“I cannot command winds and weather.”

The weather is sublime. The sun is shining in a clear blue sky. Sometimes there is a breeze while other times it’s a wind. The ringing of the chimes and the swishing of the leaves are the only sounds. I refilled two feeders this morning, a sunflower feeder hanging off a limb and a thistle feeder hanging off a hook on the deck. Both see lots of bird traffic. The goldfinches love the thistle. The chickadees also like the thistle, but they prefer the sunflowers seeds. Yesterday I saw a house finch, a nuthatch and a titmouse eating the sunflower seeds while the chickadees were perched on branches waiting  their turns. Today I saw two crows taking turns at the sunflower feeder. I think it is the first time I’ve seen them on the deck partaking a meal. I figure they’ll probably be back. Nobody turns down a free dinner, not even a crow.

I really hate going out to do errands. I love being home, being comfortable. I love an afternoon nap. Today I have a couple of stops, both quick ones. Gracie still can’t come, too hot for her to wait in the car, but I’ll salve her disappointment by giving her lots of treats when she goes into her crate. She’ll be fine I know, but I still feel a bit guilty.

I’m watching the weather channel to keep track of Irma. Right now it is a category 5 hurricane headed toward the Leeward Islands. Having lived through hurricanes and seen the damage the winds can do, I’d evacuate in a heartbeat.

The Emergency Alert System does a monthly TV test. This morning it did three monthly tests, all the same. I’m thinking they were dry runs in case of a hurricane.

If we were all extras in an end of the world science fiction movie, we’d probably see weather similar to what is happening now. The Northwest is suffering from record heat in the low 100’s, and the region is rife with fires exacerbated by the weather. The second destructive hurricane of the season is on its way to Florida. The East Coast will feel the impact of Irma when a cold front brings thunderstorms and pelting rain. Should any of you see four horsemen riding white, red, black, and pale horses, you’ll know the end is nigh. If a movie hadn’t already been called Armageddon, I’d have chosen it for my movie.

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14 Comments on ““I cannot command winds and weather.””

  1. olof1 Says:

    It has been grey and dull here all day but nicely warm and rain free, I know because I’ve been at home today because I fell down the stairs last night 🙂 I had to go to the kitchen and got entagled in one or all three of the dogs and fell. No big injuries though because I managed to grip the railing but I strained a few places in my body.

    No big storms on their way here, only lots and lots of rainy days are ahead of us. I guess the ground water level must be back to normal by now 🙂

    I always feel sorry for those extras in scifi movies, they always tend to die 🙂 🙂 Isn’t it odd that it’s always the main characters who dies in horror movies but never in Scifi? 🙂

    Have a great day!


    • katry Says:

      Now you are sounding like me though I haven’t fallen in a while. I’m relieved to hear you have sprains and not breaks. Stairs can be treacherous. I know from experience. Maddie and Gracie walk in front of me and go slowly so I have to watch out so they don’t trip me.

      The day got really humid, enough so Gracie started panting, and I started sweating. The house was 75˚ so I put the air on for a while to cool down the house. Now, we are both comfortable.

      On Star Trek, any red shirt who went on an away mission always died. Did you see the Star Wars movie where a major character died?

      • olof1 Says:

        I had totally forgotten about Spock dying! but he did come back again so I’m not sure that would count. To be honest, the latest Star wars movie Rogue One also kills the main characters.

      • katry Says:

        I was thinking of Star Wars: A force Awakens when a major character dies.

        I never gave Spock a thought either.

  2. splendidone Says:

    Kat, I am reposting and quoting your final paragraph, I find it as truthful as it is frightening.

    • katry Says:

      Thank you for the reposting.

      The summer weather was and is still frightening. Look at Oregon and it’s over 100˚ temperature, and that high extends into Montana and some other surrounding states.

      We haven’t had a hurricane for a while. I just hope this isn’t the year.

  3. Hedley Says:

    Our best friends relocated to Naples Florida, couldn’t take the Michigan winters. Now Irma is pointing right at them. What do you do ? What do you take ? How far away do you drive ? When do you get going ? They are due in Detroit with us in 10 days for a wedding. I suggested they point the car north, throw the dog in the back and keep driving until they get home.

    I will be glad when I know that they are well out of there and hope that their dream home is spared this.

    • katry Says:

      My Dear Hedley,
      I agree about them getting in their car and heading north away from Florida and Irma. They go inland far enough away as not to be tumbled about by the wind or soaked by the rain. If they have time before the wedding, they can go home to check out what, if anything, had happened to their house.

      I would feel the same way if they were friends of mine.

    • Bob Says:

      I hope they get out before the end of the week. Their house can always be replaced.

      • katry Says:

        If I were in the line a category 5 or 4 hurricane was going to take, I’d be gone. I agree that a house can be replaced.

      • Hedley Says:

        Bob and Kat, this morning, the projected path takes Irma through the entire south of the Florida peninsula including Naples. Our chums were watching the Red Sox game on TV last night despite my demands that they hit the road.
        Hope for confirmation they are motoring today

      • katry Says:

        With the order to evacuate the roads will be filled with long lines of cars. I fear they will be in traffic for a very long time though I do applaud their devotion to the Sox whose game, which I watched entirely, ended at about 1:30 after 19 innings.

  4. Bob Says:

    The other indication of the end is the election of Trump. I just threw that in because isn’t it written that an idiot will be crowned. 🙂

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