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“Cleanliness and order are not matters of instinct; they are matters of education, and like most great things, you must cultivate a taste for them.”

July 14, 2014

Last night the weather woman predicted a polar vortex. She was describing summer temperatures in the mid to low 60’s. I guess polar was about the best adjective she could find to describe the cool, even cold, summer days and nights. Right now, though, it is oppressively humid and totally still. I feel closed in, surrounded by the thick air. I swear I can even see it.

Gracie and I are going to the dump today. Sunday, our usual day, is, in the summer, the worst day to go. I know. I’ve been there. Cars are lined up at the gate waiting to get in, and there are no parking spots near the trash or the recycle bins. I just hope the predicted rain holds off. My luck is usually such that just as I’m arriving at the dump the skies open and the deluge begins.

I don’t remember staying in the house any day, especially on a rainy day, when I was a kid. Rainy days were fun. We’d find the biggest puddles, jump in and send sprays of water all around us soaking ourselves at the same time. We’d walk barefooted in the gutters filled with rainwater splashing and kicking water as we went. If the rain was heavy, the water ran quickly through the gutters to the sewers. We’d float leaves or pieces of bark and run along side to watch them fly through the water until our makeshift boats disappeared in the sewer grate. Then we’d go back and do it again.

I never minded getting wet or dirty when I was young. My standards for cleanliness were low. Sometimes I’d even go to bed in the clothes I had worn that day. It just seemed easier. Now I carry wet naps in my bag and in the car. I wear gloves when I pot  plants or when I’m in the garden. I carry a Tide pen in case of spills. My standards now are quite high. I think that is one of the burdens of adulthood.

“What terrified me will terrify others; and I need only describe the spectre which had haunted my midnight pillow.”

March 13, 2012

I am possessed. There is no other way to describe it. I think it is by some old lady who spent her life cleaning homes or buildings. I have proof. Yesterday I attacked and cleaned one of my biggest cabinets. I was tired of stuff falling out every time I was looking for something so I took everything out. In the way back of the cabinet I found all of the chewed pieces of paper from when the mouse lived there. That was disgusting. I also found half-filled bottles of the same thing so I poured and managed to throw away the empty duplicates. I found stuff I didn’t even know I had. Who needs three aluminum foil boxes? Obviously I do. How about two unopened boxes of Cling Wrap? Last week my nephew wanted 3 in 1 oil which I knew I had but he couldn’t find. Well, I have three of those. I also found lemon oil which is on my shopping list. That led to the next chore.

I oiled the old desk in my bathroom. You probably wonder why a desk is in my bathroom. Well, it is a small narrow, pull down front desk, and I keep my guests linen there. That bathroom has a school theme. No, it is not a reflection on my education!

Next, I mineraled oiled the butcher block in my kitchen then I noticed my dining room table. It has a stain but no finish so out came the lemon oil and I oiled the table and a small stool.

I want the haunting to stop and I want the old lady gone. It is not me to tackle such obscure tasks. The most I usually do is use my sleeve to dust and I’m quite happy with that accomplishment; however, I can hear another couple of cabinets calling me, and I’m forcing myself to stay away from them. I know the old lady is itching for me to get at them.

All of that work and staying up too late caused me to sleep until eleven; that’s right eleven. It was a put a mirror under her nose to see if she’s breathing sort of morning. The animals stayed right with me.

I do have to go out as I have a short list of things I need. What is going on? Here I am cleaning and now grocery shopping. I need an exorcist.