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Zoey and Me

September 19, 2012

When I started writing this blog, I never thought about new friends. I figured to write a few thoughts, post a couple of songs and sent my offerings into cyberspace. The few time I got a comment I was thrilled. Someone had found me and thought enough to let me know. In those early days, some people stayed around and often made comments, but over the years they just sort of disappeared. Greg stayed as did Mark and Pat still drops by to visit. New people appeared over the years, made comments and many of them stayed. We have shared our feelings, our experiences and our dreams. I realized we had become friends. Meeting each other in person wasn’t necessary; we had already met in all the best ways.

One of those friends passed away yesterday. When I was in Ghana, I knew something was wrong. It was so unlike him not to comment about my trip. He had followed last year’s flight and was looking forward to this year’s which is one of the reasons I had posted my itinerary.

Victor visited Coffee just about every day, and I dropped by to visit him at The Cat in the Bag. I always wrote Z& Me when I answered his comments, and that’s the way we all knew him.

This morning his wife Ann sent notice that Z&Me had passed away. I cried. I have lost a friend, and I will miss him: Zoolatry.

“I have learned that to be with those I like is enough”

August 13, 2012

We have sun, that bright orb in the sky which sheds light on the world. It has brought warmth and dispelled the damp so tonight will finally be the oft postponed movie on the deck night. It is supposed to pleasant and cool.

It was a mirror under her nose to see if she’s alive type morning. The dog wanted out. I don’t know when. I heard her bells, went downstairs, opened the door and turned off the AC so I could leave the door opened and she could come in which she wanted. I went back to bed. The phone woke me at 10:30, that’s right, 10:30, but I didn’t let the late morning change my ritual: two papers and two cups of coffee later, here I am.

Now I’m stuck with nothing to day; my mind is a tabula rasa. I write six days a week (it used to be every day) and have been writing this blog for at least six years maybe even seven I’m not sure. I have discussed every aspect of my childhood, my teen years, college years, Peace Corps service and the day-to-day stuff which keeps me busy or idle depending upon my mood. I have excoriated tourists, supermarkets, slow drivers who can’t see over the steering wheel and the weather, can’t forget the weather. I have taken you with me to Morocco, Ghana and South America, though that last one wasn’t live. Soon enough you’ll be going back to Ghana with me. You have been made privy to the number of underwear I’m bringing on my journey, and I’ll be posting my flight times and numbers so you can make sure I arrived safely. I have told countless dad stories. You even know some of my failings as I’ve lamented them a few times, a tin ear being one and impatience being prime. You have essentially become family but don’t expect post cards!

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