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“I feel the end approaching. Quick, bring me my dessert, coffee and liqueur.”

November 10, 2016

Yesterday I actually went through all the Christmas gifts I’ve bought and made a list. I haven’t yet checked it twice, but I do have an idea what I need. It was quite a surprise to find out I have finished six people. The stuff I bought in Ghana put me over the top, but I still have to get the guys and the little ones small surprises. Everyone gets a small bag of surprises and a big gift from me. Finding surprises for the guys is never easy. I’m thinking I need to peruse the aisles at the hardware store.

The weather is chilly today. The breeze is enough to drop more leaves and needles. I figure they are like the myth of Sisyphus broadly interpreted.

The fall days seem to meld together. When I wake up, my first thought sometimes is wondering what day it is. Usually I try remembering the yesterdays which gives me the hints I need. The date is on my computer or I’d never figure that out. Before I retired, days had an identity. Now they are just lumped together. I can do what I want when I want. No more worrying about school nights or waking up at ungodly hours.

I’m going out to dinner tonight to Karoo’s, a South African restaurant. The meats, the spices and the sauces are quite different from Ghanaian food. My favorites are the curried meat loaf served with rice and chutney and peri peri chicken served in a sauce of tomato, chilies, onions and ginger. A pomegranate cosmopolitan is usually the best start to the meal. I think no dessert but then can’t resist ordering Melkert, a custard tart, which is so light it makes ordering dessert defensible as if it ever needed a defense.

“But I’m really enjoying my retirement. I get to sleep in every day. I do crossword puzzles and eat cake.”

November 9, 2012

The weatherman said sun today, and he was mostly right. The sun has appeared every now and then with a cloudy blue sky as its backdrop. The wind and rain stayed around most of yesterday into last night, but I still went and filled the deck bird feeders out of a sense of guilt. I got wet. Warm weather is coming this weekend.

When I was a little kid, I never thought much about the week or even the day ahead. The only time I counted days was before Christmas. Life was in the present. Seldom did we ever make plans for the weekend or even the next day. It wasn’t until I was older, in high school, that the weekends took on importance. We made plans. Sometimes we went bowling or to a movie or even just hung around together. If the school had a Friday dance, we went. It was always, as most of them were, in the gym. Life was seldom complicated.

It seems all my life weekends have been the best part of the week. I got to sleep late, no alarm jarred me out of bed. Sometimes I had plans, especially when I was younger and still working. Friday nights we’d hit happy hour. Those were the days of free food with your drinks. Saturday I did my chores and went shopping, sometimes just for groceries or other times because I wanted to shop at fun stores and antique shops. It was my day, and I could do whatever I wanted. Sunday was change bed, do laundry, go to the dump, correct papers and prepare classes day. It was a warm-up for Monday.

When I was in Ghana, every day was a neat day, even the weekdays. I was always up early, never even needed an alarm. My world was always interesting. I’d sit on my porch before teaching and watch women carrying baskets on their heads as they walked to market and see small children going to school and stopping to say hello as they walked by my house. I’d watch lizards darting around and see chickens and goats wandering the school compound. Teaching too was a bit of an adventure. It was figuring out the best approach so my students could understand the intricacies of English grammar. Though I didn’t teach weekends, I lived on school grounds so I was always involved with school and my students often visited. I never minded the blurring of weekends and weekdays.

Since I’ve retired, I tell people every day is a Saturday. I can do whatever I want. Today I’m going to see a movie. Today I’m also going to the dump as I didn’t brave the elements yesterday. Weekends have lost their importance. Now Saturdays and Sundays are just days in the week like any other days. I’m happy.


“Adults are just obsolete children and the hell with them.”

May 11, 2012

Today is a pretty day. Out my window here by the desk, I can see the sun shining on the leaves of the giant oak tree, and the leaves shimmer each time even the slightest breeze moves them. Fern is sprawled on the rug in the sun where it streams through the front door. Grace is sitting on the deck watching the yard. Maddie is on the dining room table-her usual perch.

I have very little ambition. I do have one errand, but it will wait until later in the day. Gracie can come with me for the ride, and that will make her afternoon.

My favorite part of being a kid was having little or no responsibility. I had to go to school, and I had to do well but that last part was my compulsion, not my parents’ demand. They were casual about report cards. We kids were never planners. We’d decided in the moment what we wanted to do. List making was a long way in the future, except for those Christmas lists for Santa. I remember we’d say, “When I grow up,” not really understanding exactly what that meant. I just saw being grown-up as an ideal time when I could do whatever I wanted whenever I wanted.

What a shock I got when I did grow up. A job? I have to have a job? Car payments too? Rent, food, clothes-is there no end to the responsibilities of being a grown-up? Where’s the fun? Where’s doing what I want?

I did get to travel, but that grew out of my childhood dreams. Adulthood just gave me the means. Friday, the end of the work week, took Saturday’s place as my favorite day of the week. No more Saturday matinees: it was now chore day. Sunday was dump day and plan my lessons day. If I went out, it was usually Saturday night or maybe an occasional Friday happy hour, both literally and figuratively. I just compressed my adulthood into a single paragraph.

Now I am back to doing what I want when I want. Sometimes that means I want to do nothing. I’m figuring today is one of those days. I’m going to join Fern, Maddie and Gracie and just while away the day. I have a few books I’ve yet to read.

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