“There are certain things that ordinary people have that celebrities don’t have.”

I never thought I’d be happy with a cloudy day, but I’m thrilled. It isn’t snowing, the wind isn’t whistling, boughs aren’t bending, we’re a couple of degrees above freezing and I’m now getting shoveled out. All in all it’s a good day.

I owe Mohammed an apology. He told me they were doing maintenance which is why I had no e-mail Sunday night into late yesterday. I just figured that was the party line, the weekend excuse for complainers. Yesterday my two typing fingers were exhausted from trying to find a way to fix the problem. On the Xfinity home page the envelope said I had 85 emails, but I couldn’t get to them. The page never loaded. Last night I tried for the umpteenth time. Halleluia! Let me hear an amen!! It was a miracle. The page opened and then like magic the email appeared. It seems Mohammed was right.

I saw an ad for the Grammy Awards which I don’t watch because the nominees and the winners are mostly unknown to me. That got me thinking about award shows. Mostly I don’t care who wins anything, but every now and then a movie star deserves recognition for wearing the skin of the character being played. Gregory Peck as Atticus Finch is the best example of that. His Atticus Finch was just as I imagined when I read the book.

The whole system of awards needs to be changed. Ordinary people deserve recognition. I’m thinking I deserve an award for most falls without breaking a bone. Parents who change the dirtiest diapers time and time again without gagging are heroes to me. The cashier at Job Lot deserves the award for the surliest employee. The lady who helped me when I fell in the bushes by the parking lot deserves one for being a good samaritan. The guy who parked in the handicapped space deserves an award for being insensitive and for being a whole lot more but this is a family show. Most of my neighbors, with only one exception, are good people so I’d nominate all of them for the Good Neighbor Award. The guy who lives on the corner gets the award for being the most surly.

This ought to be televised, and people can wear what they find most comfortable. I can imagine the questions when I walk the Red Carpet. Ms. Ryan, who are you wearing this evening? Old Navy flannel pants, L.L. Bean slippers and a sweatshirt from Cuffy’s outlet store. Well, you look lovely and good luck tonight.

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9 Comments on ““There are certain things that ordinary people have that celebrities don’t have.””

  1. olof1 Says:

    It’ll get colder again here but today was warm and rainy. The cold weather won’t stay for long though they say. It behaves like a yo-yo. I’m glad Your blizzard wasn’t too bad this time.

    It take a great person to admit being wrong and appology to (in this case) Mohammed. Too bad one can’t call and actually do it since it never is the same person one get in the phone.

    I would like to see an award show like that. Long time ago I would have gotten the award for being the greates uncle in the world. It was when my sister had her first baby and I had travelled to see them all because they lived rather far away. My then brother in law had my niece on the bed after he had bathed her, no diaper on yet and he pulled her over the bed and she laughed so loud. He however did not because the little girl had diarrhea (which none of us new that she had) and You can guess how the bed looked.

    At that exact moment he discovered that he too had a stomach flu and thankfully they had a basket by the side of the bed 🙂 To our big surprise we also learned that my sister had it too when she looked on the mess so who was there to clean it all up, bathe the little girl and take care of them all 🙂 I don’t know how but I managed to stay away from that flu until they all got better, then it was my turn 🙂

    I got a bit nostalic in my blog today and even posted some music 🙂

    Have a great day!


    • katry Says:

      We probably got maybe 7 inches but it was fluffy which made it easier to shovel.

      I’m sorry for all the bad thoughts I had for poor Mohammed.

      I’m laughing about the baby and the bedspread which would be a great title for a cartoon. I’d be out of that room in a flash. You were fine nicer than I would have been. I’d be gagging. You were the best uncle as opposed to me. Over Christmas I have 15 people the virus which included all of the symptoms you mentioned.

      Enjoy your day!!

  2. sprite Says:

    Normally I eschew award shows (except for the Tonys, because I love the performances), but this year’s Grammys include a performance from Hamilton, and I must see that. If they’re smart, they’ll make me wait all night for it, because I’m probably switching the channel as soon as their song is done.

  3. Rick Oztown Says:

    Today and the next few in AUS are: 72, 81, 82, 81, 79, 73, 77, 81, 81, 81. You can see that we have NO SNOW in our short-term forecast. As a matter of fact, our local weather prognosticator has declaimed that we have now officially passed our nadir of temperature extremes for the season. I have a moment or three to give thanks for such. As you might know, I have the long-term attitude of my adage, “It takes less energy to sweat than to shiver.”

    • katry Says:

      I always think it is more difficult to get cool. In summer the heat is unavoidable (except for my AC) but in winter I can layer my clothes or get cozy under a quilt to get warm.

      I like the low to mid 70’s. The 80’s are a bit too warm.

      When I was in Ghana, 100˚ was common during the dry season. I survived without even a fan.

  4. flyboybob Says:

    Glad that your email is now working and that Mohamed was telling the truth. The truth is a rarity among call center employees. If you call back with the same problem what are the odds you would get Mohamed again on the phone.

    I really don’t watch award shows but my spouse enjoys watching them. Ordinary people like you and everyone on this forum only get their reward from their family and friends.

    The Oscars, Tonys, Grammies and Emmys are designed to reward people in the entertainment industry for their good work by their peers. These shows were never intended to be broadcast to the public. However, the broadcast industry can’t pass up an opportunity to sell advertising if they think there is an audience. I saw the movie “The Martian” and can’t figure out why it is considered by the Academy to be a comedy. I also saw “Bridge of Spies” with Tom Hanks and I think it should be awarded every Oscar in the categories that it is nominated. But I only get to vote with my wallet. 🙂

    Today was clear and warm again with a high in the low 60s. I’m hoping that by Spring we don’t have a rash of the violent thunderstorms that breed killer tornadoes.

    • katry Says:

      I was being driven crazy as I am usually good at figuring out to fix a glitch. I didn’t believe Mohammed. Next time I’ll be less of a skeptic.

      I would never call The Martian a comedy though he did have a few funny lines. Spotlight was superb, but I had followed everything as it was happening here. The Boston Globe was amazing in digging out the story. One of my classmates was mentioned in the transcripts as being one of the first whistle blowers. Father Shanley, one of the worst of them all, had been a priest in my parish right out of the seminary. I wanted to see Bridge of Spies but didn’t get a chance.

      Today was cold but above freezing so the roads were clear of snow. I just stayed home all day.

      • Bob Says:

        I want to see ‘Spotlight’ but it’s difficult for me to watch a true story where a religious institution allowed sexual abusers among their clergy to move around from one parish to another for the good of the institution. The hierarchy of the church covered up their crimes and obstructed justice. IMHO the Catholic Church should end priestly celibacy and allow their priests to marry and have a normal heterosexual outlet.

        Good luck with your oral surgery.

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