A Luddite?

Okay, now it seems my iPad hates me. It took the longest time for this site to load. I am considering becoming a Luddite.

Last night we laughed our way through The Black Scorpion and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. The worst part of the scorpion was how much it drooled. The movie took place in Mexico, but luckily everyone spoke English. The film was made in 1957 and had every cheesy special effect. The black scorpion was mighty ugly with beady eyes and a couple of rows of teeth. The jeep moved but the background never did.

Dinner last night was perfect for a movie on the deck. The onions were sweet, the sausage delicious. The salad had all sorts of wonderful tastes: Parmesan crisis, candied walnuts, cherry tomatoes, dried cranberries and a lemon honey vinaigrette. Dessert was movie candy.

The night was lovely with a cooling breeze. The trees are so full that my neighbors’ houses disappear. No one else was out. We had the whole evening to ourselves.

I found a place to bring my laptop. It is open today and takes walk ins. I will finish here and hit the road and hope to have all of Coffee back for later today. I miss my music and the photos.

Until then!!

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6 Comments on “A Luddite?”

  1. Birgit Says:

    Your dinner sounds delicious.
    Too bad you had a ‘Parmesan crisis’ 😉

    • Birgit,

      I had to check my text to see what you meant. I had a good chuckle.

      The dinner was delicious. That was a new salad dressing, and we all agreed it was a keeper.The lemon and the honey were wonderful taste partners.

      I had leftovers for dinner. They were scrumptious.

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