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“A movie is not a movie, it is a potential nuclear furnace of inspiration, courage and conscience.”

July 6, 2017

The last couple of days have been beautiful: sunny, clear and free of humidity. The nights have been wonderfully cool for sleeping. The weatherman is predicting rain for tomorrow. I’m fine with that as we haven’t had rain in a while.

The tourists have descended. The weekend started Thursday night and lasted until yesterday when the line of traffic wanting to cross the bridge reached back 6 miles.  Local traffic too has been horrific. Trying to get out of a parking lot and cross a line of traffic is nearly impossible. Yesterday I sat so long that I finally went right when I really wanted to go left. I pulled into a street on the left and turned around so I could converge with the single lane of traffic. It does seem silly this roundabout route but waiting is futile and even sillier. My patience will be constantly tried until after Labor Day. My vocabulary will be reduced to four letter words.

I’m back to watching MSNBC. My short hiatus made me hungry for news especially with Mr. Trump in Germany meeting with Merkel and Putin with no script, just off the cuff. I find that scary. He has little command of English vocabulary and reverts to simplistic words when specific words would carry so much more weight. My favorite Trump quote today is that the US will confront North Korea’s, “Very, very bad behavior.” Is a time-out an appropriate response for bad behavior? Sometimes, but I’m not sure it is enough for, “Very, very bad behavior.” That sounds like cause enough for being grounded.

Gracie has an appointment today off-Cape with an internist, a specialist. Other than the weakness in her back legs and the head tilt, everything else is back to normal. Her vet said there are brain lesions probably causing the two issues.

I have a few things on my to-do list. I finally bought replacement flowers for the dead ones in the pots. I’ll plant them when I get back from the vets. The deck still has a bit of caterpillar poop that needs cleaning so I’ll water the pots then spray the deck.

The premier for 2017’s movie night will be this Saturday. For opening night, we always have dinner first so I have to figure out what to serve. Also, the red carpet has to go down, the corn needs popping and I have to choose the movie candy. I have three or four new movies and will let my guests decide. I’ll let you know.

“There are certain things that ordinary people have that celebrities don’t have.”

February 9, 2016

I never thought I’d be happy with a cloudy day, but I’m thrilled. It isn’t snowing, the wind isn’t whistling, boughs aren’t bending, we’re a couple of degrees above freezing and I’m now getting shoveled out. All in all it’s a good day.

I owe Mohammed an apology. He told me they were doing maintenance which is why I had no e-mail Sunday night into late yesterday. I just figured that was the party line, the weekend excuse for complainers. Yesterday my two typing fingers were exhausted from trying to find a way to fix the problem. On the Xfinity home page the envelope said I had 85 emails, but I couldn’t get to them. The page never loaded. Last night I tried for the umpteenth time. Halleluia! Let me hear an amen!! It was a miracle. The page opened and then like magic the email appeared. It seems Mohammed was right.

I saw an ad for the Grammy Awards which I don’t watch because the nominees and the winners are mostly unknown to me. That got me thinking about award shows. Mostly I don’t care who wins anything, but every now and then a movie star deserves recognition for wearing the skin of the character being played. Gregory Peck as Atticus Finch is the best example of that. His Atticus Finch was just as I imagined when I read the book.

The whole system of awards needs to be changed. Ordinary people deserve recognition. I’m thinking I deserve an award for most falls without breaking a bone. Parents who change the dirtiest diapers time and time again without gagging are heroes to me. The cashier at Job Lot deserves the award for the surliest employee. The lady who helped me when I fell in the bushes by the parking lot deserves one for being a good samaritan. The guy who parked in the handicapped space deserves an award for being insensitive and for being a whole lot more but this is a family show. Most of my neighbors, with only one exception, are good people so I’d nominate all of them for the Good Neighbor Award. The guy who lives on the corner gets the award for being the most surly.

This ought to be televised, and people can wear what they find most comfortable. I can imagine the questions when I walk the Red Carpet. Ms. Ryan, who are you wearing this evening? Old Navy flannel pants, L.L. Bean slippers and a sweatshirt from Cuffy’s outlet store. Well, you look lovely and good luck tonight.

“The pack slumbered and only a few watchdogs rattled their chains.”

February 27, 2012

Winter has left the building. We’re back to 43° today, but a bit of a cold breeze reminds me I live near the ocean. I love that breeze all summer, but I dread it this time of year.

The deck is my favorite summer spot, but I wish I had a porch which would be lovely and warm today. Both Gracie and I could nap there.

Last night I watched from the red carpet to the end of the Academy Awards. My friend Clare and I rated all the dresses and wondered what some women were thinking when they donned some really ugly dresses. It’s a good thing I don’t work greeting people on the red carpet as I suspect, “Why did you pick that really ugly dress?” would not be a welcomed question. How about, “Do you know that dress is a bit dowdy?” Nope, I’d lose my job quickly. I don’t gush.

Last night 4 cars on my street were vandalized, one worse than the others. They used some sort of cream, like hand cream, to cover my neighbor’s car then left some cream on a couple of others as well as mine but in only a few spots. We figured they were running our after covering my neighbor’s vehicle. All that happened between 5:30 and 11:30. All of us have dogs, but none of them barked though I told everyone Gracie did, but I have no idea if she really did as I wasn’t home to hear her. We laughed and commented that my friends’ dog barks at air but not vandals. We wondered if  Cody, who lives in the house with the car most covered, barked and was told to go back to sleep. Another neighbor has sensor lights which are quite sensitive, but none of us saw them lit. We were too busy watching TV, and my neighbor’s TV is in the back of their house so they couldn’t see the lights come on in the front. I figured those lights lit up the area to give the vandals a better view.

Maybe we all need signs on our lawns which say: Be Quiet! Dogs sleeping! My neighbors can add one which says: Walk a bit. The lights will come on should you need them.