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“Life, now, was unfolding before me, constantly and visibly, like the flowers of summer that drop fanlike petals on eternal soil.”

August 7, 2017

This morning is a delight. We have bright sun and a blue sky. The birds are singing: better described as the hungry birds as so many of them are coming to my feeders I have to fill the feeders again. I also need more seed, and I need dog food as well so a trip to Agway is on my list today. Gracie and I are also going to the dump. I’ll make two trips as I don’t want Gracie waiting in the car while I shop at Agway. I also need bread so I’ll add the grocery store to my errand list.

The temperature is in the 70’s and will go down to the 60’s tonight. It will be the same the next couple of days. That’s perfect for me. The weather report says showers tonight. I hope so. We haven’t had rain in a while. Summer showers are my favorite of all sorts of rain though thunder showers are a close second.

I do the Globe crossword every day. It seems to be getting easier as I get older. I figure the puzzle maker is young and thinks his clues are head scratchers. The historical stuff I’ve lived through so they’re really easy. The capital of Ghana is often one of the clues, a no-brainer for me. The clues which stump me are often about current singers or television programs I never watch. I can only hope to fill in from the clues around those.

Last night the crowd chose Creature with the Atomic Brain as our movie. It is black and white and was made in 1955 but is a tick better than most we’ve watched. Richard Denning is the star. The evil scientist is a former Nazi and his boss a deported gangster who has returned illegally. They both deserved hissing. We had a few appetizers, played a game of Phase 10 and enjoyed meatballs in marinara sauce, frozen from last week, and a great salad for supper before the movie. We, of course, had candy for movie watching.

When I retired, I had no idea how I’d spent my time, but I wasn’t worried. I knew I’d find something to keep me busy or not. It will be thirteen years this summer, and I have enjoyed every day especially days when I did nothing. I have a routine for the mornings, but the days are come what may. That’s my favorite part, the spontaneity of it all.

“A dead man walks the streets to stalk his prey! So terrifying only screams can describe it!”

September 28, 2013

The morning is a delight, warm and sunny. Earlier, I stayed outside with Gracie. It was just too nice to go back into the house. I think today is the day for a ride, maybe a stop at a farm stand or the farmer’s market here in Dennis. It’s a small one, but I managed to spend money last time I was there.

This morning’s movie gem was Creature with the Atomic Brain made in 1955. Dead bodies were stolen from the morgue and then reanimated and controlled by a mad man out for revenge. The movie was  unintentionally funny. It had one scene where a man and woman, presumably husband and wife, were sitting in chairs beside each while they were watching a TV newscast. He was smoking. She had a drink. He wore a suit. She wore a dress. Our hero’s wife was making a birthday cake for their daughter. She also wore a dress and had added pearls, the necessary ensemble for any wife in the 50’s. Uncle Dave, the police detective, arrived at our hero’s house but unbeknown to the wife and daughter he had been killed then reanimated. The daughter held his hand and told him it was quite cold. She gave him her doll, Henrietta, to hold and he tore it apart. Something was wrong with Uncle Dave! The hero killed the mad man and destroyed the equipment used to control the reanimated bodies which dropped where they were, including Uncle Dave. The little girl got a new doll for her birthday from, her parents told her, Uncle Dave. She decided to call the doll Dave, despite protestations from her father about the doll getting a boy’s name. The little girl said she’d tell everyone it was a tomboy. The mother and father laughed. End of movie.

After breakfast on Monday, I have an empty dance card until next Saturday. Every day is open. That hasn’t happened in a long while. Good thing I have plenty of books.

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