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“Without ice cream, there would be darkness and chaos.”

September 14, 2017

The humidity is making the day sticky and uncomfortable. Last night was the same. I ended up cooling the house by turning on the AC. Both Gracie and I slept comfortably.

Today is sometimes cloudy and sometimes sunny. Rain is a possibility, a holdover from Irma. I don’t mind as it hasn’t rained in a while.

Yesterday I filled all the bird feeders and washed off the deck and the deck furniture with the hose nozzle on jet. It was a power wash of sorts. The birds had left calling cards.

Today I have errands. The lens fell out of my glasses so I need to get them fixed. The old pair I’m using sits at an angle on my ears so I have to keep tilting my head when I read. It’s a bit disconcerting. I also need a few grocery items with toilet paper topping the list.

My house is still dusty, and I still don’t care.

Gracie is just fine. She scared the heck out of me last night when she barked at me. She had been standing beside me and staring for a while so I had blocked her out. The bark made me jump. It was an I’m hungry bark even though she had already eaten dinner and her after dinner treats. I tried to ignore her but it didn’t work. I got the paw, twice. I fed her another small can, and she was fine. I bow to her whims and wants.

I like ice cream. My favorite changes with my moods. Coconut was a favorite last summer. Couple it with hot fudge or caramel, both salted or unsalted, and it’s food bliss. Lately I’ve bought mint chocolate chip gelato. It needs no enhancements. Vanilla by itself is boring to me. It begs for toppings like hot fudge or peanut butter cups and maybe some jimmies (sprinkles to those of you not in New England). I like a sugar cone. It adds to the ice cream, but a sugar cone often ends up with a hole in the bottom. That means licking the ice cream from the top and the bottom. It’s a talent to keep the drips away. I’m very talented.

“No day is so bad it can’t be fixed with a nap.”

June 18, 2012

Okay, today is like yesterday which is like the day before. It is cloudy and cool. Gracie woke me up at eight which to me was the middle of the night as I didn’t go to bed until after two. She was barking loud enough to wake the neighbors so I went downstairs where she was standing by the front door. I opened it, but nothing was there. I let her out back into the yard, and there was a dog outside the fence who started barking at Gracie who then tried to jump the six foot fence to get at the interloper. Gracie was as fierce as I’d ever heard her, and she managed to get her front paws on the top of the fence but, luckily, never made it over. When she came on the deck to get a better look, I grabbed her and brought her inside. The dog took off through the yard behind mine. I kept Gracie in the house, drank my morning coffee and read the papers. When I finished, I started my morning chores. I went upstairs and changed the cat litter then was going to change the bed before my shower, but I decided the bed looked inviting, and I was tired so I went back to sleep for another two hours.  I just woke up.

I like naps. Even when I was in college, I took naps so age is not a factor. My father was a napper so I am from a line of nappers. My favorites are winter naps in the cold darkness of the late afternoon while I’m snuggled under the down comforter with the animals beside me keeping me even warmer. Rainy day naps are a close second, and I love to fall asleep to the rhythmic sounds of drops falling on the  overhang below the roof right outside my window. My friend Jay calls it his nippy nap. I always liked that. His wife is not a napper, but she understands naps. My sisters, who are also not nappers, don’t understand the lure of the nap. My mother never did either, but my father did.

I have no agenda for the day other than finish those chores and do a laundry then I’m going to read for the rest of the afternoon. I think it sounds like a wonderful day!

“The pack slumbered and only a few watchdogs rattled their chains.”

February 27, 2012

Winter has left the building. We’re back to 43° today, but a bit of a cold breeze reminds me I live near the ocean. I love that breeze all summer, but I dread it this time of year.

The deck is my favorite summer spot, but I wish I had a porch which would be lovely and warm today. Both Gracie and I could nap there.

Last night I watched from the red carpet to the end of the Academy Awards. My friend Clare and I rated all the dresses and wondered what some women were thinking when they donned some really ugly dresses. It’s a good thing I don’t work greeting people on the red carpet as I suspect, “Why did you pick that really ugly dress?” would not be a welcomed question. How about, “Do you know that dress is a bit dowdy?” Nope, I’d lose my job quickly. I don’t gush.

Last night 4 cars on my street were vandalized, one worse than the others. They used some sort of cream, like hand cream, to cover my neighbor’s car then left some cream on a couple of others as well as mine but in only a few spots. We figured they were running our after covering my neighbor’s vehicle. All that happened between 5:30 and 11:30. All of us have dogs, but none of them barked though I told everyone Gracie did, but I have no idea if she really did as I wasn’t home to hear her. We laughed and commented that my friends’ dog barks at air but not vandals. We wondered if  Cody, who lives in the house with the car most covered, barked and was told to go back to sleep. Another neighbor has sensor lights which are quite sensitive, but none of us saw them lit. We were too busy watching TV, and my neighbor’s TV is in the back of their house so they couldn’t see the lights come on in the front. I figured those lights lit up the area to give the vandals a better view.

Maybe we all need signs on our lawns which say: Be Quiet! Dogs sleeping! My neighbors can add one which says: Walk a bit. The lights will come on should you need them.

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