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“The possession of knowledge does not kill the sense of wonder and mystery. There is always more mystery.”

August 31, 2013

Despite my lethargy, I got everything done yesterday. I even took Gracie to the dump then brought her home so I could do my other errands without having to leave her in the hot car. The dump was unusually quiet. Sometimes I miss the old days with squawking seagulls circling the piles of trash. It wasn’t pretty, but it was interesting and loud.

I remember learning to tie a bow so I could tie my shoes. My mother was sitting in the chair by the picture window close to the door, and I was leaning on the chair’s arm beside her. She had a huge ribbon tied around a stuffed animal’s neck. I think it was a teddy bear. She tied the bow slowly, one step at a time, explaining as she went, and I watched. She tied it a few times then had me try. My fingers seem to have minds of their own. They didn’t go where I expected. They fluttered about as I held and tied the ribbon which knotted. My mother then guided my fingers as we tied the bow together. She did that a couple of times. I tried to fly solo again, and this time I did. I made a bow. It was loose and ugly, but it was still a bow. When I tied my shoes, the bow never lasted too long. I had yet to master the tightness of a good bow, but I did over time. My bows became useful and even pretty. I’d tie them with a flourish.

Being a kid meant learning new things all the time. I’d see a bug or a bird and want to know its name. Zippers gave me a bit of trouble. I knew what to do, but it wasn’t always easy to get the two bottoms to meet exactly right. Besides, zippers were in the wrong spot. They were below eye sight so it was often hit or miss.

I remember my first row-boat and rowing in circles. I just couldn’t coordinate the oars. My dad showed me what to do. He also taught me to swim. He was a great swimmer.

The red encyclopedias in our living room, the ones from the supermarket, got a lot of use. I would randomly pick a volume and read it. It was my way of learning new stuff. Every Christmas as a gift  I got that year’s Information Please Almanac. I loved filling my head with generally useless facts. Little did I realize back then their the value. Now those facts are called trivia, and I get to compete on Thursday nights in the winter.

“Without ice cream, there would be darkness and chaos.”

August 20, 2013

This should be a sloth day except I actually made my bed, went out for breakfast, watered outside plants and filled the bird feeders. I wanted to do none of these. It is just that sort of a day, the third in a row of just that sort of a day. The difference is that today I did stuff despite my reluctance and for that I take some pride.

It will be a warm day today, a New England warm day. I added that last part because everything is relative. I’m thinking air-conditioner but not yet as the sun is still on the other side of the house. If I get uncomfortable, on goes the air.

Usually I never watch daytime TV. I read, go on-line, browse catalogues or sit on the deck. Today, being one of those days, I turned on the TV and am watching one of my favorite off the wall movies, Shaun of the Dead. I think it a perfect fit for my mood.

My father used to bring ice cream home all the time. He worked for Hood. Once he brought home a pint of ice cream, and my sister wanted to know if it was for dolls, it being so small and all. My father became the manager of Hood in Hyannis which is why we moved down here. Later the building was sold and it became a restaurant. When my mother came to visit once, she and I went there to eat. It seemed strange. The office configuration was still there but the walls were gone, and it was now a bar. My father would have liked that.

My father was a fan of vanilla with Hershey’s syrup and whipped cream. He always sat in the same place in the living room: at the end of the couch beside the table. I can still see him carrying his bowl of ice cream then settling to watch TV. My dog Shauna sometimes got her own bowl of ice cream and always got to lick his. Gracie gets mine. She isn’t partial to any flavor. She likes them all. As for me, I’m on a coconut kick.

“There are no miracles on Mondays.”

March 18, 2013

Monday has always been my least popular day. Because work started again, the horrific sound of the alarm jolted me from bed, disoriented me and made me bemoan my fate of five more days until the weekend. I was always tired on Mondays regardless of how much sleep I got on the weekends. I don’t work now, but I am still not fond of Mondays. The papers are thin. It seems there is never much news on a Sunday to write about on a Monday. I suffer from lethargy, not as severe as on a work day Monday but it’s still a lack of enthusiasm to do anything of substance. I keep staring at the laundry bags sitting in the hall waiting to go downstairs to be washed. This would be the perfect time for laundry elves who would leave my clothes cleaned and folded. I have to fill the bird feeders, a small task grown out of proportion by the day of the week. I’m already tired or maybe I’m just still tired.

It was sunny when I woke up, a strange phenomenon, but the world has righted itself and now it’s cloudy. A rain snow mix is expected tonight. We’ll have mostly rain, less than a half-inch. North of us will have snow.

I could do an errand today, but I won’t. I’m staying home. I’ll get it done tomorrow. Tuesdays are nothing days which have no innate negativity, no descriptions of any sort and no nicknames. Nobody says TGIT and hump day is Wednesday. Tuesday is the forgotten day unless we count monumental events like Black Tuesday or Super Tuesday. I don’t.

Yesterday I watched a baseball game. It was the Sox and the Jays. The Red Sox wore green hats and green shirts for St. Patrick’s Day. Lester pitched six great innings. I was envious of the people in the stands who were dressed in summer clothes. I hoped they were hot and sweaty. I am not above a bit of spite.

My coffee this morning was monkey poop coffee my nephew brought back from Bali.

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