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“Each day has a color, a smell.”

June 10, 2018

The clouds are back, but the rain won’t be. This will stay a dry weekend. My deck is just about ready for summer. A couple of pots still need flowers, the spawn of Satan ate the lights on the deck rails so I need a new set, and I have arranged for the deck and wooden furniture to be power washed. I have already chosen the first movie for the opening of this summer’s deck movie night. Get ready to roll out the red carpet!

I stood on the deck for a while last night. Henry was roaming the yard. I could hear him walking on the bed of dead leaves. The air smelled sweet. It was flowers and fresh mown grass. The night was warm. I could hear bird songs. I saw one firefly.

When I was a kid, the field below our house was filled with brown grasshoppers during the day. During the night, it glowed with hundreds of fireflies, maybe even thousands. That’s what it looked like to me.

When I landed in Marrakech, the air smelled of spices. I could see the orange-red wall around the city and some of its ornate gates. Horse drawn carriages, called calèches I found out later, were sharing the roads with cars. It was the most remarkable introduction to Morocco.

When I first stepped out of the plane in Ghana, I was hit with tremendous heat and such sunlight I had to squint. The air was thick with humidity. I could smell the greenery, the ferns, the high grasses and the trees. Now, so many years later, very time I go back, I can barely wait for that plane door to open so I can smell and feel Ghana again.

On some damp mornings, I can smell the ocean. It isn’t close, but the air carries that smell all the way to my house. I am always loathe to go inside. I want to stay until the ocean smell disappears.

I can smell the rain coming. I can feel the change in the air. I can smell those first drops hitting the ground. They smell of the dirt, an earthy smell.

Smell triggers memories more than any other sense. Turkeys cooking at Thanksgiving, the tree at Christmas and wood charcoal burning are reminders of family celebrations, places visited and a life so far filled with sights, sounds and, best of all, smells.

A Luddite?

July 9, 2017

Okay, now it seems my iPad hates me. It took the longest time for this site to load. I am considering becoming a Luddite.

Last night we laughed our way through The Black Scorpion and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. The worst part of the scorpion was how much it drooled. The movie took place in Mexico, but luckily everyone spoke English. The film was made in 1957 and had every cheesy special effect. The black scorpion was mighty ugly with beady eyes and a couple of rows of teeth. The jeep moved but the background never did.

Dinner last night was perfect for a movie on the deck. The onions were sweet, the sausage delicious. The salad had all sorts of wonderful tastes: Parmesan crisis, candied walnuts, cherry tomatoes, dried cranberries and a lemon honey vinaigrette. Dessert was movie candy.

The night was lovely with a cooling breeze. The trees are so full that my neighbors’ houses disappear. No one else was out. We had the whole evening to ourselves.

I found a place to bring my laptop. It is open today and takes walk ins. I will finish here and hit the road and hope to have all of Coffee back for later today. I miss my music and the photos.

Until then!!

“What a strange power there is in clothing.”

September 26, 2014

The rain fell for most of the night, but it wasn’t nearly enough to wash away the drought. The sky is still cloudy and the day is dark though the sun is supposed to make an entrance later, hang around for a while and give tomorrow some summer warmth. I’m thinking it may be warm enough for the last movie on the deck night.

When I was a kid, I was not a girly girl. My sisters were. They played with dolls, wore dresses with pouffy slips underneath and loved hats and patent leather shoes. I didn’t. I wore skirts and blouses when I was forced to get dressed-up and had to wear them to school and church. Slacks and sometimes sweaters were my weekends and after school ensembles. I went through the wearing the cardigan backwards fashion craze. I suppose that made me a bit stylish or at least current. I remember stretch slacks with the loops on the bottoms for your feet. They were popular for a while, and I got a pair for Christmas one year. I also got a pink fuzzy sweater the same year. They too were popular. I loved that outfit and wore it until the fuzz disappeared.

I don’t get dressed up much any more. I wear nice pants and blouses or shirts when I go out. If it is somewhere special, I pull out one of my three dresses. Because my entire professional career was spent in dresses or skirts, I figure I’m entitled to wear what I want. I do make sure everything complements each other so I’m never messy or odd, just comfortable.

I think there is magic age where you can mix and match whatever you want. That black and white striped shirt is just fine with the yellow plaid capri pants, the blue ankle socks and the white sneakers with velcro. You just have to be old enough to pull it off.

“The sky grew darker, painted blue on blue, one stroke at a time, into deeper and deeper shades of night.”

July 27, 2014

Yesterday was both a wonderful day and a strange one. The strange part was in the late afternoon. I’d bring the stuff outside I needed for dinner then it would start raining, and I’d pick everything up, including the heavy wooden ironing board, and bring it back inside. The rain, more of a sprinkle, would stop and I’d carry all my stuff back outside then the rain would start again, and I’d haul everything back inside. The third time the rain came I just put everything under the umbrella, made a drink and sat listening to the rain fall on the umbrella, one of the best summer sounds. My shirt and I were soaked from the humidity and I was already tired, but the sound of the rain was calming as were a few sips of my drink. When the rain finally stopped, I got everything ready. The corn was shucked, the meat ready for the grill, the appetizer finished and the serving pieces set out on the ironing board. I was exhausted. My friends came and we sat a bit enjoying the appetizers. We did ourselves proud: muhammara, flatbread pizza and pot stickers. Not much later I had to start dinner, but the pork was slow roasting so I had time to sit. Dinner was pork tenderloin, salad and fresh corn from the farmers’ market. By then the rain was gone and we could see blue skies and a bit of sun. It would be movie night after all.

Everyone loved Westworld. For an old movie, it has held up fairly well. The audience even applauded at the end. I had cleaned up between dinner and the movie so there wasn’t a whole lot left to do. Clay, aka AV boy, brought in all the equipment and Tony brought in the ironing board. I said goodnight to my guests, finished the last of the cleaning and sat. I was so tired I slept until 10:30 this morning.

I loved last night being with friends, having a great dinner and watching a movie. It was such fun. We got to loll outside on a pretty night with a canopy of stars, eat malted milk balls and nonpareils and talk if we wanted, no hushers on the deck. There was a breeze, but it was a warm night, no sweatshirt needed. I thought it a perfect summer evening.

Today is a do nothing day as I am exhausted, and my back is loudly complaining. It is supposed to rain, and I think it will. The day has darkened and the wind, from the north, seems to portent a coming storm. I think I’ll like today.