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“Dress how you want to be addressed.”

September 18, 2015

The late post is due to my dental appointment for teeth cleaning which ended up being longer than expected. I had a problem area which necessitated a picture, an x-ray and a measurement between teeth. I now need a follow-up with the dentist after he tries to figure out from the pictures what the lump on my gum is. After that I went all the way down cape to Brewster to the book store to buy a birthday present for my neighbor’s son who will be 7 tomorrow. I treated myself and bought a new hard cover because I deserve it.

Today is in the 80’s but not as humid as yesterday. Opened windows are enough though I may need the AC in my bedroom tonight. Gracie’s panting is the deciding factor.

Many people are already here for the weekend as the weather is supposed to be pleasant and the water is still warm enough for swimming. I was amazed to see so many shop parking lots filled with cars, the same with the restaurants. I figure we’ll have another month of weekend traffic. I’ll just have to practice patience.

When I was a kid, girls wore dresses or skirts to school and boys wore collared shirts and long pants. Shorts were never worn to school or church no matter how hot it was. In high school I even had to wear nylon stockings as part of my uniform. None of us complained because that’s just the way it was. It was winter in my sophomore year of college before I was allowed to wear pants to classes. In Ghana I wore dresses all the time, but I never minded. I had a seamstress make them from native cloth, and the prints and colors were beautiful.

I would never want to go back to those days of dresses, but I’d like a few occasions when dressing up in good clothes is expected. I do it every Easter, but that’s about it. I have my summer dresses and my fall-winter dress sitting in the closet waiting for the occasion to arise when a dress is needed. I have good shoes still in their boxes, also patiently waiting. I even have some lovely necklaces covered in dust from being left in the drawer for so long.

I love living casually but a dress-up day now and then wouldn’t hurt, besides, I need to get my money’s worth for those dresses, shoes and jewelry.