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“The only sure thing about luck is that it will change.”

April 14, 2016

Given the lateness of the hour, you’d think I dawdled the morning away. That is not even close to what happened. The last few days I have been in a funk, a malaise if you will, as my back has been especially bad, especially painful. Yesterday Gracie and I went to the dump. A couple of the bags were so heavy I had to drag them, but they had to go. They had developed dump smell. When I had finished tossing the bags into the big bins, I could barely get back to the car for the pain. I sat down for a while, patted Gracie and bemoaned my fate. After that we had two more errands. When I got home, my back was so bad I took up residence on the couch and stayed there all the rest of the day. I caught up with my DVR’d programs, read through the mountain of catalogues and took a nap. This morning I was so much better, and the best part is the grayness has gone.

I had that weird bout of energy I get, one of those walk around the house and dust with my sweatshirt mornings. I washed all the dog’s dishes and her placemat. I swept the kitchen floor and then changed all the newspapers at Fern’s alternative cat box by the front door. I even made my bed. I feel accomplished.

Today I have to go to the vet’s to pick up Fern and Maddie’s medicine. Maddie’s medicine is for thyroid and Fern’s medicine is for kidneys which, given her age, aren’t functioning as well as they should. The vet figures that’s why Fern has chosen not to use the litter boxes. Fern would have had to take a couple of pills a day. I would have needed to hire a crew to help. When I told the vet how feisty Fern is, she said I could get it in a rub but it was more money, as if I cared. The rub goes on her ear. That’s my only part. The rest is up to Fern.

Today is beautiful, a bit chillier than yesterday but all in all it’s a lovely day. With the change in seasons I have noticed an adjective change. In winter I would have said today is colder than yesterday. Now, in spring, it is chillier.

I guess all in all I’m feeling lucky. After everything it sounds strange I’m sure, but today my back doesn’t hurt for the first time in nearly a week. The Red Sox finally beat the Orioles. My house is clean enough for company should someone drop by to visit. The vet bill this month caused tremors, my hands shook signing my name, but we finally know what’s going on, and Fern will get better.

Things are looking up in my world.

“We’re everywhere, out there, among you”

August 30, 2014

During the night I was so cold I got up and put on socks. By getting out of bed I disrupted Fern and Gracie who were huddled beside me. It seems we were all cold. An afghan solved my problem and I quickly got cozy and warm. Fern and Gracie each took a side, leaned against me, got comfortable and went back to sleep. That is the last thing I remember.

Today is one of those blank slate days when my memory drawer is closed tightly and can’t be opened. This second paragraph has had several lives, and each was erased when the trail led nowhere. I’m sort of stuck. I filled the bird feeders hoping a change of scenery would bring memories and random thoughts tumbling out of my head. It didn’t. I came back inside, sat here for a while then went upstairs and made my bed. Aside from my bedroom looking neater, nothing was accomplished, nothing came to mind. I then changed the litter boxes not really expecting any sort of memory flood but the boxes needed to be changed. I figured why not. I was upstairs anyway. I came back downstairs and am now in the same spot I have been most of the morning. I’m thinking next I’ll put the litter in the trunk for Monday’s dump run. Maybe the front yard will be a source for inspiration. If not, at least I did a lot of chores.

I caught the litter bag on the screen door and tore open a small hole. I didn’t know until I got to the car and saw a pile of litter beginning to form. Looking behind me I saw a trail of litter Hansel and Gretel would have had no trouble following. Luckily I use pine litter, not clay, so I don’t have to do any sweeping. It will become mulch. That was one exciting trip to the trunk.

I was always a kid with a great imagination who believed in fairies and gnomes and elves. Witches scared me. I think the witch in Snow White was the reason. She was diabolical. For a long time I thought any woman with a wart on her face was a witch. When we saw the movie we were really young, and my mother said my brother hid under the seat whenever the witch was on the screen. I watched. He wasn’t a brave kid. Even Santa scared him.

When we moved to South Yarmouth, the woman who lived next door had a few warts on her face. I had never forgotten about witches thanks to the one with the apple and the wart on her nose; however, I had long ago realized they weren’t real, but after meeting the neighbor and getting to know her, I had to reconsider.

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