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“Life, now, was unfolding before me, constantly and visibly, like the flowers of summer that drop fanlike petals on eternal soil.”

August 7, 2017

This morning is a delight. We have bright sun and a blue sky. The birds are singing: better described as the hungry birds as so many of them are coming to my feeders I have to fill the feeders again. I also need more seed, and I need dog food as well so a trip to Agway is on my list today. Gracie and I are also going to the dump. I’ll make two trips as I don’t want Gracie waiting in the car while I shop at Agway. I also need bread so I’ll add the grocery store to my errand list.

The temperature is in the 70’s and will go down to the 60’s tonight. It will be the same the next couple of days. That’s perfect for me. The weather report says showers tonight. I hope so. We haven’t had rain in a while. Summer showers are my favorite of all sorts of rain though thunder showers are a close second.

I do the Globe crossword every day. It seems to be getting easier as I get older. I figure the puzzle maker is young and thinks his clues are head scratchers. The historical stuff I’ve lived through so they’re really easy. The capital of Ghana is often one of the clues, a no-brainer for me. The clues which stump me are often about current singers or television programs I never watch. I can only hope to fill in from the clues around those.

Last night the crowd chose Creature with the Atomic Brain as our movie. It is black and white and was made in 1955 but is a tick better than most we’ve watched. Richard Denning is the star. The evil scientist is a former Nazi and his boss a deported gangster who has returned illegally. They both deserved hissing. We had a few appetizers, played a game of Phase 10 and enjoyed meatballs in marinara sauce, frozen from last week, and a great salad for supper before the movie. We, of course, had candy for movie watching.

When I retired, I had no idea how I’d spent my time, but I wasn’t worried. I knew I’d find something to keep me busy or not. It will be thirteen years this summer, and I have enjoyed every day especially days when I did nothing. I have a routine for the mornings, but the days are come what may. That’s my favorite part, the spontaneity of it all.

“May you live every day of your life.”

June 16, 2010

The tale of the deceased squirrel has a Monty Python sort of ending. My friend Tony, who is my savior from the dead and dying, arrived with his trusty trowel and some plastic bags in hand. As he was removing the beast, he gave a running commentary. He even offered me an opportunity to check the heft of the bag. I declined. Because the dump was closed, he told me he was taking the squirrel to the park. All I could think of was Monty Python and the dead parrot, and I imagined Tony at the park holding a leash attached to the squirrel. “No no he’s not dead, he’s, he’s restin’!”

It’s a cool, cloudy day, a good day for chores. The bird feeders are empty, the herbs need to be cut and the deck plants need watering. I also have a few errands and Gracie gets to come.

Last night I proposed a Chinese fire drill on our next ride. We laughed at how many light cycles it might take. We figured it best be a deserted road.

When we were kids, life was serendipitous and spontaneous. We never made lists or appointments. That was my mother’s job. It was whatever we felt like doing or whatever we happened to find, like the horses in the pasture or the raft on the pond. I remember trying to catch the horses so we could ride them, and I remember shifting our weight so the raft wouldn’t sink as we poled across the pond. We thought those great finds. We never stayed home. That was for my little sisters. We roamed. We walked or rode our bikes everywhere. Sometimes we brought our lunches with us packed in brown bags. We ate when we were hungry. I remember eating at a picnic table in the zoo and on the back of a train by the tracks.

We’d get home late in the afternoon, filthy and tired. My mother would ask what we’d been up to all day. “Nothing,” was our usual answer.