“Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.”

Today is a sunny but chilly day. The forsythia in my yard has blossomed and is the most beautiful yellow. It is the sun come to ground for just a little bit. The sky is as blue as it can ever be, and not a cloud can be seen, not even the smallest. Gracie has been in the yard all morning playing with her partially deflated basketball. She carries it in her mouth and runs around the yard. When she gets tired, she lies in the sun on the deck then comes in for a drink from her porcelain water bowl and then goes back outside. A dog never wastes a beautiful day. A chipmunk is my newest nemesis. It is small enough not to trip the feeder which thwarts the spawns. I look out the window, and when I see the chipmunk sitting on the feeder and munching, I run out and scare it. This morning it didn’t hear me, and I got close enough to touch it had I wanted to, but then it saw me and ran across the rail. I chased it just to scare it, and I did. I had to clean the rail afterwards.

Yesterday I treated myself to lunch. I had a panini with bacon, cheddar, avocado, lettuce and horseradish. It was delicious. I sat and ate my lunch at a table by the window and watched the traffic, cars and people, go by. I bought Gracie a treat at the dog store and then went home, satisfied I hadn’t wasted a beautiful day.

My cats sleep in the sun. They whack each other for position then settle in where the sun shines the brightest. Fern usually gets the better spot, and she stretches out her body so that all of it will feel the warmth. She starts at the front door then moves to the back in the early afternoon. Gracie is a bit afraid of Fern who takes full advantage of that fear. When Fern is by the back door, Gracie won’t come in her dog door. She bangs it to let me know she wants in and wants a bit of protection. I save her. Fern has never hurt Gracie. She just intimidates. Her favorite game is keep Gracie off the bed. Fern runs from side to side so Gracie won’t jump on the bed. I save Gracie. Fern washes Gracie often especially while all of us are on the bed. Poor Gracie sits wide-eyed wondering what might happen. Nothing ever does. Fern likes Gracie, but she also likes being the top dog, so to speak. Pets are interesting and funny and loving.

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10 Comments on ““Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.””

  1. peterrocker Says:

    Lunch sounded delicious.
    I’ll bring some chilled Rose next time.
    Celebrate ‘so far, so good’ result from the Medical Maestros

  2. olof1 Says:

    It’s blowing like crazy here today, I’m not sure it’s storm strength but the gusts must reach that speed. Like it though, especially since it is warm outdoors.Every now and again I hear loud bumps towards my cottage but so far I haven’t seen what caused the sound.

    Horseradish is one of the few things I absolutely refuse to eat, I just can’t stand the taste of it, not even if it is mixed in well amongst other spices. Otherwise its very popular over here.

    All my pets have their own favorite spots so there’s never any struggle about where they will take a nap. At night Nova sleeps beside my head and Sune just beside her. Hector prefers the floor but if he too wants to be in my bed he prefers sleeping by my feet. Orvar sleeps downstairs in my sofa 🙂 He knows he isn’t allowed to but he also knows I won’t get up to catch him during the night 🙂 🙂

    Have a great day!

    • Kat Says:

      We get terrific winds here especially during storms. My pine trees creak and groan and a few go down every winter.

      It is a horseradish sauce which is delicious. I have it on all of my sandwiches. I don’t make too many things which require real, pure horseradish.

      Gracie starts on one side of the bottom of the bed and Fern on the other. Maddie sleeps on a guest room bed. Gracie moves around a lot and when I wake up, I sometimes find her right by my head. Fern is always right beside me, nice and cozy.

      The dog I grew up with, Duke, another Boxer, wasn’t allowed on the couch or beds, but every morning, as we were going down the stairs, we could hear Duke getting off the couch. We never caught him!

  3. Birgit Says:

    A chipmunk at the feeder? It could be worse:
    The blackbird nest at our house is completed and the birds are breeding now. We named the pair Cilla and Black. I hope they are successful and the vandalizing magpies don’t find this nest.

    • Kat Says:

      That one I would not scare away!!

      How neat to get to watch the blackbirds, and I also hope they are successful and not bothered.

  4. Caryn Says:

    Hi Kat,
    I love horseradish sauce on roast beast. I used to get that all the time at Kelly’s.
    My old dog Tegan used to sleep at my feet, under the covers. She would jump up on the bed and work her way under the blanket from the bottom. A couple of months after she died I had to drive to Washington DC for work. A week later as I was about an hour away from home on the drive back, I realized that there would be no happy dog to welcome me home. I think I cried for about 40 minutes. That evening, I was in bed, on the edge of sleep, when I felt something hop on the bed and go under the covers at my feet. I figured it was the cat Monster but then I saw that the door was closed. There weren’t any strange critters in my bed so it must have been Tegan’s spirit welcoming me home. 🙂
    Rocky also sleeps at my feet. Sometimes he crawls up and gets between me and the bolster on the bed. When he does that he stretches out full length and kicks me with his back legs to try and get more room.
    It’s sunny but the wind is chilly here today. I watched someone’s gaily colored kick ball blow merrily down the entire length of my street.
    Enjoy the day.

    • Kat Says:

      Hi Caryn,
      I too love it on roast beef. I buy Boar’s Head horseradish sauce and use it on all sorts of meats.

      Maggie used to sleep under the covers. She also would work her way to the bottom and settle in. Gracie pushes my covers to the bottom if I get up and then she settles in. She always looks so comfy I hate to take the covers back. I agree that you were welcomed home!!

      Gracie takes half the bed. It is an antique bed so is double: one side for me and one fore her. Fern finds her space beside me and when I’m asleep, on my hip which I don’t enjoy. If I wake up, back she goes to the bed.

      That is really neat the ball down the street!

  5. Bob Says:

    Anything tastes good if it contains bacon, cheese and avacados. The roast beef has to be rare or I would rather pass.

    Our dogs have always brought us pleasure and enjoyment. Life without a companion animal is like not having a good friend.

    Today here north of the border in Toronto the weather was gorgeous with sunny skies, temperature around 70 and a light breeze. Tonight and tomorrow should bring rain and a drop in temperature.

    • Kat Says:


      That was the best sandwich. I got a panini press for Christmas so I need to shop for the ingredients so I can make it at home.

      I can’t imagine coming home to one that is empty of an animal. I have two cats and a dog, and they give me love, affection and so much pleasure.

      You are so much warmer than we are here!

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