“…mirages are things that aren’t really there that you can see very clearly.” “How do you see something that isn’t there?”… “sometimes it’s much simpler than seeing things that are”…”

I think I’m going crazy, the kind of crazy you get when you see ocean waves in the desert after you’ve crawled through the sand for days without water. This morning I swear I saw a bit of blue sky and a round bright orb hiding behind clouds. They’ve gone now so I’m questioning my sanity. Were they really there?

With all the rain this past week, I’m imagining plots to science fiction movies, bad science fiction movies. I see plants crawling up my legs or vines trying to grab me as I run to the car. Water creatures rise out of the front lawn and none of them are friendly. There better be sun soon or it will be too late.

At least the rain has stopped. Maybe my deck will dry so it can be sealed then readied for warmer weather. To say it is spring is a heart wrenching misnomer.

I have never been prissy. I had a couple of college friends who were prissy. One was the real life epitome of Mrs. Cleaver. My friend wore the exact same sort of sweaters and she wore pearls. I saw her at my class reunion, and she is still wearing sweaters and pearls. Even her glasses are a throw-back to the 50’s. She’s not making a statement or being a parody. It’s all real.

When I was younger, I used to dismiss the wardrobes of old ladies simply because they were old ladies. I figured they earned the right to wear anything they wanted. I am probably an old lady to the kids on my street. I can imagine them giving directions to my house, “The old lady lives in the green house with the garden in front.”I, however, have a wardrobe very different from the old ladies of my childhood. None of my clothes scream old lady. I have been dressing in the same way for years.

My Ghana fund goal has been met, and I still have a few months to save more. I’m thinking the more will be seed money for my next trip wherever. It has to be somewhere I’ve never been, and it can’t be continental Europe. I’m actually leaning toward Madagascar or Malta, but I think I’d do better with my money in Madagascar so Malta may be beyond my financial status.

I may not have time to post tomorrow as it is the multicultural fair day, and I usually help man the Peace Corps table so don’t worry if I’m missing!

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20 Comments on ““…mirages are things that aren’t really there that you can see very clearly.” “How do you see something that isn’t there?”… “sometimes it’s much simpler than seeing things that are”…””

  1. Richard Says:

    It’s not a mirage … it’s … it’s … oh hell, I dunno. Call it ‘sky.’ It sounds as if you’re about to exit BradburyWorld and the Long Rain for the Bright Shiny World of the Eloi.

    Speaking of exiting worlds, if I’m a real lucky boy (I ate all my peas, and some carrots, too) today, the injection I’m about to receive from the doc this afternoon will make the pain a thing of the past.

    My ‘wardrobe’ (such as it may be) will consist of my usual daytime ‘street clothes’ – a T, shorts, and loafers. Sometimes I wear socks, but not today. Granted, it’s not as cool as a ‘crazy cat woman’ costume might be, but it’s comfortable, and these days, it’s all about the comfort.

    Glad to hear the Ghanafund is healthy. Check the exchange rates before you make the decision about where to go next. Cheapness is a virtue.

    Our New Word of the Day: Unkeyboardinated – when you’re unable to type without repeatedly making mistakes.

    Another Jeff Beck piece for Today’s Tuneage – this time it’s his version of the Charlie Mingus opus ‘Goodbye, Pork Pie Hat’ … Beck sometimes becomes the Essence of Righteousness … enjoy …

    • katry Says:

      I would have agreed with you 20 minutes ago, but the sun is gone right now, and I’m living in a monochromatic world. Everything is grey.

      My fingers are crossed hoping the injection will have you on your feet again. I’m stuck going to the pain clinic. The doctor said something about burning nerve ends, but maybe I misheard.

      It is too chilly for your outfit here. I still haven’t taken the sandals out of the closet. It is hoodie day for me.

      I always keep an eye on the exchange rate, but my next trip is at least 3 years away. It takes that long to save up enough.

      I love the new word of the day. I suffer from that malady as I generally hit a wrong letter as I mosey along the keyboard.

      This is a great song!

  2. Hedley Says:

    Some music stays with you forever, and such is Van Morrison’s “Its too Late to Stop Now”

    In early 74 while I was bank clerking, my chum Phil came cruising by my desk with an armful of albums insisting that I bought ITLTSN – Phil always had music for sale at half price as his brother worked for WEA – fell off the back of the proverbial lorry. I don’t want to I responded – you have to buy it said the sage

    And so my 40 year romance with Mr Morrison began and I would argue with anyone that ITLTSN has a claim to be the best live album every recorded (Kat, please don’t say Miles of Aisles)

    On June 10 the original album will be re-released and there will be a companion box set with 3 additional shows from that tour AND a DVD of the Rainbow concert that was simulcast on the BBC TV and radio.

    A chum of mine who is “involved” with the VM band is in town but I don’t think we will get to hang out – I mentioned my excitement over this release – his response was “you are f&&&ing old” – astute fellow that.

    • katry Says:

      My Dear Hedley,
      I always think music has a bit of magic about it. Lyrics seem to stay in your head forever, and it only takes a few notes to recognize a song you love.

      I will not argue your choice of best album. That is far too personal. Each of us having our own is just fine with me.

      If your chum knew of all your latest purchases, he would chuckle. Yes, he is astute!

      • Hedley Says:

        Here we go Kat, the new Radiohead releases as a digital album on Sunday afternoon. Here is the second track, Daydreaming

    • im6 Says:

      As I’ve mentioned before and elsewhere, I’m no Radiohead fan. Just not for me and this is no exception. I’m only commenting to ask if anyone else noticed the uncanny resemblance of Thom Yorke to Willie Nelson when he was around age 60 or so? Not a bad thing. Not a good thing. Just an observation.

      • Hedley Says:

        It will be quite a challenge – the digital version on Sunday but no physical versions until June 17.
        For me this year has been moribund musically but suddenly we have Van-box, Eno-Ship, PetSounds50, RH9, Paul Simon, Dexys and Bobcroons, all before the end of June.
        Heck you can even watch Bob-babe’s 75th birthday celebration

      • katry Says:

        MDH and im6,
        I hadn’t ever heard a Radiohead song. My station doesn’t play such recent music, but I actually like their music. That surprises me.

        It’s the hair and beard which remind me of Willie.

  3. Not to rain on your commendable goals, but as one who has long dreamed of visiting Madagascar out of love for its music, I had second thoughts after seeing a recent report concerning the spread of bubonic plague there. Yes, real-deal Medieval black plague. Which still exists in many places, but worse on that island. This, owing to the relentless harvesting of forests, driving rats into towns and cities. Aside from the disease, the same report I’d watched showed horrible squalor in the capitol, Antananarivo. Much different from the “Whoah, dude, check out these cool lemurs!” visit by CNN’s Anthony Bourdain.

    • katry Says:

      I found mention of the plague there but it was dated 2014. I didn’t find any recent reports. Peace Corps volunteers still serve there, and that is always a barometer for me. PC will take volunteers out of any situations which are potentially dangerous whether disease as in ebola when all the volunteers in 3 0r 4 countries were evacuated or insurgency.

      I think you would find similar conditions in many African countries. I know the volunteers usually keep their food in tin boxes to discourage rats. I used to keep my food in the fridge or a cabinet off the floor. There is trash all over the place as people just drop it wherever. I would suggest Morocco which, though in Africa, is more Arabic and has a rich music history. I loved my visit there.

  4. Birgit Says:

    I probably shouldn’t write about sunny 75°F/24°C here, looking like an old barefoot hippie wearing shorts and a sleeveless shirt…

    Have fun tomorrow!
    Our local multicultural festival takes place end of next week, music for free and kelewele 🙂

    • minicapt Says:

      Could be worse, 77° and a clear blue sky …


    • katry Says:

      Good thing you don’t live close to me. I can’t believe you started with, “I probably shouldn’t write…” I read those words and knew you were stabbing me to the heart.

      The rain did stop but it will rain again tonight. Across the country the weather is epic. Cities are flooded, hail is falling and it just keeps on raining, an inch an hour in some places.

      Kelewele!!!!!!! Another stab to the heart.

  5. olof1 Says:

    I would definitely see Your Scifi movie 🙂 You’re having typical Swedish spring weather so I can fully understand how You feel 🙂 and it gets even worse when summer arrives. The months with most percipitation here in Scandinavia are the summer months. Autumn is actually quite dry here and winter too, it just looks like we get an awful lot during winter since snow takes so much more space than water.

    We often think that it is teenagers who have changed the most when it comes to clothes and style from when we were young but to be honest, it is the old folks who have. Nowdays they dress much like young people but with more style and feeling. I have neither but still don’t look as old as my grandfather did when he was 52 🙂 The forest owner here for instance, I could have sworn he was in my age, turns out he’s in his mid 70’s 🙂

    Looks like another wonderful summer day is starting here, too bad our summers aren’t this warm and sunny 🙂

    Have a great day at the fair!

    • katry Says:

      I am just back from the fair and need a nap. I thought I’d check my e-mail first-106 of them. I’m now even more tired.

      We haven’t sun here today either. It is damp and cold though not rainy. I guess that is a weird blessing.

      Old people now amaze me. I laugh as most of the really old, thin women wear track suits and sneakers. The men wear jeans and sneakers. I haven’t seen many dresses in a long while.

      I’m glad that someone at least has good weather!

      Have a great evening!

  6. One of those posts where the first line to the last captures every second of your read attention and after, you are left stunned, not knowing what to say about it. But i say this, you are quite a writer, i see the talent in you running so deep! and you turned me to a supporter of you through my follow. Cheers! Keep going! – Cezane

    • katry Says:

      Cezane and Michelle,

      We have a wonderfully varied family and we’re happy you have joined us. Welcome to Coffee. Always feel free to weigh in on anything. Lots of my Coffee regulars have conversations with each other. They don’t need me.

      As for your wonderful comment, you have made my week, not even my day but my whole week and maybe even longer!!!!!

  7. flyboybob Says:

    In mid August we will think that a rain cloud must be a mirage. Here in North Texas we can go for weeks in July and August without a drop of rain. Just high temperatures and dry conditions. This week has been spectacular with clear skies and high temperatures in the low to mid 80s.

    Unfortunately, most businesses still require that men wear the standard suite with a tie and woman wear a suit or a dress with hose and heels. Luckily, woman never were required to wear a tie. It’s one of the most useless and uncomforable appendages. I vote for business casual every day of the week regardless of the profession.
    When I was in school in NYC we were required to wear a tie every day in junior high even with a sport shirt. Once we got to high school the administration couldn’t enforce the tie rules.

    Why don’t you think about a trip to Asia? I enjoyed my trip to China despite the long plane ride.

    • katry Says:

      Enjoy this week and etch it in your memory banks so when mid August rolls around you’ll have some sweet memories.

      The boys in high school were required to wear a shirt with a tie and also a jacket. It was a Catholic school so it had a dress code. Many places where I shop don’t have guys wearing ties. The bank is one exception. I guess the tie was invented because men’s clothing ended a bit of color!

      I have always wanted to go to Laos and Cambodia so your suggestion is a good one. I hesitate because it is so expensive just to get there. I’d be saving until I was 90.

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