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“Each day has a color, a smell.”

January 25, 2018

Winter is back. It gets quite cold at night and hangs in until late in the morning. The air was brusque when I went to get the papers. It will get warmer over the weekend, the mid- forties, then winter will again rear its hoary head. It is 28˚ right now.

Today is a pretty day with lots of sun and a blue sky. The air is clean and colors seem to pop. The breeze is slight and only the tops of trees sway a bit.

Maddie is sick now. I took her to the vets yesterday as she hadn’t eaten and had trouble going to the bathroom. When I called and described what was going on, they had me bring her in right away. They gave her blood and urine tests and a couple of x-rays. She has a urinary track infection, a high potassium level and a high thyroid count. They gave her an antibiotic and fluid under her fur to hydrate her and I got three meds to give her twice a day. Things aren’t going great. I gave her the meds easily last night and she didn’t seem to mind all that much. This morning, though, she disappeared after getting the meds. I took my flashlight and went upstairs and found her under the bed in the guest room, an old haunt of hers. I patted her and talked to her hoping she’d come down stairs, but she hasn’t. I’ll go back up in a bit. I don’t want to overwhelm her. The vet is calling today so I’ll see what she recommends. Maddie is 18 and a half so anything is upsetting, especially now.

Nothing is on my dance card today. A trip to the dump is in the near future, but that’s it. My cleaning couple can’t come today so, aghast and horrors, I will have to vacuum. I hope I remember how. The laundry bags are still by the cellar door. This is day two of the wash watch.

I love the smell of burning candles. Last night it was cinnamon and before that it was coconut. This Christmas my sister gave me squares of peat and a small ceramic thatched Irish cottage to hold the burning embers. The other night I lit the peat. When it was burning, I was reminded of the old b&b in Youghal, Ireland. It was springtime and cold and damp. We were the only guests. The owner lit a peat fire in the grate in the dining room. The smell of peat filled the room. It stuck to my clothes. I could smell it even when I got home and opened my suitcase. Burning peat is, for me, the smell of memories.

“Once you have a wonderful dog, life without one, is a life diminished.”

February 2, 2017

Gracie news is first. Yesterday morning around 5 she stood up on the bed and that movement woke me. All of a sudden I saw Gracie start to fall over so I grabbed her before she fell. She then collapsed on the bed. I held her around the neck and talked to her as her eyes were wide in fear. I then helped her stand up. She did but just stood not moving then threw up. I cleaned the bed and tried to get her off of it, but because my bed is an old one and quite high, she wouldn’t get off it. I finally lifted all 68 pounds of her to the floor. She walked to the stairs but wouldn’t go down. I went in front of her and she went down one step at a time. I decided to take her right away to C.A.R.E., the emergency vets. We got there around 5:30 and waited a bit. Finally we went into the treatment room. The vet listened to what had happened then took her for some tests. They were all fine except Gracie was a bit dehydrated. She has a heart flutter but is on meds for that. The decision was to leave her overnight so she could be rehydrated and given some X-rays. The vet called in the afternoon and Gracie was doing well, no aftereffects. I called this morning and she is staying there until the afternoon when she is going to have a cardiac echo. My poor baby! I just hope everything is okay.

My house feels cold and is quiet.

Punxsutawney Phil has predicted six more weeks of winter. It is cold today so he might just be right, but that would unusual. Poor Phil is correct only 39% of the time, but considering the three coldest months of the year are December, January and February, this might be one of those times.

The sun is shining with the sharpness of a winter’s day. The breeze is slight. I’m hanging around the all day house though I have stuff I need to do including going to the dump, but I’ll save that for Gracie and me tomorrow. She’ll love it.

“Dress how you want to be addressed.”

September 18, 2015

The late post is due to my dental appointment for teeth cleaning which ended up being longer than expected. I had a problem area which necessitated a picture, an x-ray and a measurement between teeth. I now need a follow-up with the dentist after he tries to figure out from the pictures what the lump on my gum is. After that I went all the way down cape to Brewster to the book store to buy a birthday present for my neighbor’s son who will be 7 tomorrow. I treated myself and bought a new hard cover because I deserve it.

Today is in the 80’s but not as humid as yesterday. Opened windows are enough though I may need the AC in my bedroom tonight. Gracie’s panting is the deciding factor.

Many people are already here for the weekend as the weather is supposed to be pleasant and the water is still warm enough for swimming. I was amazed to see so many shop parking lots filled with cars, the same with the restaurants. I figure we’ll have another month of weekend traffic. I’ll just have to practice patience.

When I was a kid, girls wore dresses or skirts to school and boys wore collared shirts and long pants. Shorts were never worn to school or church no matter how hot it was. In high school I even had to wear nylon stockings as part of my uniform. None of us complained because that’s just the way it was. It was winter in my sophomore year of college before I was allowed to wear pants to classes. In Ghana I wore dresses all the time, but I never minded. I had a seamstress make them from native cloth, and the prints and colors were beautiful.

I would never want to go back to those days of dresses, but I’d like a few occasions when dressing up in good clothes is expected. I do it every Easter, but that’s about it. I have my summer dresses and my fall-winter dress sitting in the closet waiting for the occasion to arise when a dress is needed. I have good shoes still in their boxes, also patiently waiting. I even have some lovely necklaces covered in dust from being left in the drawer for so long.

I love living casually but a dress-up day now and then wouldn’t hurt, besides, I need to get my money’s worth for those dresses, shoes and jewelry.

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