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“Where is the good in goodbye?”

April 26, 2012

Yesterday was a bad day all around. A friend died in the morning. She had been sick a long while, but I had come to think of her as Superwoman surviving against all odds. That was the worst part of the day. Later I heard from my dog sitter that she can’t stay when I go to Ghana this summer. That one I’ll put away for a bit as it is four months until my trip. The last was Gracie jumped the rail off my deck, landed in the herb garden and started a fight with a dog being walked on the street. There had been a bamboo barrier on the top of the rail to heighten it, put there just in case, but it had fallen apart the other day. The deck is off the second floor of the house so the jump is a long one, but that didn’t faze Gracie. I could see where she had landed: she left a similar mark in the herb garden to a long jumper’s mark in the sand, and I half expected two guys out there with a tape measure. I ran out front when I heard yelling. The woman had Gracie and one of her two dogs by the collar. It seems Gracie had attacked one and the other had attacked Gracie. I grabbed Gracie who wanted nothing more than to go after that dog and dragged her into the house. I called Skip, my factotum, who came right over to help. Luckily I had boards, all the same size, and Skip constructed a wall to replace the bamboo. It is mighty ugly, but I dare Gracie to jump that one.

The one bright spot in the day yesterday was Grace Awai, one of my favorite Ghanaian students, called me from Ghana. She was not in Bolga last summer so I didn’t see her though I asked about her. They told me she lived in Accra and they didn’t know her number. A while back Grace visited Bolga, was told I’d been there and took my number. We talked a long while. Grace says she’ll meet me at the airport and come north for a while. I reminded her how I used to visit her mother’s pito house and have pictures of one of my visits. Pito is a wine made from millet and always served in a gourd. I thought it a bit sludgy but drank it any way being the courteous type that I am.

Well, I have high hopes today will be a better day. Gracie is still in the yard though she has taken to digging in my newly planted vegetable garden. I’m thinking she needs to be hobbled.

“In the morning I woke like a sloth in the fog.”

November 21, 2011

Today just couldn’t shake off the damp of last night’s rain, and it’s cloudy and dismal. The birds aren’t even here to distract me as the feeders are all empty. Only a snoring Gracie is giving the day any life.

I have chosen today as a not to get dressed day. I’m going to fill the feeders, make my shopping list for Thursday’s desserts, go on-line and order some Christmas presents and then organize some photos on my Mac, the original ones from my Peace Corps days. On Saturday I hauled into the house 30 pounds of dog food so my back hurts a bit, another perfect excuse for staying home and taking it easy. Did I mention the headache?

If you’re thinking today’s musings lack any inspiration, you’d be correct. My memory drawers seem to be stuck closed, and I have no ambition. Moving my fingers on the computer is about all I can muster. I think a little sun would help and maybe a chocolate chip cookie or two. I took something for my headache but chocolate has a far more miraculous effect.

On Saturday I called Ghana and talked to Florence, one of my former students. I have been calling a different student every couple of weeks so we can stay in touch now that we have found each other. Florence wanted to know when I was returning. I wished I could say in a month or two, but I think it will be at least another year before I can fill my coffers with enough money. When I give them the date, I’m hoping more students will arrive from other parts of the country so we can have a giant party. Let the beer and the pito flow! Bring out the kelewele and the Guinea Fowl.

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