My favorite time of day is to get up and eat leftovers from dinner, especially spicy food.

Last night, the first movie night of the season, got started with appetizers and dinner but then lightning brightened the sky, and it started to rain. We hustled inside with the movie equipment, chair pillows and the food. Even though it didn’t rain for too long the lightning hung around so we were glad to be inside the house. We sat at the dining room table, munched movie candy, and chatted. It was a wonderful evening despite no movie.

I was late in getting up this morning. All the hauling of movie equipment from the cellar and the preparations for dinner caused horrible back pain. I could barely move when I went to bed, but, luckily, right now, there is barely any pain. As I have no plans for today my back should be fine.

Right now it is sunny, 80˚, with 54% humidity. That is far better than it has been; however, I’m staying inside cooled by the AC.

Summer invites laziness, and I am happily lazy. Some days I sit on the deck and read. I don’t even bother to get dressed. I talk to a few people on the phone, and that is the extent of my human contact. I eat random foods instead of a real meal and eat when I’m hungry. Some days it’s cheese and crackers. One day it was caramel popcorn for lunch. I cooked Chinese sausages the other day and ate them for three meals in a row. I don’t get bored with leftovers. I aways think many foods taste better the next day.

The TV is on, and I’m being entertained by a movie called Dinoshark. I figure I don’t need to explain the plot as the title is enough to give it away. It is a low budget film so the effects are cheesy. The dinoshark looks a bit rubbery. Why am I watching? I can’t resist a B movie. Besides, I’m getting ready for next Sunday’s Sharknado 4.

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4 Comments on “My favorite time of day is to get up and eat leftovers from dinner, especially spicy food.”

  1. flyboybob Says:

    Sounds like movie night went well despite the rain. You guys not only have had higher than normal temperatures but your humidity is also high. We are looking for a little rain tomorrow and Tuesday.

    Tomorrow I have to report for Jury Duty. Since I’ve moved into Dallas County I can take the DART train downtown instead of having to drive to McKinney which was the county seat where we used to live. I’m always amazed that they are allowed to ask you questions on the jury form about your religion and your race. Our former DA Henry Wade, who served for over 25 years, was famous for excluding blacks, Jews and anyone he suspected of being a liberal from criminal juries. He was the Wade in the famous case legalizing abortion, Roe v. Wade. In those days if you were black and were arrested Wade juries always presumed the defendant guilty unless he could prove his innocence. He had a very high convection rate. Luckily, the innocence Project has exonerated a large number of inmates that were wrongfully convicted during the Wade years.

    It’s only 90 degrees at two in the afternoon so I don’t think we will hit 100 degrees. There is not a cloud in the sky.

    • katry Says:

      We’ll try another movie night this Saturday. I hope it actually goes through.

      It was four or so years ago that I had jury duty. They kept us until after lunch then let us go. I don’t remember what the forms were that we had to sign. That was my third call to jury duty, but I haven’t ever served. I’m glad going and being dismissed counts as duty.

      It was in the mod 80’s today. Rain is coming, but I don’t remember if it is tomorrow or Wednesday.

  2. Birgit Says:

    Too bad that you couldn’t see the movie.
    Quite hot and humid here so live folk music for free in a municipal park was a nice way to spend this Sunday evening. German folk blues and cajun/zydeco, nothing special but fun. Still 75°F when we came home just before midnight.
    The Zydeco music reminded me of a movie I saw years ago and liked a lot.
    Schultze Gets the Blues – Trailer:

    • katry Says:

      We knew trouble was coming as the wind knocked the screen over while we were eating. We finished eating and I had the films so we could choose the movie. They all came back inside.

      It is a more comfortable evening without the humidity, but it is really hot still. I’m wonderfully comfortable inside with the air.

      I am a Zydeco fan so I love this trailer. Schultz plays a mean accordion.

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