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“A cold wind was blowing from the north, and it made the trees rustle like living things.”

September 19, 2017

The window by my head was open. When I first heard the rain falling, it was so gentle I thought it might have been a breeze rustling the leaves, but when the sound continued, I knew it had to be rain. It stopped and started again and again, and that’s been the morning. I opened and shut the window a few times as the dampness was chilly. Finally I grabbed the afghan and left the window open. Gracie joined me and we both fell back to sleep.

Tropical storm conditions are expected on the Cape within 36 hours. What is left of Jose will bring rain, 2 to 4 inches, and heavy winds of around 65 MPH. The surf will be high,  and there will be rip currents and coastal flooding. I’m going out to the deck later to take down the decorations hanging from the trees. I’ll leave the bird feeders until the last. I have to go out later as I have no dog food. She had her morning can but will be looking for more this evening. Besides, I need bread.

The flies are still here, but their numbers are far smaller. I see two on the ceiling in this room, and I killed four buzzing around a dining room window pane. Three others were set free. They had been on the door screen. This was quite the infestation. I’m trying to figure out what offense of mine has caused such wrath.

It is a dismal day, a dark day. I need to go to the library as I have finished the books I got last week, and I can’t imagine being housebound without books and snacks. Need I mention chocolate?

From when I was a kid, I only remember hurricane Carol. I suspect there were probably more but Carol was so exciting it still hangs around my memory drawers. I was too young to notice damage or destruction so I only remember the wind and the pelting rain.  I watched out the picture window as the trees bent and the tops of the bushes seemed to touch the ground. After Carol moved on, we went outside. The streets and the yards were filled with debris, mostly branches. Some of the leaves still on the trees had died; they were shriveled and brown. Some of the trees had healthy leaves on one side and dead ones on the other.

Tomorrow is my Coffee day off, but if Jose lives up to its hype, I’ll keep you updated.

“Everyone knows that if you eat a cookie, and the cookie next to it is broken, you’re required to eat that broken cookie as well to keep the package looking clean.”

September 10, 2016

The air conditioner is off for the meanwhile. The sun disappeared a bit earlier and was replaced by clouds then it reappeared. I suspect that will happen all day. The air is damp. The weatherman said there is a possibility of rain. I’m not complaining as we need rain, but it would dampen movie night.

I used to wonder why pistachio nuts were red. I remember my stained fingers and torn fingernails after opening them, but I thought those were a small price to pay. Now there are no red pistachios, only ones with natural shells. I know most of our pistachios used to come from Iran until the embargo. Come to find out, they were dyed red to disguise any shell imperfections from the harvesting. Now they come from California and have no imperfections, no blemishes on the shells. I find them a bit boring, still tasty and still tearing my fingernails but boring. I know I can buy them already shelled but that seems like cheating.

I was too impatient adding Nestle’s Quick to my milk. I stirred but never enough. On the bottom of my glass was always a layer of chocolate sludge. I used to eat that with a spoon. Once my mother bought Strawberry Quick. I liked the pink color, but I wasn’t a big fan of the strawberry. I don’t think she ever bought it again.

I don’t drink milk anymore except for the leftover milk from my cereal which tastes like the cereal. I think it was in Ghana where I lost my taste for milk as I never had any. Ghanaians don’t drink milk even though they have cows. It never occurred to me to have a villager sell me the milk.

I always liked Fig Newtons. Now I find them a bit dry. I buy fresh figs instead. Oreos are the only off the shelf cookies I buy. Mostly I get cookies from the bakery. Anise cookies are my favorite, but the bakery doesn’t always have them so I have to be content with chocolate chip.

My trip stuff list is getting bigger. I added Oreos this morning. When my parents and I traveled together, my mother always brought snacks. Some were the packages of crackers and cheese. My favorite was the peanut butter crackers, not the orange ones, the brown ones. My mother never had to bring any snacks home.

This is the quietest day. I think the thick air diffuses sound so it disappears. Gracie isn’t even snoring. I wonder if all the kids are wearing gags.


“Without ice cream, there would be darkness and chaos.”

June 11, 2010

All that rain was worth today. It is cool and sunny and perfectly dry. Yesterday I saw my first hummingbird of the season. It was trying to drink from the tulip solar light. I quickly made sugar water and filled my feeder. I also saw an odd colored squirrel. It was tan, instead of gray. I ran in to get my camera, but the squirrel didn’t wait. I’ll keep my camera handy and an eye out for its return. Tonight is my first play of the season at the Cape Playhouse. It feels like summer.

I am spatially deprived. Pictures mean little to me when putting something together. I need words, step by step instructions. Those I understand. Yesterday a storage ottoman was delivered. It will hold CD’s, just what I need, but it came in pieces, in several pieces, and with a red bag filled with screws and small wooden dowels. The directions are in pictures. I am doomed.

My father corrected us if we wanted ice cream from the Dairy Queen. He told us it was ice milk made from a powder, no cream involved. My father worked for Hood Ice Cream and took his ice cream seriously, no pretenders allowed. He used to bring home great flavors and novelties from the Hood plant in Hyannis where he was the manager, but he never ate the fancy ice cream. His favorite was vanilla with Hershey’s syrup and whip cream from a can. He loved a bowl of ice cream at night while he was watching television, but it wasn’t just ice cream he loved. My dad was big on snacks. He’d pour a glass of milk, grab some Hydrox cookies and sit on the couch in his spot to eat and watch TV. Under the couch was where he hid his candy, nonpareils were his favorite, and at night he’d pull the box from its hiding place. I remember once my dad told someone he seldom ate snacks. I think my mother snorted when she heard him.

I can see in my mind’s eye my dad wearing his light blue shorts and no shirt sitting at the end of the couch beside the table, his spot. On the table are his glasses, generally filled with fingerprints, an ashtray, a crossword puzzled book so he could do the fills-in and a bowl of ice cream. When I visited, he always brought my dog Shauna, the first of my Boxers, her own bowl of vanilla ice cream but without the Hershey’s syrup.