“A cold wind was blowing from the north, and it made the trees rustle like living things.”

The window by my head was open. When I first heard the rain falling, it was so gentle I thought it might have been a breeze rustling the leaves, but when the sound continued, I knew it had to be rain. It stopped and started again and again, and that’s been the morning. I opened and shut the window a few times as the dampness was chilly. Finally I grabbed the afghan and left the window open. Gracie joined me and we both fell back to sleep.

Tropical storm conditions are expected on the Cape within 36 hours. What is left of Jose will bring rain, 2 to 4 inches, and heavy winds of around 65 MPH. The surf will be high,  and there will be rip currents and coastal flooding. I’m going out to the deck later to take down the decorations hanging from the trees. I’ll leave the bird feeders until the last. I have to go out later as I have no dog food. She had her morning can but will be looking for more this evening. Besides, I need bread.

The flies are still here, but their numbers are far smaller. I see two on the ceiling in this room, and I killed four buzzing around a dining room window pane. Three others were set free. They had been on the door screen. This was quite the infestation. I’m trying to figure out what offense of mine has caused such wrath.

It is a dismal day, a dark day. I need to go to the library as I have finished the books I got last week, and I can’t imagine being housebound without books and snacks. Need I mention chocolate?

From when I was a kid, I only remember hurricane Carol. I suspect there were probably more but Carol was so exciting it still hangs around my memory drawers. I was too young to notice damage or destruction so I only remember the wind and the pelting rain.  I watched out the picture window as the trees bent and the tops of the bushes seemed to touch the ground. After Carol moved on, we went outside. The streets and the yards were filled with debris, mostly branches. Some of the leaves still on the trees had died; they were shriveled and brown. Some of the trees had healthy leaves on one side and dead ones on the other.

Tomorrow is my Coffee day off, but if Jose lives up to its hype, I’ll keep you updated.

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12 Comments on ““A cold wind was blowing from the north, and it made the trees rustle like living things.””

  1. olof1 Says:

    It has almost not rained at all here today, that is more or less wonderful weather here now days 🙂 🙂

    So You have flies 🙂 🙂 I have actually none here indoors right now and that’s very unusual 🙂

    No real storm up here but the most soutrhern tip od Sweden has had its first now and there have been so heavy thunder showers here and there in Southern Sweden that cities have been flooded. We’ve had showers too but no where near that. Besides this is at the edge of West gota plains so it needs a lot of water to flood this area. West gota plains is miles and miles of almost totally flat area 🙂

    I’ll keep an eye here tomorrow to then!

    Have a great day.


    • katry Says:

      This is the first of three days of rain and wind. The last few days have been lovely, perfect fall weather.

      I don’t ever get this number of flies. In the summer, I might have one or two in the house every now and then. I have no idea where these came from. The are driving me crazy.

      The low lying areas near the water are prone to flooding, mostly the road and parking lots. There are no huge lakes or rivers here. Houses are in the flood plain but it would take a weird combination of tide and weather.

      Have a great evening!

  2. Birgit Says:

    Good luck, lots of chocolate and stay safe!

    Just for fun,
    our new chorus video “A Little Less Conversation”:

    • katry Says:

      This must have been great fun to video. The start was so classy but you were all quick to drop the sequin. I loved the conductor being totally oblivious that he had lost everyone. Thanks!!

  3. Bob Says:

    Here it hasn’t rained all month and the summer heat has returned. Living on the Atlantic or Gulf coast affords one the chance of living through an occasional hurricane or tropical storm. Living along the Pacific rim affords residents an opportunity to live through an occasional earthquake or a volcanic eruption. Here in the middle of the country we have to put up with dust storms, draughts and scenic boredom. Hawaii has wonderful weather but has to enjoy an active volcano. If the earth gets really angry at us the super volcano that is Yellowstone national park will erupt and take out a huge swath of the Midwest under several feet of volcanic ash and darken the sky with ash.

    On a lighter note I have been watching the Ken Burns ten part documentary on the Vietnam war. Having lived through that terrible era I am fasenated how easily we got bogged down in that quagmire that took over 50,000 young men and woman.

    • katry Says:

      The East Coast has always been hurricane and heavy storm prone. The shore line changes after every storm. The dunes and the beaches disappear. Parking lots and roads are flooded. Chatham tends to be the most affected. During one storm roads by the water were destroyed so the houses too were lost. You looked down the street and the road just ended, was gone.

      I haven’t watched it but I did DVR Vietnam. I have always liked Ken Burns so I’m hoping this will be as good as the others.

      • Bob Says:

        I saw the first two episodes but missed tonight’s but I’m recording the series. The first two were outstanding. I have some difficulty watching this series because it’s too close to home. I didn’t serve during the war because of student deferments and a lucky lottery number. However, most of my colleagues of my generation flew either airplanes or helicopters in country.

      • katry Says:

        I’ll watch some of it tonight to try to catch up before it gets away from me.

        My brother was drafted but ended up in Germany though the rest of the guys he was with in basic went to Vietnam.

  4. sprite Says:

    When my folks get a fly infestation, they usually figure a critter got into the walls and died there. Yuck!

    • katry Says:

      Maybe there is a dead mouse, A few months back I did have an exterminator. It must be down the cellar as I probably would have smelled it here.

  5. Caryn Says:

    Hi Kat,
    Today is dreary up here. Soggy, drippy, windy.
    I hope all stays well on the Cape.

    Enjoy the chocolate and the books. I’ve got mine, too. 🙂

    • katry Says:

      Hi Caryn,
      It is the same here, and I’ll add chilly. I went out and did an errand and all it was doing was raining.

      Out to dinner tonight with friends.

      Have a great eveing!

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