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“Easter is meant to be a symbol of hope, renewal, and new life.”

March 27, 2016

Happy Easter!!

The poor bunny must be exhausted. I imagine he’s sitting in his easy chair, paws up, hot toddy in hand and watching Harvey. Who helps the Easter Bunny? I’ve never even given the poor bunny a thought. Santa has a huge work force behind him, huge in numbers that is. He has his own little town. For all we know the Easter Bunny lives in a hole. Decorated I expect but still a hole. Does he have a work force?  How many chickens lay all those eggs? Who helps him deliver? How come he doesn’t wear pants? Is it a Donald Duck sort of thing? There are endless questions connected with the Easter Bunny. I fear they will remain unanswered.

Today is damp and cold. I went out at 7 to decorate my friend’s tree as I do every year. Their deck was wet and there was some ice on the furniture coverings. I guess there had been snow flurries during the night.

My friends and I are going out for Easter dinner as we always do. The restaurant is right on the water. The gulls fly by and you can hear their raucous calls. The ocean is still cold, in the mid forties, and I think it even looks cold, a deeper color than it is in the summer.

Our Easter baskets were on our bureaus. They were the first things we saw as soon as we woke up. I remember carrying my basket downstairs to show my mother then I’d sit on the couch to check out to see what goodies the Easter Bunny had left for me. I also ate a few jelly beans.

Church was next. I got to dress in my Easter finery for the first time. On a day like today my mother would have made me add a jacket or a sweater, but I’d take it off in church so everyone could see how lovely I looked. I never had any doubt about the loveliness.

“There are moments, Jeeves, when one asks oneself, ‘Do trousers matter?'” “The mood will pass, sir.”

January 17, 2016

Today is cloudy and damp and colder than yesterday. According to the weatherman, it will continue to get colder. Tomorrow night will be in the teens and Tuesday will be in the 20’s. I suppose I ought not to complain as this is really a warm winter. I’m thinking that’s probably an oxymoron.

Two of my warmest shirts are flannel. When I was a kid, my jeans were lined in flannel. I’m even wearing flannel pants right now, the kind you only wear around the house, never outside. If I wore a hat, it would have flannel inside and on the ear flaps. Comfort, not style, now dictates my choice of wardrobe.

In Ghana I had to wear a dress every day everywhere I went. When I started teaching here, it was the same thing except pantyhose was added. Later, pants were accepted as appropriate when teaching, but then, when I became an administrator, it was back to dresses, an unspoken but expected choice of wardrobe for an administrator. Every school day morning I’d stare at the clothes in my closet trying to decide what dress to wear. Now fast forward to retirement. The clothes in the closet have completely changed. I have two all purpose dresses, one dress a bit heavier for colder weather and three from Ghana. It has been so long since I wore a dress, I don’t even remember the occasion. I’m thinking it might have been a wedding. All the other clothes in my closet are mostly pants, shirts and other kinds of tops.

The day after I retired it happened. My fashion world was upended. I started dressing for comfort all the time. Style be damned! I have some dressy pants should I need to upgrade my usual choices, but I don’t even remember wearing those either. Now when I look in the closet, I wonder what color I’ll wear today.

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