“We move in and out of darkness and light all our lives. Right now I’m pleased to be in the light.”

I was on my way home around 5 yesterday. The sun was low in the sky. Its light gave the trees an odd color, not quite sunset and not quite daylight, and in that light even the new snow looked lovely. The main roads are clear. The side roads still have layer of snow over a layer of ice. I liked the weatherman’s forecast this morning. It will get warmer. I checked. Tomorrow will be 36˚ and by Tuesday we’ll hit 39˚. That may not sound warm but last night was 14˚.

I was watching TV last night when I started to feel cold. I checked the thermostat, and the heat was down to 65˚ though it should have been 68˚. I turned up the thermostat but didn’t hear the blast of hot air. I could hear the furnace blowing but it didn’t seem to be blowing heat. I waited a bit then called for service. The repairman came quickly. Less than a half hour after his arrival, the heat was blasting on and off through the registers. I congratulated him, but he said it was only the furnace recycling. Finally the heat stayed on. It seemed that some lock-out device on the furnace had been triggered, but he had no idea how. He had just turned some switch and had done a bit cleaning. By then it was 62˚ in here, but it warmed up quickly. I was relieved at the easy fix.

The coffee this morning was delicious. The blend is called Africa Gold which is ironic as Ghana had only instant coffee which blunted my coffee taste buds for the two years I had to drink it. I have since become a coffee snob.

Turning the clocks ahead is the first real sign of spring. Tomorrow the daylight will last an hour and a minute longer. Every day we’re adding a minute to the light. Every day is longer than the day before.

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8 Comments on ““We move in and out of darkness and light all our lives. Right now I’m pleased to be in the light.””

  1. Caryn Says:

    Hi Kat,
    Good thing you were able to get the heat fixed quickly and easily. It’s so irritating when something fundamental stops working right when you need it most.

    I had that light experience yesterday morning at sunrise. The neighbor’s windows were aflame with light and the tree tops were glowing a lovely red. The snow was white as, well, snow. I photographed it through my window even though I knew it would be a crappy photo. I just wanted a record of the light.

    The dogs and I have been out a few times already. First thing this morning, (Oh, Wonder of wonders!) I heard the bill of the woodpecker drumming out his territorial song. It’s not the voice of the turtle dove but it still means Spring. 🙂

    Enjoy the sunny day.

    • katry Says:

      Hi Caryn,
      I felt lucky last night-no parts and probably not a whole lot of money for the service. It was pleasant sound to my ears to hear the air through the registers.

      Today the light is blinding. It is so bright as it reflects off the snow. It is cold, but it doesn’t seem as cold as it is when the sun is shining.

      My yard is filled with snow so Gracie has forged her own path as she goes in and out the same way every time, but not too far into the back.

      I do have errands, but I’m trying to decide whether or not they can wait until tomorrow.

      Have a great Saturday!

  2. Bob Says:

    Thank goodness for daylight savings time. I always find an extra hour of daylight more useful in the evening rather than in the morning. By Wedensday we will be in the low 70s. Hopefully, this is the end of winter weather. Nothing is worse than have no our heat go out in the winter or your AC in the summer.

  3. katry Says:

    I agree with you. I prefer the afternoon light. It seems hopeful when the day appears longer.

    I was glad the problem with the furnace was so small and quickly fixed.

    I can do without air but not the heat especially when the nights are still so cold.

  4. olof1 Says:

    I’m glad it was an easy fix with the heater! I’m so lucky that I have the stove in the kitchen, doesn’t matter what happens I’ll always be able to have a warm home and to fix food too.

    I’ve never liked the savings time, on the contrary! We really don’t need it here since it is light all the time here in summer 🙂

    It became rather warm again today despite the predictions but the strong wind destroyed most of the day anyway. But we walked into the forest to keep away from it. Several trees were leaning strangely this time, the ground is so wet that the trees can’t hold on to the ground any longer.

    No tea or coffee for me in the evening any more, suddenly I can’t sleep at night if I have either in the afternoon.

    Have a great day!

    • katry Says:

      Welcome back, Christer,
      A stove just wouldn’t help the whole house. It’s too big. One here in the den would be the right spot.

      It is light longer here in the summer but not all the time. I don’t think they need daylight savings time any more, but nobody asked me.

      We just have snow, tons of snow.

      Try decaffeinated tea and coffee. That might be okay.

      Have a great Saturday evening!

  5. im6 Says:

    Saw on Facebook where you “liked” Ghana Independence Day yesterday (3/6). A belated congratulations. Hope you celebrated as best you could under all that snow and ice.

    • katry Says:

      I remember the parades every Independence Day. Where I lived they were on a field in town and the marchers came in and stood on the field in rows, then came the speeches and finally they marched around the field. There were drummers with traditional drums. School children wore their uniforms.

      I bought myself a lovely dinner.

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