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“Whoever thinks of going to bed before twelve o’clock is a scoundrel.”

January 29, 2019

Winter is supposed to be cold, but I think we’re on overload. Single digits are predicted for tomorrow night and on Thursday night it will be 11˚. Today is 37˚, and it actually feels warm.

Today is a lazy day. I slept until close to eleven. I took my time reading the papers and had a couple of cups of coffee. The kitchen smelled wonderful between the grinding of the beans and the brewing of the coffee. I am watching television as I write. I admit that I actually stopped watching two science fiction novels on tubi, something I almost never do. One was about the San Andreas fault and the big quake and the total destruction of LA, and the other was about a glacier from Iceland heading toward North America and causing a new Ice Age, but I just found what may be the worst one of all. It is called Star Leaf. The description says, “Three friends fight to stay alive after finding extra-terrestrial marijuana deep in the woods and accidentally provoking the alien forces guarding it.”

Last night I went to get my mail around 11:30. The street was dark except for my outside light. No cars went down the street and no dogs barked. I could have been the main character in a science fiction movie about the world after a cataclysmic event left few survivors.

When I was in high school, I used to walk home at night after evening events. I remember the silence. I remember the circle of light under each street lamp. I could hear my footsteps.

In Ghana, in Accra, the capital, I used to walk back to the Peace Corps hostel at night. I could have taken a taxi, but I liked the walk. I remember men sitting outside on wooden chairs talking in hushed tones. They seemed always to be smoking. We greeted each other as I passed.

I love to sit outside on summer nights. I watch fireflies flit through the trees. From the small pond at the end of the street, I can hear the croaking of frogs. The Katydids add to the chorus. Summer nights are the most glorious of all, nights so filled with life.

“The mercury sank in the mouth of the dying day.”

November 10, 2017

Last night was a strange one. Around 3, Gracie woke me with her loud panting. Because she doesn’t use the dog door anymore, panting is her way of communicating. I understand Gracie’s panting and knew I had a few options. I mentioned food, no response. I mentioned out and she perked so out we went. It was cold and windy. She was quick. I was glad.

A pelting sound against the window jolted me awake. I’m not sure if it was before or after Gracie. I just remember it was loud. I knew it had to be rain, heavy rain, though I did venture and quickly discard the notion that hundreds of BB’s were being throw at the window at the exact same time. I figure we can chalk that absurd idea up to my drowsiness and the sound of the rain and the window.

Today is chilly, in the high 40’s, and windy but sunny. There is a freeze warning starting tonight at seven through 8 am tomorrow. Already, the heat keeps cranking. This is our first freeze.

I have laundry to do. Of all the household chores, this is the one I dislike the most. I think it has to do with the two sets of stairs and carrying the clean laundry up both of them. I keep putting it off and the pile just is getting bigger and compounding the problem.

My mail box is overflowing with catalogues, tis’ the season. I actually look through most of them and have had some great finds, some odd finds and some perfect Christmas presents. Yesterday, I finished my gift shopping for two people on my list.

Right now I’m watching a scientist freeze to death in the movie Gog. The woman scientist  found him, and guess what, she raised her hands in front of her mouth and screamed. The door to the freeze chamber just mysteriously closed and locked with her in it. She’s next. Who will scream for her?

A note: I got notified that two of my posts, one from 2012 and the other from 2013, violate copywrite laws, both are Procol Harum. The links no longer worked, but that didn’t seem to matter. I wrote an answer to WordPress explaining that the songs in question could be heard only, but I think that too may be a violation. I further explained that any posted videos came from youTube. I don’t know what might happen. In case I am shut down, you can find me at a familiar place, Blogger. I have taken possession of the old blog destroyed by Blogger. The URL is different than it was. Here it is in case: 

Today is dump day!

“Whoever thinks of going to bed before twelve o’clock is a scoundrel.”

June 16, 2017

The weather is wonky. When I woke up, it was sunny. A little while later it got cloudy then it got sunny again. Now it is back to cloudy and is chilly and windy. It is 64˚ and the intermittent clouds foreshadow the rain predicted for later in the day.

The black and white science fiction movie I just finished watching was awful, which, as you know, is one of my favorite sorts to watch as I find the awfulness of the movie  wonderfully entertaining. From Hell It Came was released in 1957. Doctors are on an island which is suffering from plague and is the site of fallout from a nearby nuclear blast. One native, the prince, Kimo, is accused of murdering his father the chief by Tano, the witch doctor, the real murderer; however, the real reason for the accusation is because Kimo befriended American doctors. Kimo is found guilty and is executed by having a knife driven into his heart. He is boxed and buried where there is radiation which transforms him into Tabanga, the walking tree stump with the perpetual scowl. He even develops legs. Tabanga seeks vengeance. He throws his unfaithful wife into quicksand. Tano decides to kill Tabanga and lures him, or it, into a pit which is set on fire; of course, Tabanga doesn’t die. His bark just takes on a charcoal complexion. I’m going to stop here as I don’t want to be a spoiler, but I will say the rest is perfectly awful.

I brought Gracie outside at 1 this morning. The darkness was almost impenetrable. The only sound was the jingle of Gracie’s tags as she walked. She stopped for a bit in the middle of the driveway and just listened. Hearing nothing, she moved to the gate, and I opened it to let her in the yard. I sat on the steps to the deck. She triggered the lights off the deck, and the yard was lit. I could hear her as she walked through the dead leaves on the ground. Finally, she was ready to go back inside the house. We went out again at 5:30. There was daylight, and there were birds singing. When we got back inside, we both slept until nine. She is sleeping again, and I’m thinking that’s one smart dog.

My mother and father were wonderful actors. They always acted surprised and thrilled by the gifts and cards we’d make for them. I remember popsicle stick creations like a coaster for under a drink, and I remember making a popsicle stick plaque and using macaroni letters on it to express my love. The letters were crooked and you could see all the glue holding them to the sticks, but it never mattered to my parents. They called it a work of art.

My dance card has been fairly empty, but I haven’t minded. I’m enjoying doing nothing. I’ve become quite good at it.

“The wisest are the most annoyed at the loss of time.”

September 18, 2016

2 days to go!

Yesterday I got some errands done and had game night with my friends. We also watched two awful science fiction movies. My house/pet sitter came by to learn what she needed to do. It will be easy as she has stayed here before, and her son and daughter-in-law have been cleaning my house for ten or eleven years. Today Fern’s visiting nurse comes by to learn what meds Fern has to have. She is actually a pet sitter, but I like to think of her as Fern’s personal home nurse.

Yesterday I got some errands done and had game night with my friends. We also watched two awful science fiction movies. My house/pet sitter came by to learn what she needed to do. It will be easy as she has stayed here before, and her son and daughter-in-law have been cleaning my house for ten or eleven years. Today Fern’s visiting nurse comes by to learn what meds Fern has to have. She is actually a pet sitter, but I like to think of her as Fern’s personal home nurse.

Rain is definitely coming. The day is getting more humid. The breeze is intermittent but strong. I can hear the rustle of the leaves and the chiming of the bells every time it blows. It is a north wind.

I have to go to Stop and Shop today to pick up a few things. Before I go, I’ll have to remind myself to practice patience. People don’t take kindly to having their carts pushed out of the way even if they are parked in the middle. The slowest of all shoppers who walk down the middle of the aisle drive me to distraction, but I will curb my tongue and clench my jaw  and say nothing though every fiber of my being wants me to yell, “Move it.”

Suitcases are upstairs, a few shirts are folded and some toiletries are on the bureau. It looks like a trip is in the offing!

“Don’t Trust Blindly If in shark infested waters, don’t assume the fin coming toward you is a dolphin.”

July 30, 2016

I apologize for the lateness of the hour, but my computer is acting up, and it wouldn’t load. I am using my iPad in the interim.

The day is a pretty one with sunshine, blue skies and only a little humidity. My windows are open. It is getting hotter so I’m thinking the air will be back on shortly. Gracie is panting, a sure sign of heat.

I actually have an entry in my date book. Tonight I’m going to my friends’ house for burgers. I figure it will also be a game night.

I’m back on my computer. It finally loaded.

It has been a while since I’ve been to the movies. I watch TV or Netflix or Infinity, but the new Star Trek movie is tempting me to the theater. I’ll have to pick a beach day so there will be very few people willing to give up the sun for a dark theater and expensive popcorn.  I sneak in my own candy. I’m a Thin Mints fan and sometimes Good and Plenty. The last time I went to the theater I also sneaked in cheddar popcorn. I did buy a drink.

I’ve been watching the shark movies on Syfy. I’ve also kept track of the sightings of the Great Whites off Chatham. The pictures of the real sharks from aerial cameras are the scariest of all. The sharks look huge. If they were the stars of a science fiction movie, they’d have leapt up and eaten the plane. Today I got to watch The Three Headed Shark. It needed a huge suspension of disbelief.

Staying inside in the air conditioning leaves me with no adventures to enthrall my readers. Will I or will I not take a nap is the big dilemma. I’m leaning toward taking one.











“Quiet is here and all in me.

June 25, 2016

The weather is still perfect. The days are warm, even hot, and the nights chilly. Even upstairs, on the third floor, I need a light blanket at night. What a delight to feel chilly!

Yesterday was major errand day as I haven’t been out so I can keep an eye on Fern. Animal food was the priority then my food. I bought wonderful food: a cooked tenderloin, orzo salad, Caesar salad, barbecued shrimp, watermelon, kebobs, chicken salad, a Clark bar and honey wheat bread. I have a feast in my fridge.

Last night I was trying to find a movie to watch from On Demand. I told my remote to find science fiction movies. I went through all of them and read the information on the ones which interested me. Come to find out many of them had something in common. The destruction of the human race was a prime theme. Aliens seem hell bent on eliminating us. They want our planet or our water. Et was the last friendly alien.

Fern is doing better. This morning she woke me up by lying on my hip and purring in my ear. She waited around until I’d patted her several times. I have given her only one medication so far, three more to go. She caught on to the pill pockets so I have to be inventive. She can jump on my bed and on the couch where she is sleeping right beside Gracie.

My neighborhood is quiet except for the birds. It is as if only I exist here in my house. I haven’t even heard a car. It is a sense of aloneness. Out my window I can see the sun through the branches, the birds at the feeder and the leaves slightly blowing. The view is almost magical in its perfection.

I have the urge to cook. I keep saving recipes from magazines and newspapers. Usually I cook a dish for the first time and invite friends. I just hope for the best. I’m thinking I might do an international dinner. On the menu will be kelewele. I am so looking forward to Ghana when I can eat it every day.

“Science fiction films are not about science. They are about disaster, which is one of the oldest subjects of art.”

June 18, 2016

We continue to be blessed with the most magnificent weather. The nights are cool, perfect for sleeping, and the days are hot but not intolerably hot and there’s no humidity. A slight breeze moves the leaves. The sun is bright, and the sky is blue, Crayola blue. It is the perfect day.

Yesterday was noisy. At the house next door, the summer rental, they were building or repairing something. I could hear the saw and hammers until dark. The house doesn’t get much care and what passes for a front lawn is always meadow high so I’m amazed that someone is working on the house.

The cats are sleeping on the floor in the sun. Gracie is sleeping on the couch. She is into comfort. The other day I went into the kitchen and spooked Maddie who was at the water dish. My sister has a theory about that. She claims it is a water hole survival reaction never bred out of domestic cats. They are on alert as the water hole is a perfect hunting spot, and animals drinking are easy prey. Fern, however, isn’t ever bothered. She just keeps drinking.

Science fiction movies have given me all sorts of new words and phrases. Extinction level event is one of my favorites. It is always said in a hushed voice. Many science fiction movies have plots revolving around the end of Earth or the end of humanity. Meteors on a direct collision course to Earth are a common cause. A massive earthquake affecting the entire planet is another. Aliens of a variety of ilks make their way to Earth. Some want the planet to colonize while others want the extinction of humanity. Aliens just don’t like us. I don’t know why. Maybe because we’re an unfriendly bunch who more often than not shoot to kill and ask questions later. ET is among the minority.

My dance card is empty for the weekend. Come to think of it, the card is empty until Friday and the next play. I don’t mind. I’ll just enjoy the weather and the deck.

“…mirages are things that aren’t really there that you can see very clearly.” “How do you see something that isn’t there?”… “sometimes it’s much simpler than seeing things that are”…”

May 6, 2016

I think I’m going crazy, the kind of crazy you get when you see ocean waves in the desert after you’ve crawled through the sand for days without water. This morning I swear I saw a bit of blue sky and a round bright orb hiding behind clouds. They’ve gone now so I’m questioning my sanity. Were they really there?

With all the rain this past week, I’m imagining plots to science fiction movies, bad science fiction movies. I see plants crawling up my legs or vines trying to grab me as I run to the car. Water creatures rise out of the front lawn and none of them are friendly. There better be sun soon or it will be too late.

At least the rain has stopped. Maybe my deck will dry so it can be sealed then readied for warmer weather. To say it is spring is a heart wrenching misnomer.

I have never been prissy. I had a couple of college friends who were prissy. One was the real life epitome of Mrs. Cleaver. My friend wore the exact same sort of sweaters and she wore pearls. I saw her at my class reunion, and she is still wearing sweaters and pearls. Even her glasses are a throw-back to the 50’s. She’s not making a statement or being a parody. It’s all real.

When I was younger, I used to dismiss the wardrobes of old ladies simply because they were old ladies. I figured they earned the right to wear anything they wanted. I am probably an old lady to the kids on my street. I can imagine them giving directions to my house, “The old lady lives in the green house with the garden in front.”I, however, have a wardrobe very different from the old ladies of my childhood. None of my clothes scream old lady. I have been dressing in the same way for years.

My Ghana fund goal has been met, and I still have a few months to save more. I’m thinking the more will be seed money for my next trip wherever. It has to be somewhere I’ve never been, and it can’t be continental Europe. I’m actually leaning toward Madagascar or Malta, but I think I’d do better with my money in Madagascar so Malta may be beyond my financial status.

I may not have time to post tomorrow as it is the multicultural fair day, and I usually help man the Peace Corps table so don’t worry if I’m missing!

“Captain Midnight! His country calls and aviation’s greatest hero flies again in a one-man war against crime. The odds seem unsurmountable, yet his courage never flags. Single-handed, through fog and sleet and snow, he daily risks his life in the cause of justice. And while he lives, the underworld dares not rest!”

July 18, 2015

The weather is unsatisfactory. It is cloudy and chilly with a strong breeze verging on a wind. Rain is a maybe later this afternoon. Tonight is movie night so I’m hoping for the sun to rise dramatically with a ta-da soundtrack and chase away the clouds. The breeze can stay.

I am not a huge fan of westerns. I suspect it was because I spend enormous chunks of time when I was young watching them on TV. Every Saturday I got to watch The Lone Ranger, Sky King, an odd take on a western with a plane instead of a horse, Roy Rogers with his wife Dale Evans, Annie Oakley, Fury, The Cisco Kid and Pancho, Will Bill Hickok, Rin Tin Tin of at ease, Rinny, fame, and Tales of Texas Rangers. I figure there are more, but this blog entry would go on forever.

Night too was filled with westerns. Gunsmoke was on for close to a hundred years and there were others including Sugarfoot, Cheyenne, Judge Roy Bean, the law west of the Pecos, The Texans, Have Gun Will Travel (for the longest time I thought it was half gun and wondered how he managed), Texas John Slaughter who wore that great hat, The Range Rider, Wagon Train, suave Yancy Derringer and Pahoo-Ka-Ta-Wah, Maverick, a personal favorite, and Wild Wild West, my all time favorite.

TV was where I first saw science fiction jump off the pages of my books to the screen. Captain Midnight, brought to you by Ovaltine, and his sidekick, Ichabod Mudd (with 2 D’s) fought the good fight against evil men everywhere with help from his Secret Squadron (that would be any of us, the TV audience, who mailed in an Ovaltine proof of purchase). I watched the recycled Buck Rogers and Flash Gordon serials, Commando Cody who had a jet pack and wore an odd helmet when he flew and Tom Corbett Space Cadet. That last one reminded me we used to call kids who were way out there space cadets. It was not a compliment.

TV program outcomes were never in doubt in those days. The hero would always win. In westerns he’d have a fist fight and generally keep his hat on. It didn’t matter how many times the good and bad guys hit each other as there were never bruises and never blood. The worst thing was a dusty shirt and hat.

I believed for the longest time good always triumphed over evil. Even now I’d like to think it’s true.

“I have never listened to anyone who criticized my taste in space travel, sideshows or gorillas. When this occurs, I pack up my dinosaurs and leave the room.”

May 9, 2015

Gracie drools when I am eating something she’d like. She often even makes bubbles which hang from her jowls. The bubbles are sometimes doubled, with the smaller on top, which I think takes talent, but why am I talking about drool is probably running through your heads. It is all because I am watching a really bad science fiction movie called Age of Tomorrow. The queen alien drools constantly while eating human captives. I figure the director thought she looked more menacing with her sharp teeth and the drool. The main general just made an Independence Day knock off speech because they are going to invade the alien home planet to save captive humans still on the menu and to kill the aliens who are bent on total human destruction. The good guys used an alien craft they captured to get our heroes to the planet. Sound familiar? Bullets don’t kill the aliens, but the army keeps shooting. A fireman is part of the rescue because his daughter is being held. He is carrying an axe. It works. The really awful movie just ended. The humans didn’t win for a change, but the main character said, with his axe in hand, “This isn’t over yet.” I pray that doesn’t mean a sequel.

I have switched to a 1950’s B&W movie called The Lost Volcano starring Johnny Sheffield better known as Boy in the Tarzan movies. It takes place in Africa, has lots of vine swinging, a pet monkey who understands English and Bomba, as Johnny is known, wears a loin cloth. The white bwana is capturing wild animals. Bomba is freeing them from their cages. Bwana’s son plays with Bomba but doesn’t believe Bomba is real. He calls him a legend like the man raised by apes.

I feel ten again watching Saturday TV especially this black and white movie. The only changes fifty plus years have made are I had coffee instead of cereal, and I sat on the couch instead of on the floor inches from the TV screen.

As for the weather report, today is chilly and cloudy. I have no plans whatsoever that take me out of the house. I do have plants to water, bird feeders to fill and a bed to make. Sounds like a full day to me.

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