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“Winter either bites with its teeth or lashes with its tail.”

January 24, 2013

It is 4˚ and with the wind chill -12˚. I woke up earlier than my programmed heater starts its job and the house was only 62˚.

The Cough and the Mouse is the name of today’s entry which sounds like something Aesop might have written though I’m at a loss as to the moral of the story. Perhaps there isn’t one. I lasted until 5 o’clock before the coughing forced me out of bed. I was sitting up hoping to fall back to sleep, but the mouse in the trap would have none of that. It, number 20, was trying to break out of his metal trap. No luck, just noise. I finally came downstairs figuring if I’m awake I might as well have a cup of coffee to greet the day, such as it is. As for the mouse, I know it will not survive the temperature no matter where I free it, but I don’t foresee a new pet, especially a rodent who chews wires, wood and whatever looks good in the cabinet.

The weather woman on this morning’s news is wearing a dress which makes her looked deformed. Her top half leans left while her bottom half leans right. I wonder if the people working with her have noticed or maybe the 5 o’clock news is far too early for fashion statements.

My mother told me a lot of things. I knew I had to stay out of the water for an hour after eating because all that food could cause cramps and maybe even drowning. Not true, we all learned later. This morning more of my mother’s warnings have been debunked. Going out with wet hair will not cause a cold as my mother claimed. Not only that, all my body heat does not escape through my head. Putting a hat on just keeps my head warm.

My cold persists. My cough is painful. I’m sucking on lozenges and taking cough medicine. When I feel cold, I wrap in an afghan which Gracie thinks is hers so she tries to yank it off me. She will not be successful. This time the human will prevail!

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