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“Fenway is the essence of baseball”

October 4, 2013

Today’s weather is a maybe day: maybe it will rain and maybe it won’t. The sun pops out then the clouds take over and the sun disappears for a while. Outside is warmer than inside. I was on the deck earlier scaring a chipmunk from the feeder. It took off like a shot and walked across the top of the fence to get out of the yard. It lives in my front lawn. I have watched it disappear down a hole and then reappear from a different hole. My landscaper wants to fill the holes in, but I told him no. The chipmunk is still cute though any future forays at the feeder will lessen the cuteness factor. Speaking of feeders, that red spawn hasn’t been back. I suspect it didn’t love being sprayed by the hose.

Last night was one of those twist and turn nights. I just couldn’t fall asleep so I turned the light back on and read until close to 3. Gracie was snoring at the foot of the bed and Fern was cozy in the comforter, purring as she slept. I was envious of both of them. I woke up around 9:30.

I am still randomly cleaning. This morning it was the kitchen which got my attention while I waited for the coffee to brew. I cleaned the tops of pictures, some knickknacks and the shelf on the side wall. It is the neatest shelf and was made by my favorite woodworker. The color is a sort of blue and it has hand-painted decorations. All strange sorts of stuff are on it including old cowboy and Indian figures like my brother used to play with, a Day of the Dead chef, a shell from the Blue Lagoon in Iceland, some really ugly Easter decorations and a small ceramic piece which sort of looks like a bulldog. The shelf has a string of pepper lights hanging from one of the hooks and is surrounded by shell lights. I light them more often in the winter to scare away the darkness. They look really neat.

Today I’m going to watch the Red Sox play-off game with my friends. The game starts at the crazy hour of three. I’m going to be super fan and wear my Red Sox shirt and hat. I’ll cheer and even groan, both of which come easily, as does an occasional swear. Go Red Sox!!

“Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.”

April 18, 2013

Today is a sunny but chilly day. The forsythia in my yard has blossomed and is the most beautiful yellow. It is the sun come to ground for just a little bit. The sky is as blue as it can ever be, and not a cloud can be seen, not even the smallest. Gracie has been in the yard all morning playing with her partially deflated basketball. She carries it in her mouth and runs around the yard. When she gets tired, she lies in the sun on the deck then comes in for a drink from her porcelain water bowl and then goes back outside. A dog never wastes a beautiful day. A chipmunk is my newest nemesis. It is small enough not to trip the feeder which thwarts the spawns. I look out the window, and when I see the chipmunk sitting on the feeder and munching, I run out and scare it. This morning it didn’t hear me, and I got close enough to touch it had I wanted to, but then it saw me and ran across the rail. I chased it just to scare it, and I did. I had to clean the rail afterwards.

Yesterday I treated myself to lunch. I had a panini with bacon, cheddar, avocado, lettuce and horseradish. It was delicious. I sat and ate my lunch at a table by the window and watched the traffic, cars and people, go by. I bought Gracie a treat at the dog store and then went home, satisfied I hadn’t wasted a beautiful day.

My cats sleep in the sun. They whack each other for position then settle in where the sun shines the brightest. Fern usually gets the better spot, and she stretches out her body so that all of it will feel the warmth. She starts at the front door then moves to the back in the early afternoon. Gracie is a bit afraid of Fern who takes full advantage of that fear. When Fern is by the back door, Gracie won’t come in her dog door. She bangs it to let me know she wants in and wants a bit of protection. I save her. Fern has never hurt Gracie. She just intimidates. Her favorite game is keep Gracie off the bed. Fern runs from side to side so Gracie won’t jump on the bed. I save Gracie. Fern washes Gracie often especially while all of us are on the bed. Poor Gracie sits wide-eyed wondering what might happen. Nothing ever does. Fern likes Gracie, but she also likes being the top dog, so to speak. Pets are interesting and funny and loving.

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