“It is wise to be lazy, intermittently.”

I am behind my time. It was a mirror under the nose morning. I woke up early, went downstairs and opened the door for the dogs after which I crawled back to bed. At some point the dogs joined me. They are both sleeping, having their first naps of the day. Such is the real life of a dog.

My fingers are tired. I have had four uke events already this week: Monday concert, Tuesday practice and Wednesday lesson and concert. I have another concert today and one tomorrow. This afternoon it is a farmer’s market, the one with the scones. We’re still playing the Beatle’s book.

I am taking a break today. It is the sloth in me to take two in a row, but I am running late and a couple of errands are on my to-do list before I head to the concert. This is one heck of a busy week.

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4 Comments on ““It is wise to be lazy, intermittently.””

  1. Bob Says:

    Hi Kat,

    Of course your fingers are tired. If you were a professional musician your fingers might not be tired. Today we started out with a low temperature of 82° and topped out at moderate 102°. You deserve a break.

    • katry Says:

      Hi Bob,
      Next week is much better with only two concerts, a practice and lesson.

      Yikes, you were only at 82°. Did you wear a sweater? We had far less humidity today and a nice breeze. The weather for the next few days should be similar. I had my AC on for just a little time to cool the house. It was pleasant!

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