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“The sky grew darker, painted blue on blue, one stroke at a time, into deeper and deeper shades of night.”

July 27, 2014

Yesterday was both a wonderful day and a strange one. The strange part was in the late afternoon. I’d bring the stuff outside I needed for dinner then it would start raining, and I’d pick everything up, including the heavy wooden ironing board, and bring it back inside. The rain, more of a sprinkle, would stop and I’d carry all my stuff back outside then the rain would start again, and I’d haul everything back inside. The third time the rain came I just put everything under the umbrella, made a drink and sat listening to the rain fall on the umbrella, one of the best summer sounds. My shirt and I were soaked from the humidity and I was already tired, but the sound of the rain was calming as were a few sips of my drink. When the rain finally stopped, I got everything ready. The corn was shucked, the meat ready for the grill, the appetizer finished and the serving pieces set out on the ironing board. I was exhausted. My friends came and we sat a bit enjoying the appetizers. We did ourselves proud: muhammara, flatbread pizza and pot stickers. Not much later I had to start dinner, but the pork was slow roasting so I had time to sit. Dinner was pork tenderloin, salad and fresh corn from the farmers’ market. By then the rain was gone and we could see blue skies and a bit of sun. It would be movie night after all.

Everyone loved Westworld. For an old movie, it has held up fairly well. The audience even applauded at the end. I had cleaned up between dinner and the movie so there wasn’t a whole lot left to do. Clay, aka AV boy, brought in all the equipment and Tony brought in the ironing board. I said goodnight to my guests, finished the last of the cleaning and sat. I was so tired I slept until 10:30 this morning.

I loved last night being with friends, having a great dinner and watching a movie. It was such fun. We got to loll outside on a pretty night with a canopy of stars, eat malted milk balls and nonpareils and talk if we wanted, no hushers on the deck. There was a breeze, but it was a warm night, no sweatshirt needed. I thought it a perfect summer evening.

Today is a do nothing day as I am exhausted, and my back is loudly complaining. It is supposed to rain, and I think it will. The day has darkened and the wind, from the north, seems to portent a coming storm. I think I’ll like today.