“The mercury sank in the mouth of the dying day.”

Last night was a strange one. Around 3, Gracie woke me with her loud panting. Because she doesn’t use the dog door anymore, panting is her way of communicating. I understand Gracie’s panting and knew I had a few options. I mentioned food, no response. I mentioned out and she perked so out we went. It was cold and windy. She was quick. I was glad.

A pelting sound against the window jolted me awake. I’m not sure if it was before or after Gracie. I just remember it was loud. I knew it had to be rain, heavy rain, though I did venture and quickly discard the notion that hundreds of BB’s were being throw at the window at the exact same time. I figure we can chalk that absurd idea up to my drowsiness and the sound of the rain and the window.

Today is chilly, in the high 40’s, and windy but sunny. There is a freeze warning starting tonight at seven through 8 am tomorrow. Already, the heat keeps cranking. This is our first freeze.

I have laundry to do. Of all the household chores, this is the one I dislike the most. I think it has to do with the two sets of stairs and carrying the clean laundry up both of them. I keep putting it off and the pile just is getting bigger and compounding the problem.

My mail box is overflowing with catalogues, tis’ the season. I actually look through most of them and have had some great finds, some odd finds and some perfect Christmas presents. Yesterday, I finished my gift shopping for two people on my list.

Right now I’m watching a scientist freeze to death in the movie Gog. The woman scientist  found him, and guess what, she raised her hands in front of her mouth and screamed. The door to the freeze chamber just mysteriously closed and locked with her in it. She’s next. Who will scream for her?

A note: I got notified that two of my posts, one from 2012 and the other from 2013, violate copywrite laws, both are Procol Harum. The links no longer worked, but that didn’t seem to matter. I wrote an answer to WordPress explaining that the songs in question could be heard only, but I think that too may be a violation. I further explained that any posted videos came from youTube. I don’t know what might happen. In case I am shut down, you can find me at a familiar place, Blogger. I have taken possession of the old blog destroyed by Blogger. The URL is different than it was. Here it is in case: http://keepthecoffeecoming.blogspot.com 

Today is dump day!

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22 Comments on ““The mercury sank in the mouth of the dying day.””

  1. Hedley Says:


    This afternoon Sweden and Italy play the first of a two leg decider for a place in Russia at next year’s World Cup. I am sure the KTCC family will be sitting in front of their TVs cheering for Team Christer to get a result.

    Meanwhile back in Detroit, it was the coldest November 10th in over 100 years. the Terrier and I went out early and neither of us were impressed.

    I am still staring at the new Bob Dylan Bootleg Series “Trouble No More” . It dropped from $129 to $120 at Amazon. It isn’t so much an issue of if than when. I love to play the price game but want to discs.

    In a friendly this afternoon, Eric Dier of Tottenham Hotspur will lead England against the odious Germans. the match is at Wembley. I wish bad things to team Birgit

    • katry Says:

      My Dear Hedley,
      We will absolutely be cheering for Christer’s team to advance.

      It will be freezing tonight. I just came in with Gracie, and I was cold waiting for her to finish. She has this new route firmly planted. She ran ahead of me to the gate to the backyard. I can tell the pain is less as she roamed in the yard and went to her old poop haunt instead of right by the driveway.

      I will be curtailing my buying for the nest future. I will have more vet bills, and Christmas is coming.

      Poor Birgit, thrown under the bus!!

      • Hedley Says:

        Kat, it was cold enough this morning that I pulled out my copy of “50 Words for Snow” …Mrs MDH will not be able to dodge it tonight

        If Procul Harem get pissy, I will fling my copy of “Exotic Birds and Fruit” out on to I75

      • katry Says:

        Thank you, MDH

        I appreciate the gesture, the flinging.

        I’m hoping Gracie won’t mind going out by herself. I’ll watch by the front door.

    • Birgit Says:

      Hedley, I would love to cheer for Christer’s team but this other match against that crazy island is on TV. Still waiting for goals…

    • olof1 Says:

      Thank You Hedley!
      I don’t have any sound on that channel (I don’t think that I’m supposed to be able to see anything either but there it is 🙂 ) so I watched it on and off. Luckily I did look at it when the goal came 🙂 Now they only have to survive down in Italy 🙂

  2. A great shame about this Procul Harum business, which I hope doesn’t impact you & KTCC in any serious way. None of this would have bothered a ‘legacy’ act (to cite the current euphemism) if Spotify, Pandora, et al, hadn’t come along. Suddenly artists popular in the late ’60s-early ’70s — and while Procul continued to record in the ’70s, those lps weren’t a patch on their ’60s output — saw their annual royalties shrink from six figures to pocket change. But why does that even matter, as you’ve pointed out, when the songs can only be streamed and they’re on You Tube already? This has all the earmarks of a make-work project by lawyers looking to justify their salaries.

    • katry Says:

      Thanks, countreeshard

      This is the explanation from the anti-piracy unit: “It has come to my attention that the Website is consistently providing access to Work(s) as well as other copyright content. It is my good faith belief that the use of the Work(s) in this manner is not authorised and therefore amounts to infringement of copyright owned or controlled by PRS and/or MCPS.”

      The song is up several times in different youTube posts so I don’t get why they’re bothering with me.

      I had a similar problem a few years back so I took down all the links. Now you can only hear the older blog songs. It was then I switched to videos rather than MP3’s.

      I have sent an explanation to WordPress. I hope they understand my issue with this complaint.

      • Bob Says:

        Unfortunately, YouTube videos are not royalty free and in the public domain. I spent a couple of weeks going through our courseware removing all the “copyright” pictures we downloaded from the Internet before our attorneys educated our courseware department on the law. Only all the deities in the universe know the number of YouTube videos that are linked to the billions of Facebook pages globally.

      • katry Says:

        I just figured if they were leaving the videos of the songs I posted on-line maybe they’d leave me along. I have my fingers crossed or, as Christer says, my thumbs are crossed.

  3. Birgit Says:

    Let’s hope that your blog survives here. It’s automatic internet search by music businesses and -as countreeshard mentioned- lawyers and it’s just coincidence what they find and complain about. YouTube is too big to shut it down, your blog unfortunately not. Good luck!

    It’s cold and rainy here. I saw a concert with 16th century Bohemian music in the afternoon, now soccer and packing for a weekend out of town singing and sightseeing.

    • katry Says:

      I would love that to happen, for Coffee to keep going. It has already been taken down once on Blogger. What angers me is the date of the two offensive, law breaking posts. Also, I had removed all the downloadable music.

      I just came back inside after bring Gracie out. It was so cold I think I froze in just 5 minutes. She’ll go out 2 more times, and I’m bundling.

  4. Caryn Says:

    Hi Kat,
    It sounds as though Lawyer is claiming that YouTube’s content is all pirated and those of us who regularly use that handy dandy embed feature are violating copyright law. That bit about “consistently providing access” seems to say that. It’s okay to post bootlegged stuff on YouTube but it’s not okay to share it “consistently”. Like YouTube does.

    Today started out sunny and high 40’s. The wind picked up very quickly and the temperatures fell almost as quickly. But the sun remained so if I could convince the dogs to do their business in a sunny spot that was sheltered from the wind, it was fine. That didn’t work too often, though.

    I hope to find you here tomorrow and in future.

    Enjoy the day.

    • katry Says:

      Hi Caryn,
      I do find songs on youTube which are labeled but taken down. There is an explanation within the video frame which says it has been taken down due to copywriter laws; however, the song in question, Boredom, was posted twice by me but still has multiple postings on youTube.

      The day wasn’t too bad, but it is freezing right now. Gracie squatted right outside the door, but she took off down the driveway to go into the backyard. I called her figuring one squat was enough, but she’ll need to go out at least two more times, and I’m already moaning.

      Thanks! I hope to be here!!

  5. Bob Says:

    The only catalog I used to get was from Neiman Marcus. They always have an outrageously expensive his and her gifts. Now you can see it on line. The outrageous gift is on page 124.


    My mailbox is full of Medicare Advantage ads from every insurance company imaginable. In the 90s Congress allowed the insurance companies in on the gravy train of Medicare payments. Luckily I have private insurance from work.

    Today started out in the high 40s and warmed up under sunny skies to about 65 degrees.

    • katry Says:

      I’ll just write a check!!

      My dad used to get great presents from his customers. One guy always sent something from this catalog.

      I also have regular insurance and don’t qualify for Medicare. The school district pays 40 % and I pay the rest.

      It is freezing out!

    • Caryn Says:

      Thanks for the link, Bob! I haven’t seen a NM catalogue in a long time. There wasn’t anything in there that interested me though I did learn a new word. Minaudière: a small decorative lady’s case or purse without handles or straps. So that little bag I was calling an etui is actually a minaudière. 🙂

  6. olof1 Says:

    We always used to get catalogs back in the days even if we never bought anything from the company, now days they only send them to regular buyers. Sometimes I miss them but then again if I did get them there would be no space for regular mail since we get all the other flyers 🙂

    It looks as it has been snowing all night here, everything is covered in that white garbage at the moment but it’s above 32F so I hope it all will melt away fast. I’m on-call this weekend so I really hope everyone goes to work because I casn imagine how slippery the roads must be now.

    Sweden won, yay 🙂

    Have a great day!


    • katry Says:

      I got 8 catalogs the other day and the same amount the day after. I do recycle them so all is not lost. I haven’t shopped at some of the stores. I think they get lists from each other.

      It is really cold, and I have total Gracie out in a bit. I hope she’ll be fast. It is in the teens tonight.

      Goodluck in not getting called.

      Hurrah Sweden!

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