were under feet of snow. All the melting this week uncovered the cord, and I saw the plug had disconnected from the timer. Reconnecting it didn’t work. The plug looked as if it had taken too much of a beating under all that snow. I put it back into the timer as best I could. Whatever I did to the plug seemed to work. When I was checking for the dog last night, I was happily surprised to see the lit palm tree. It is a tradition. Even the neighbors made comments when it wasn’t lit. They’ll be happy to see it again.

The first palm trees I ever saw were in Ghana. My geography book had come to life. I was thrilled. We were headed to Winneba and the road to that first training site was along the ocean. It was lined with palm trees. I could see coconuts hanging from below the fronds. Some trees looked bent in odd ways. I was finally somewhere exotic and not a scrub pine was in view. Little did I know what else awaited me.


July 25, 2014

I figure Birgit heard my cursing all the way to Germany. I was looking for a quote when I went off-line. I called my cable company and spoke to three people who knew nothing. To add to their nothingness, I got cut off twice. Finally I got a guy who wanted me to do what I had already done so I let him have it. He told me to vent all I needed which was kind. He, however, did not solve my problem. It was not the modem so he said goodbye and good luck. I wanted to punch him. I called my sister and had her go on-line to my router company, and she carefully read their procedures. They worked. The guy was right. It was not my modem. It took from 11:40 until 1:50 for me to rejoin the world wide web.

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