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“I feel the end approaching. Quick, bring me my dessert, coffee and liqueur.”

November 10, 2016

Yesterday I actually went through all the Christmas gifts I’ve bought and made a list. I haven’t yet checked it twice, but I do have an idea what I need. It was quite a surprise to find out I have finished six people. The stuff I bought in Ghana put me over the top, but I still have to get the guys and the little ones small surprises. Everyone gets a small bag of surprises and a big gift from me. Finding surprises for the guys is never easy. I’m thinking I need to peruse the aisles at the hardware store.

The weather is chilly today. The breeze is enough to drop more leaves and needles. I figure they are like the myth of Sisyphus broadly interpreted.

The fall days seem to meld together. When I wake up, my first thought sometimes is wondering what day it is. Usually I try remembering the yesterdays which gives me the hints I need. The date is on my computer or I’d never figure that out. Before I retired, days had an identity. Now they are just lumped together. I can do what I want when I want. No more worrying about school nights or waking up at ungodly hours.

I’m going out to dinner tonight to Karoo’s, a South African restaurant. The meats, the spices and the sauces are quite different from Ghanaian food. My favorites are the curried meat loaf served with rice and chutney and peri peri chicken served in a sauce of tomato, chilies, onions and ginger. A pomegranate cosmopolitan is usually the best start to the meal. I think no dessert but then can’t resist ordering Melkert, a custard tart, which is so light it makes ordering dessert defensible as if it ever needed a defense.

“Even in the familiar there can be surprise and wonder.”

November 8, 2013

Late, late start to Coffee this morning as I went out to breakfast down Cape then had one more errand to do. The breakfast is a once a month get-together of women with whom I’ve worked who are now retired. Sometimes we are many. Today we were few. It doesn’t really matter the number. It is still the chatting, not the eating, which is the best part.

I went home on the Mid-Cape Highway, Route 6, an anachronism of one lane in each direction. A slow car always has a line stretching behind it because that part of the road is a no passing zone. The two lanes are separated by permanent cones down the middle of the road. Being impatient doesn’t help. I just go with the flow. Today as I drove I noticed the scrub oak trees along the roadside were either covered in faded red leaves or dead, brown ones. Soon enough the trees will be bare.

The day is sunny. I noticed in the backyard the sunlight is slanted through the trees in an odd direction as the Earth makes its autumn move. Darkness comes so very early now. The house was cold when I woke up, and I just wanted to nestle under the comforter for a bit longer. Gracie didn’t mind so she stayed cozy beside me. Fern, on the other side, was just as cozy. All of us are into creature comforts.

When I fill out a form on-line, I often have to include my date of birth. The month and date are quickly found, but I have to scroll way down the list to find the year. That always surprises me even though it shouldn’t.

I buy shoes on-line, and they have always fit, but I do miss that big metal sizer they used in shoe stores. When I was a kid, I had to stand up while the shoe-man measured the size and width of my feet. They were always longer than the last time. That never surprised my mother. Sometimes we outgrew the shoes before they wore out.

I was not a fan of many vegetables when I was young. I loved peas and corn and potatoes. Mostly we ate canned vegetables back then except for corn in the summer. As I got older, my list of vegetables expanded, and I ate them fresh. I always believed they were the healthiest. Come to find out they may not be based on the distance from field to grocery store. Farm stands probably have the best fresh vegetables, but grocery stores don’t. Frozen and even canned vegetables may have more nutrients than fresh. That surprises me.

I like surprises, even in vegetables.

“Our brightest blazes of gladness are commonly kindled by unexpected sparks.”

April 5, 2013

The day is gray and rainy. Good thing I have no errands so I can just hang around and do house stuff. Yesterday I had three errands including my eye exam, the last of the yearly doctors’ visits. Unless I break or tear something open, I don’t have to see another doctor until next year. I do need a cat scan on my back which has been really bad for the last couple of weeks. I’m still a pretzel when I walk. I had to turn down working the marathon this year. I knew it would be too much. The cat scan is next week.

I don’t know what has happened to spontaneity. When I was a kid, it ruled our lives. We had school all week and church on Sunday, but the rest of the time was there for us to do whatever we wanted, most times on the spurn of the moment. Mention doing something now and people pull out calendars, and it seems to take forever to find a mutually free day. I remember the doorbell ringing around 2 one morning. It was my friend and her husband. His first homegrown tomatoes were ripe, and they were inviting me right then and there for BLT’s. I ran upstairs and got dressed. Another time I heard honking, and I went outside to find out what was going on. A couple of my friends were there who said, “Let’s go!” I grabbed my bag and went. I didn’t even ask where. Part of the fun was not knowing.

My friends and I have these wonderful theme parties, but they have to be planned. What is Cowboy Day without the right ten gallon hat and chuck wagon food? No skulls to decorate for Day of the Dead? What are you thinking? Chinese New Year means chop sticks and the right decorations. You can’t use a tiger during the year of the pig. I love all our parties, but just once I’d like to knock on doors, wake up my friends and invite them to a surprise, but I don’t dare. I expect they’d be a bit unnerved at the door bell ringing and maybe even upset, annoyed or angry at the intrusion and at being woken up. Twenty years ago I wouldn’t have hesitated. We were all a lot more flexible back then and there was nothing neater than a surprise. Now the best thing is a good night’s sleep. That’s too bad. Surprises are great fun.