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“Winter is the time for comfort, for good food and warmth, for the touch of a friendly hand and for a talk beside the fire: it is the time for home.”

December 31, 2017

It is 1:49 AM. I was up late, and it was getting cold. Because the thermostat is programmed to go to a lower temperature at 11:30, I went and moved it from automatic to manual and put up the heat. The furnace did not kick in. I turned the thermostat up a bit higher and still nothing. I went down the cellar and the furnace was silent so I came right upstairs and called the emergency service. The house is now down to 64˚. The pleasant woman who answered the phone at this ungodly hour said someone would be right there. Of all times for my furnace to die it has to be in the middle of a record breaking freeze.

I did some errands yesterday. One was to the hardware store, another for dog food and the third to the grocery store for toilet paper. I also bought two pieces of pizza for supper as a sort of reward for going out when the temperature was only 19˚.

The snow started before dark. It was a fluffy use a broom to clear sort of snow. The weather man even suggested using a leaf blower. I don’t know when the snow stopped, but it must have been quick as only an inch or so is on the lawn.

Gracie was shivering a bit. My hands are cold and so is my nose. Maddie is curled in a ball on the chair and sleeping soundly. I put an afghan on Grace, and she stopped shivering and has now fallen asleep. I’m glad the two of them are comfortable.

I checked the thermostat. We’re down to 62˚. It’s been longer than I expected for the furnace guy to come, but then I don’t know where he is coming from, and I’m guessing he was sleeping. Being roused at this hour to go out in the cold has to be unpleasant at best. Luckily I have a movie to watch: Alien Tornado. I’m thinking the title is a spoiler. I already know the plot.

I’m getting tired, but I know I can’t go to sleep not only because the repairman is coming but also because in every movie about people freezing they die if they fall asleep. Okay, I know that’s silly, but I couldn’t resist.

Girls scouts came today selling cookies. I didn’t really want any, but I figured they deserved to make a sale considering how cold it was. The oldest one said her mother told them not to come home until they’d sold at least half their cookies. She said they were just about there.

Today is going to be a nothing day. I don’t need to go out for anything except to bring Gracie out. I have another new book to read, and I’m really hoping I can say I’m going to be warm and cozy because I am neither right now. It has been almost an hour. I am getting impatient.

“We move in and out of darkness and light all our lives. Right now I’m pleased to be in the light.”

March 7, 2015

I was on my way home around 5 yesterday. The sun was low in the sky. Its light gave the trees an odd color, not quite sunset and not quite daylight, and in that light even the new snow looked lovely. The main roads are clear. The side roads still have layer of snow over a layer of ice. I liked the weatherman’s forecast this morning. It will get warmer. I checked. Tomorrow will be 36˚ and by Tuesday we’ll hit 39˚. That may not sound warm but last night was 14˚.

I was watching TV last night when I started to feel cold. I checked the thermostat, and the heat was down to 65˚ though it should have been 68˚. I turned up the thermostat but didn’t hear the blast of hot air. I could hear the furnace blowing but it didn’t seem to be blowing heat. I waited a bit then called for service. The repairman came quickly. Less than a half hour after his arrival, the heat was blasting on and off through the registers. I congratulated him, but he said it was only the furnace recycling. Finally the heat stayed on. It seemed that some lock-out device on the furnace had been triggered, but he had no idea how. He had just turned some switch and had done a bit cleaning. By then it was 62˚ in here, but it warmed up quickly. I was relieved at the easy fix.

The coffee this morning was delicious. The blend is called Africa Gold which is ironic as Ghana had only instant coffee which blunted my coffee taste buds for the two years I had to drink it. I have since become a coffee snob.

Turning the clocks ahead is the first real sign of spring. Tomorrow the daylight will last an hour and a minute longer. Every day we’re adding a minute to the light. Every day is longer than the day before.

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