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“There is no sincerer love than the love of food.”

August 15, 2016

My doors and windows are open. I have rejoined the world if only for a while. There is a breeze coming from the north, the window behind me, keeping the den cool, and the sun is still working its way around so it’s also dark. The weather report is for heat but less humidity so I’m taking advantage and giving the house some fresh air before the onslaught of the heat.

My life of late has been boring. Staying inside the house doesn’t make for adventure, for stories. I do have to go to the dump, but that’s not a plot line for a good story. It’s just trash.

My neighborhood is quiet. I have no idea where the kids are. There are 9 of them on this street. I’m thinking it’s difficult to hide them all. Perhaps their parents are using gags and tricking the kids into thinking it’s a game. When you’re little you believe everything your parents tell you. That’s why I didn’t eat Chinese food until I was around ten or eleven.

I’ve tried salmon a couple of times but I still don’t like it. It’s the only fish I haven’t liked. No respectable fish is pink and why don’t you pronounce the l?

I make a great chili. It is a recipe from my brother-in-law. In his recipe, Rod has beans listed. For my copy, he also has a footnote: if making chili for me, don’t add the beans. I have never made chili with beans. My defense is that real chili has no beans.

I eat a lot of chicken. It’s not all that expensive and chicken recipes number in the millions. I like chicken thighs and think they are the tastiest part of the chicken.When I go out for a casual dinner, I usually order a cheeseburger.

When I go out for a casual dinner, I usually order a cheeseburger with onion rings on the side, but one pub where I eat doesn’t make onion rings at night, only during lunch, so I order French fries. I don’t eat my fries with ketchup; instead, I dip them in mayonnaise. I seldom use salt, but I do salt my fries. They seem to taste better that way.

My mother told us stories about World War II and rationing. She said they seldom got butter so they used oleo instead. It was white but it came with packets of yellow to make it butter-like. When I was a kid, my mother never bought oleo. Having it in the war was enough for her; instead, she always bought butter. My sisters and I still do.

I remember a lunch at a friend’s house.  She made sandwiches with salmon and dessert with peaches. I ate both of them out of courtesy. It rates as the worse lunch in my memory drawers.

“As truth be told, homecoming never gets old.”

May 27, 2016

When I woke up, it was cloudy and dark, but within an hour the sun had burst from the clouds and taken over the sky. It is a beautiful day, sunny and warm. My deck is being stained, and the finished parts look like new. The only problem is Gracie. When she wants out, I have to divert her right down the stairs. I think she figures I’m depriving her of saying hello to the men working and also having access to all the brushes and cans of stain, great smells gone to waste. We are going to the dump so maybe that will salve her feelings.

I didn’t get my lazy day yesterday as I had to go for a few items at the grocery store. That meant getting dressed. Today I have a few things to do so tomorrow will be my lay about day. I’m already looking forward to a nap on the deck.

I think I’m getting boring. I have no stories, no remembrances and no adventures to share.  I know they are in my memory drawers somewhere, but they’re probably stuck in the same way my bureau drawers often are. I’m doing my best to pry them open.

My house is filled with memories of my travels. The most are, of course, from Ghana. They are in every room. I have baskets, gourds, paintings and drawings, metal and wooden figures, cloth, an oware game and an old stool, the sign of a chief. I have some artwork done by the art teacher at my school. I can still visualize him: Mr. Yao Blissah. His first name means he was born on Thursday. He was a small, compact man who always spoke to me when we’d meet on school grounds. I can’t remember if he lived on grounds or not.  Most teachers did in a row of houses facing the school buildings. A road of sorts led from the gate to the last house, which was mine. The back gate was beside my house. Outside the gate, the road led to the hospital and to the houses of the hospital staff. I used to take the dirt road as a shortcut until I got my motorcycle.

For forty years I thought of Ghana constantly and then I finally went back. The next year I went back again and here I am planning a third trip. All of the feelings came back in force when first I went. It was a homecoming.

“Pensive they sit, and roll their languid eyes.”

April 19, 2016

Today’s musing will be quick. I’ve been in the house so long I need to be dusted. As for the cats and their medicines, Fern is cooperating but Maddie is not. The last I saw of Maddie this morning was a black flash with medicine on her back fur, not rubbed into her ears. She ran upstairs and I have no idea where she is. I need a new strategy as this one is clearly not working. I need two of me, one to corner her and the other to medicate. I am determined to get her sometime today. “Got her, Jim.” (kudos if you can place that quote)

The sun just came out so I’m feeling a bit better about the day. I’ve been staying in lately because of my back, but I have to go out for some prescriptions, one for me and one for the dog, and I need a few groceries and new library books.

Nothing much has been happening in my world of late. I was out for a bit on the deck yesterday, finished my laundry, attached the dog’s license to her collar, read a bit and took a nap. I’d be hard-pressed to decide the highlight of the day but I’m leaning toward the nap.

I am not often bored. I’ve taken days off from doing anything but on purpose, not for want of something to do. I know there are things around the house I could do, but not one of them entices me. Seriously, cleaning out a cabinet doesn’t get my heels clicking in the air as part of a joyous dance. The dust under my bed has lived there so long I think it now has resident’s status. I do need a new bathmat for the inside of the tub. I can just imagine myself standing at the mats oohing and ahing. Okay, that is a totally wrong picture. Shopping for mats is a necessity. Real shopping is an extra curricular.

By now you have an idea of my moods. Sarcasm and self-pity seem to be chief among them. I need to get out, to see people, to smell fresh air and to buy something cheap and silly just for the laugh. I need the laugh.

“There is neither heaven nor earth, only snow, falling incessantly”

February 9, 2015

Last night it rained. I was hopeful we had escaped the snow, but this morning my hopes were dashed. When I woke up, I could see a layer of snow on the pine branches outside my bedroom window. It is still snowing, but we’ve been lucky. The forecast is for only 4 inches. That’s nothing but a mere inconvenience.

Snow quiets the world. I almost want to talk in whispers. Gracie’s gentle snoring is the only sound in my house. I haven’t heard a car on the street all morning. We are all getting good at hunkering down.

This posting is taking forever to write. I haven’t done anything or seen anyone in days. The phone has been my only connection to the world. I watch the news, but the snow is the only topic. If I have to look at another snow-covered empty road, I’ll spit. If I have to hear one more time there is nowhere to put the snow, I’ll scream. Enough is enough.

The no school announcements scroll at the bottom of the screen. They start the evening before and continue into the next morning, but even at 12 o’clock they still scroll. Why, I have no idea. I’d think by now everyone knows there is no school. The only scrolling should be for evening activities.

My friends have saved me. We are having game night tonight. First we’ll have burgers and pretend it’s summer. That’ll be a stretch.

“Isn’t ‘not to be bored’ one of the principal goals of life?”

July 7, 2013

It was only a couple of weeks back when I complained about what seemed to be endless days of rain. Now I get to complain about endless days of heat. The weatherman says thunder showers maybe today but probably tomorrow. I’ll keep checking the sky with my fingers crossed.

I get to go out today. Gracie needs biscuits and dog food, and I need ant traps. The buggers found an open box of confectionary sugar and multiplied in numbers gorged on the sugar. I plan on no less than total annihilation.

We lost electricity last night for about two hours. All of the neighborhoods around me were dark. It started around 9:30. I fell asleep on the couch and was jolted awake by the TV when it came back on. I haven’t read the Cape Times yet to find out the reason but overload is a good possibility.

This morning I filled a few of the bird feeders. More of them still need filling and the suet feeder is empty. The deck plants will need water again so I’ll take a deep breath and go out in the heat of the day. I was barefoot at one point on the deck yesterday, and my feet were burning as if I were walking across beach sand.

As if great whites weren’t enough, now Portuguese man o’ wars are being seen close to the beaches on the Vineyard. Lifeguards scooped up around twelve of them. The man o’ wars are weird-looking: purple with what looks like a balloon at the top, and they have quite a sting. They  drift with the current buoyed by the balloon.

This has been a boring few weeks for me. I haven’t seen anybody, and my one trip was to the dump. I am so excited about Agway today. I get to talk to people.

Short post today-being housebound has caused me to be a bit unimaginative. It’s a good thing I’m not going to a cocktail party. I’d have absolutely no patter. “What do you think of the heat?”

“Basically, my life is so boring, it’s embarrassing.”

February 13, 2012

It’s still winter. The little bit of snow we had has frozen. It cracks every time I walk over it. On the deck, Gracie’s paw prints are permanently etched in the ice, and she too makes noise as she walks on it to go down the stairs. She goes gently down the stairs and walks on one side where there is no ice. Smart dog that Gracie!

She and I have a few things to do today so we’ll both bundle. She’ll wear her Pendleton wool coat with the stripes while I will be dressed far less stylishly in a flannel shirt and a hoodie.

This morning I have already been productive, an unusual event for this early. I took my shower and have just started my second load of laundry. The bed is even made. I have no explanation for this sudden burst of energy. It may be guilt over the number of days of sloth I have enjoyed of late.

My life right now is boring. I don’t even have a book which holds my attention. I keep picking one up, reading a few chapters then putting it down to try another. Nothing is on television, not an uncommon problem, but I would love a good movie to hold me enthrall for a few hours. I haven’t much ambition left for today. I already used most of it up this morning but did save enough for my few errands.

A few minutes ago, I heard a bang upstairs then something falling. Some excitement I thought. First I accounted for all three animals: Fern on the couch pillow, check; Maddie on the seat cushion, check; Gracie with me, check. Then the two of us, the dog and I, raced upstairs, but I found nothing. Neither did she as Gracie just sat on the bed and watched. I checked the eaves but nothing there either. I am perplexed.

The washing machine just sounded. It’s time to move the clothes to the dryer. I guess I’m done here for the day.

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