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“If you can’t find an answer at the mall or the library, what does that say about the world?”

November 20, 2016

Yesterday I was the victim of a big cheat. The day stayed ugly and rainy. Not once was I tempted to go outside. I called my sister a couple of times, but she wasn’t home. She called me later and said since it was such a lovely day she had gone to church fairs. I thought she was being sarcastic. Nope! Her weather was sunny and 60˚ all day. What’s with that?

Last night was murder night. I watched Forensic Files, and when I tired of that, I watched murderous women and 48 Hours. I guess I was shaking away all that Hallmark sugar from the Christmas movies. Nothing like a bit of true crime to while away the evening.

I do have to go out today, but there is a bit of sun working its way through the clouds so I don’t mind. It will be cold this week, the 40’s during the day, and even down to the 30’s at night so any sun is welcomed.

The animals did it again. Maddie howled several times and woke me up. I called to her, but it didn’t matter. She kept howling with only small breaks in between. Gracie got off the bed and went downstairs, never a good thing. I followed her and opened the door. She went to the yard and grazed. I watched her then went back to bed. She came in the dog door, joined me upstairs and went to sleep. I did too, but the interrupted sleep just wasn’t enough. Maddie is sleeping now. She is comforted that I am down here with her.

Boxes arrive every day. My Christmas bins are overflowing. My list has mostly X’s across names as I finish buying for them. I am down to needing a couple of kids’ Christmas books, a few ornaments and some soap. I also need wrapping paper. I figure to shop on small business Saturday. My route will be down 6A. Visiting favorite stores will be fun. I’ll even treat myself to lunch.

“There are moments, Jeeves, when one asks oneself, ‘Do trousers matter?'” “The mood will pass, sir.”

January 17, 2016

Today is cloudy and damp and colder than yesterday. According to the weatherman, it will continue to get colder. Tomorrow night will be in the teens and Tuesday will be in the 20’s. I suppose I ought not to complain as this is really a warm winter. I’m thinking that’s probably an oxymoron.

Two of my warmest shirts are flannel. When I was a kid, my jeans were lined in flannel. I’m even wearing flannel pants right now, the kind you only wear around the house, never outside. If I wore a hat, it would have flannel inside and on the ear flaps. Comfort, not style, now dictates my choice of wardrobe.

In Ghana I had to wear a dress every day everywhere I went. When I started teaching here, it was the same thing except pantyhose was added. Later, pants were accepted as appropriate when teaching, but then, when I became an administrator, it was back to dresses, an unspoken but expected choice of wardrobe for an administrator. Every school day morning I’d stare at the clothes in my closet trying to decide what dress to wear. Now fast forward to retirement. The clothes in the closet have completely changed. I have two all purpose dresses, one dress a bit heavier for colder weather and three from Ghana. It has been so long since I wore a dress, I don’t even remember the occasion. I’m thinking it might have been a wedding. All the other clothes in my closet are mostly pants, shirts and other kinds of tops.

The day after I retired it happened. My fashion world was upended. I started dressing for comfort all the time. Style be damned! I have some dressy pants should I need to upgrade my usual choices, but I don’t even remember wearing those either. Now when I look in the closet, I wonder what color I’ll wear today.

“I did not have three thousand pairs of shoes, I had one thousand and sixty.”

November 6, 2011

This morning the frost was on the pumpkin, the lawn and the windshield. The tips of the grass glistened in the sun and cracked underfoot when I went to the driveway for the papers. Before I left for breakfast, I had to get the scraper from the trunk and scrape the windshield. It was the first frost of the season. I could see my breath in the morning light.

The day warmed quickly, and by the time I’d finished breakfast, it was already in the 40’s. Now it is 51° and feels almost balmy. Everything is relative.

The sun looks different in the fall and winter. From here in the den, I can see it shining through the oak tree just as it shined all summer, but it looks cold, almost wan. It provides only light now and even its light lasts just a short part of the day. I try and keep the darkness at bay. On the deck is a small fir topiary which stays lit all night. In three different parts of the yard, white lights are lit from six to midnight. They give a bit of comfort and shine through even the darkest of nights and are my reminder that winter is but one of the seasons.

I’m wearing my warm slippers, part of my cold weather uniform. Nothing is worse than cold feet. Cold hands are easier to get warm, but cold feet seem to chill the whole body. My socks have come out of storage as have my winter shoes. My sister and I were talking last night. She asked what I wanted for Christmas. I said I had no idea. She asked if I needed shoes. I said I had my winter shoes, still good for five or more years, and my summer sandals, also good for a few more years so I was covered for shoes. I thought about it later and chuckled a bit. My life is two pairs of shoes, and they are more than sufficient.

“It’s always the badly dressed people who are the most interesting.”

July 5, 2011

I’m outside on the deck where a wonderful breeze is keeping me cool. When I went inside to get my mac and read my e-mail, I was hot and sticky in no time, even in the still shady part of the house. Today is going to be a scorcher, 88°, the hottest day yet, but if the breeze stays on the deck, so will I.

I wore my new sandals yesterday so I could start breaking them in before my trip. I bought a pair of Chacos with a great strap design. It reminded us of the 60’s and the bottoms of our pant legs which had cloth with similar designs sewn on them while we wore matching headbands. I also remember a great vest with a bit of fringe, influenced I suspect by Donovan. Those days were great for clothes with giant flowers and brilliant colors. Fringe was just a perk.

It was back then I started wearing sandals. As a kid, I wore sneakers all summer, different colors when I was little and white ones when I was a teenager. In Africa we wore sandals all the time. After I retired, I wore sandals well into November or December. I just added socks on the really cold days. I haven’t gone back to fringe yet but who knows?

When I was younger, I’d see old men and women wearing the most God-awful clothes . The colors and patterns clashed, and I’d shake my head and wonder how they couldn’t notice. Those stripes definitely didn’t match those plaids. Men were the worst as women still retained a bit of fashion sense despite their ages, but their dresses were ugly and so were their shoes.

I’m at that age now, but my clothes more closely resemble the clothes of my youth. I have flowery, bright shirts, cool sandals and comfy pants missing only that strip of cloth.

I did a buy a dress recently as I needed one for a family event. It will come with me on my trip just in case. With it, I wore sandals. It felt strange wearing a dress as it has been so long that any event necessitated wearing one. The dress has flowers.

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