“Everyone knows that if you eat a cookie, and the cookie next to it is broken, you’re required to eat that broken cookie as well to keep the package looking clean.”

The air conditioner is off for the meanwhile. The sun disappeared a bit earlier and was replaced by clouds then it reappeared. I suspect that will happen all day. The air is damp. The weatherman said there is a possibility of rain. I’m not complaining as we need rain, but it would dampen movie night.

I used to wonder why pistachio nuts were red. I remember my stained fingers and torn fingernails after opening them, but I thought those were a small price to pay. Now there are no red pistachios, only ones with natural shells. I know most of our pistachios used to come from Iran until the embargo. Come to find out, they were dyed red to disguise any shell imperfections from the harvesting. Now they come from California and have no imperfections, no blemishes on the shells. I find them a bit boring, still tasty and still tearing my fingernails but boring. I know I can buy them already shelled but that seems like cheating.

I was too impatient adding Nestle’s Quick to my milk. I stirred but never enough. On the bottom of my glass was always a layer of chocolate sludge. I used to eat that with a spoon. Once my mother bought Strawberry Quick. I liked the pink color, but I wasn’t a big fan of the strawberry. I don’t think she ever bought it again.

I don’t drink milk anymore except for the leftover milk from my cereal which tastes like the cereal. I think it was in Ghana where I lost my taste for milk as I never had any. Ghanaians don’t drink milk even though they have cows. It never occurred to me to have a villager sell me the milk.

I always liked Fig Newtons. Now I find them a bit dry. I buy fresh figs instead. Oreos are the only off the shelf cookies I buy. Mostly I get cookies from the bakery. Anise cookies are my favorite, but the bakery doesn’t always have them so I have to be content with chocolate chip.

My trip stuff list is getting bigger. I added Oreos this morning. When my parents and I traveled together, my mother always brought snacks. Some were the packages of crackers and cheese. My favorite was the peanut butter crackers, not the orange ones, the brown ones. My mother never had to bring any snacks home.

This is the quietest day. I think the thick air diffuses sound so it disappears. Gracie isn’t even snoring. I wonder if all the kids are wearing gags.


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5 Comments on ““Everyone knows that if you eat a cookie, and the cookie next to it is broken, you’re required to eat that broken cookie as well to keep the package looking clean.””

  1. katry Says:

    Michelle M. Pillow quote

  2. Bob Says:

    Sometime very rarely this morning it rained but most of the day so far has been cloudy with temperatures in the low 70s. Now that the jet stream is moving south we can expect more cold fronts bringing more rain and thunderstorms.

    Many cultures don’t drink milk or dairy products. Once babies are weaned from their mother they don’t drink milk. My mother always served us milk with our meals and made sure we drank every drop. The various chocolate syrups and powders, such as Bosco or Ovaltine, were to get us to drink it to the last drop. She said that milk was for strong bones and teeth while fish was brain food.

    Oreos are my all time favorite cookie followed by chocolate chip and white chocolate chip with macadamia nuts. Fig newtons, oatmeal raisin or any kind of ginger cookie is at the bottom of my list. My father took up baking as a hobby after he retired and he baked the world’s worst chocolate chip cookies. As he aged all of his cooking became worse in the taste department. I think his tastebuds began to fail as he shed. For years I never added salt at the table to try to prevent high blood pressure. Regardless, I find myself adding salt to corn, potatoes or peas the last couple of years. My sense of taste must be declining.

    Traveling to Africa must require more planning than a trip to Europe. I assume that everything available here is available everywhere due to globalization. I am assuming that globalization has not arrived in sub-Sahara Africa. You did mention they have running water and toilets in the big cities of Ghana. 🙂

    • katry Says:

      In Ghana, kids aren’t weaned as early as they are here. I figure the mother’s milk keeps them healthy for a while.

      Your cold front is a mild day for us: weather is relative. It is unseasonably warm here. Boston was in the high 80’s, probably for the last time this season. A cold front is coming in next week, and we’ll have nights in the low 50’s and maybe even the 40’s. Those are perfect nights for sleeping.

      I like ginger cookies and usually make them around Christmas. Your father is the only person I’ve heard of who makes bad chocolate chip cookies. I add salt to French fries and onion rings but nothing else unless the dish is totally underseasoned.

      In Ghana the big cities, especially Accra the capital, have just about everything other cities in other countries have. There are tro tos riding all over. They go the same routes all the time picking up and dropping off passengers. There are taxis everywhere, and you barter the fare. The government buses run city to city, town to town. Other than remote villages most of Ghana has electricity. Running water is a different story. Many villages have bore holes and they fetch water in buckets. Bolgatanga, where I lived and where I’ll stay for a week or so, is a poorer city and was back when I lived there. There are bikes and motorcycles and fewer cars, one internet cafe and only a few restaurants which serve some Western food as well as Ghanaian. It is in the poorest part of the country.

  3. olof1 Says:

    We had a rather nice day here yesterday, mostly sunny and warm with a wind that neither cooled things down nor made it feel like we were living in a hair dryer. No rain in sight this coming week.

    I never saw any pistachio nuts when I grew up, I remember eating lots of cookies containing them but I never saw any in the stores. Now they can be found everywhere and I do like them even if the shells can be more than stubborn 🙂

    I love milk and drink a lot of it and always have. Our biggest variety is called O’boy and I do remember when they had strawberry taste and also banana taste too. I never really liked the strawberry kind but I loved the banana taste, it was more candy tasting than real banana though 🙂 Both were just short lived here I’m afraid.

    Have a great day!


    • katry Says:

      I’m glad you had a nice day. Nothing is worse than bad weather on the weekend.

      Stubborn is being nice. Some of the shells, the ones without the slit, have to be hammered or thrown away. I do like pistachios.

      I love bananas so I’ll probably love banana milk. If all the milk were flavored, I’d probably drink more.

      Have a great day!

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