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“Every flower blooms at its own pace.”

August 21, 2016

Oh, what a beautiful morning. Oh, what a beautiful day! It is cool and sunny with that clear light of morning. Last night I didn’t even need air conditioning. Tonight we’re getting rain, but not just rain; we’re getting a thunderstorm. I don’t even remember the last time it rained.

I have noticed the darkness creeping in earlier now. We are losing two and a half minutes of light every day. According to the weatherman,  a couple of nights this week will be in the high 50’s, a warning that cool nights and crisp mornings are getting closer. They are harbingers of fall.  I love when it when late flowers color the front garden. The white clematis are starting to appear on the sides and tops of the front fence. Black-eyed Susans are still in bloom. A white flower whose name I’ve forgotten is budding in the garden next to the house. Soon it will bloom. That unnamed flower has spread across one whole side of the garden. When it blooms, it looks so lovely with the green house as a backdrop.

Tonight we are having our first movie. I have chosen Dick, but it is on order from Amazon prime, and they are saying by eight tonight. I’m hoping for sooner or we may have to choose another movie. The main dish for this evening is hot dogs. I have a hot dog machine which rolls the dogs over and over and also warms the rolls. It needs no tending. I’m going to pick up an appetizer or two, popcorn and some movie candy. We have birthday cake for dessert. I’m hoping my friends find Dick as amusing as I do.

I have two errands to do which makes this the third day in a row I have joined the outside world. Goodbye to comfy clothes.


My favorite time of day is to get up and eat leftovers from dinner, especially spicy food.

July 24, 2016

Last night, the first movie night of the season, got started with appetizers and dinner but then lightning brightened the sky, and it started to rain. We hustled inside with the movie equipment, chair pillows and the food. Even though it didn’t rain for too long the lightning hung around so we were glad to be inside the house. We sat at the dining room table, munched movie candy, and chatted. It was a wonderful evening despite no movie.

I was late in getting up this morning. All the hauling of movie equipment from the cellar and the preparations for dinner caused horrible back pain. I could barely move when I went to bed, but, luckily, right now, there is barely any pain. As I have no plans for today my back should be fine.

Right now it is sunny, 80˚, with 54% humidity. That is far better than it has been; however, I’m staying inside cooled by the AC.

Summer invites laziness, and I am happily lazy. Some days I sit on the deck and read. I don’t even bother to get dressed. I talk to a few people on the phone, and that is the extent of my human contact. I eat random foods instead of a real meal and eat when I’m hungry. Some days it’s cheese and crackers. One day it was caramel popcorn for lunch. I cooked Chinese sausages the other day and ate them for three meals in a row. I don’t get bored with leftovers. I aways think many foods taste better the next day.

The TV is on, and I’m being entertained by a movie called Dinoshark. I figure I don’t need to explain the plot as the title is enough to give it away. It is a low budget film so the effects are cheesy. The dinoshark looks a bit rubbery. Why am I watching? I can’t resist a B movie. Besides, I’m getting ready for next Sunday’s Sharknado 4.

“The sky grew darker, painted blue on blue, one stroke at a time, into deeper and deeper shades of night.”

July 27, 2014

Yesterday was both a wonderful day and a strange one. The strange part was in the late afternoon. I’d bring the stuff outside I needed for dinner then it would start raining, and I’d pick everything up, including the heavy wooden ironing board, and bring it back inside. The rain, more of a sprinkle, would stop and I’d carry all my stuff back outside then the rain would start again, and I’d haul everything back inside. The third time the rain came I just put everything under the umbrella, made a drink and sat listening to the rain fall on the umbrella, one of the best summer sounds. My shirt and I were soaked from the humidity and I was already tired, but the sound of the rain was calming as were a few sips of my drink. When the rain finally stopped, I got everything ready. The corn was shucked, the meat ready for the grill, the appetizer finished and the serving pieces set out on the ironing board. I was exhausted. My friends came and we sat a bit enjoying the appetizers. We did ourselves proud: muhammara, flatbread pizza and pot stickers. Not much later I had to start dinner, but the pork was slow roasting so I had time to sit. Dinner was pork tenderloin, salad and fresh corn from the farmers’ market. By then the rain was gone and we could see blue skies and a bit of sun. It would be movie night after all.

Everyone loved Westworld. For an old movie, it has held up fairly well. The audience even applauded at the end. I had cleaned up between dinner and the movie so there wasn’t a whole lot left to do. Clay, aka AV boy, brought in all the equipment and Tony brought in the ironing board. I said goodnight to my guests, finished the last of the cleaning and sat. I was so tired I slept until 10:30 this morning.

I loved last night being with friends, having a great dinner and watching a movie. It was such fun. We got to loll outside on a pretty night with a canopy of stars, eat malted milk balls and nonpareils and talk if we wanted, no hushers on the deck. There was a breeze, but it was a warm night, no sweatshirt needed. I thought it a perfect summer evening.

Today is a do nothing day as I am exhausted, and my back is loudly complaining. It is supposed to rain, and I think it will. The day has darkened and the wind, from the north, seems to portent a coming storm. I think I’ll like today.