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“He yawned like a black bear coming out of hibernation.”

November 18, 2017

The sun has disappeared. Nothing is moving. The day is warm and quiet. Gracie and I went out first thing. She went into the backyard and I got the papers in the front. When we came back inside, Maddie gave me her demanding meow, loud and annoying, so I fed her first. Gracie was next, and I, as usual, was last. It’s two cups of coffee and two pieces of toast later, one with grape jelly my friend made.

I’m not sure why, maybe it’s the return of the gray day, but I have very little energy today. I even sat a while between cups of coffee, most unusual for me. Luckily, I have no plans for the day, no errands and no chores. I do have book two in the series by Elly Griffiths so perhaps the couch will be my spot for the day and turning pages my only activity.

I send cards for every holiday. That started when I was in college. My grandparents were around then, and one of my grandmothers was thrilled to get them. She was the one who wanted to be teacher so she loved that I was. I enjoy choosing the cards and lament my Hallmark store having closed. The closest one is in Orleans which always feels far but is only 12 or so miles away. When I was in Ghana, I made cards for every holiday except Christmas as I could find those. I used to go through magazines and cut out words and letters to make my cards, They looked more like ransom demands than cards. The Christmas cards I sent were wonderful. Some were hand-painted but even the ones commercially made were different. They had African nativity scenes, drummers, palm trees and even a camel or two. Each time I went back to Ghana, I was excited to find cards for Christmas. They went to family and special friends. I always send Edward Gorey cards to every one else for Christmas. I love his whimsey. The Edward Gorey house is in Yarmouth, and I go there to buy my cards. I remember last year I was afraid I had already sent all the available scenes but was glad to find one more. I’m hoping for the same this year.

I’ve started yawning which gives you a sense of today and the weather and today and me.

“Pensive they sit, and roll their languid eyes.”

April 19, 2016

Today’s musing will be quick. I’ve been in the house so long I need to be dusted. As for the cats and their medicines, Fern is cooperating but Maddie is not. The last I saw of Maddie this morning was a black flash with medicine on her back fur, not rubbed into her ears. She ran upstairs and I have no idea where she is. I need a new strategy as this one is clearly not working. I need two of me, one to corner her and the other to medicate. I am determined to get her sometime today. “Got her, Jim.” (kudos if you can place that quote)

The sun just came out so I’m feeling a bit better about the day. I’ve been staying in lately because of my back, but I have to go out for some prescriptions, one for me and one for the dog, and I need a few groceries and new library books.

Nothing much has been happening in my world of late. I was out for a bit on the deck yesterday, finished my laundry, attached the dog’s license to her collar, read a bit and took a nap. I’d be hard-pressed to decide the highlight of the day but I’m leaning toward the nap.

I am not often bored. I’ve taken days off from doing anything but on purpose, not for want of something to do. I know there are things around the house I could do, but not one of them entices me. Seriously, cleaning out a cabinet doesn’t get my heels clicking in the air as part of a joyous dance. The dust under my bed has lived there so long I think it now has resident’s status. I do need a new bathmat for the inside of the tub. I can just imagine myself standing at the mats oohing and ahing. Okay, that is a totally wrong picture. Shopping for mats is a necessity. Real shopping is an extra curricular.

By now you have an idea of my moods. Sarcasm and self-pity seem to be chief among them. I need to get out, to see people, to smell fresh air and to buy something cheap and silly just for the laugh. I need the laugh.

“Pensive they sit, and roll their languid eyes.”

February 19, 2013

Today is warm and sunny. I had an early morning meeting and did some errands after that. It was as if the sun had given me a burst of energy, taken away all my reasons for griping and made me glad to be out and about so early.

I have been nominated for a Liebster award by Peace, Love & Great Country Music. The award is best explained if you read Good Golly Miss Molly who nominated Peace, Love and All. Good Golly Miss Molly explains what I need to do, which will take some pondering before I post. Good thing I have tomorrow.

I am devoid of original thought. That happens to me every now and then. It’s as if my brain has slowly leaked away anything of interest, even to me. Nothing in the papers caught my attention. The headline in the Globe was More Women Become Breadwinners. I’m sure newspapers were quickly whisked off stands and grocery counters with a headline like that. I’m reading a James Patterson. Sometimes it seems as if I’m always reading a James Patterson. This one is part of the Private series.

My errands are all done; I have no laundry to wash; my house is clean; the yard has been shoveled and plowed; I took a shower last night and yesterday the bird feeders were filled. I can’t imagine what is left except something esoteric. I wonder if cleaning the cabinet fits the definition.

No trip is planned which may be part of the cause of my ennui. Last year and the year before I had Ghana. A few years before that I had Morocco. Now I have Hyannis, the hub of the mid-cape.

Today is the birthday of Copernicus. Might be a great reason for a party!

Maybe Gracie and I will take a ride and look for adventure. Sometimes just around the corner there might just be a surprise.

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