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“Without ice cream, there would be darkness and chaos.”

August 20, 2013

This should be a sloth day except I actually made my bed, went out for breakfast, watered outside plants and filled the bird feeders. I wanted to do none of these. It is just that sort of a day, the third in a row of just that sort of a day. The difference is that today I did stuff despite my reluctance and for that I take some pride.

It will be a warm day today, a New England warm day. I added that last part because everything is relative. I’m thinking air-conditioner but not yet as the sun is still on the other side of the house. If I get uncomfortable, on goes the air.

Usually I never watch daytime TV. I read, go on-line, browse catalogues or sit on the deck. Today, being one of those days, I turned on the TV and am watching one of my favorite off the wall movies, Shaun of the Dead. I think it a perfect fit for my mood.

My father used to bring ice cream home all the time. He worked for Hood. Once he brought home a pint of ice cream, and my sister wanted to know if it was for dolls, it being so small and all. My father became the manager of Hood in Hyannis which is why we moved down here. Later the building was sold and it became a restaurant. When my mother came to visit once, she and I went there to eat. It seemed strange. The office configuration was still there but the walls were gone, and it was now a bar. My father would have liked that.

My father was a fan of vanilla with Hershey’s syrup and whipped cream. He always sat in the same place in the living room: at the end of the couch beside the table. I can still see him carrying his bowl of ice cream then settling to watch TV. My dog Shauna sometimes got her own bowl of ice cream and always got to lick his. Gracie gets mine. She isn’t partial to any flavor. She likes them all. As for me, I’m on a coconut kick.