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“Hip is the sophistication of the wise primitive in a giant jungle.”

September 4, 2016

The first thing I did this morning was turn on the TV for the latest weather. It seems the winds are much greater than they expected yesterday. Instead of 25mph, they could be as high as 4o with gusts even higher. The expected rain total is still far too little, but the weather report has added the possibility of rain on Tuesday so that should help. The storm could affect the cape for much of the week. The only preparation I have made so far is to lower and secure my umbrella, but after I finish here, I’ll go out to the deck and secure what’s left.

The weather now is so lovely it is difficult to believe what is wending its way up the coast. The air is pleasant at 73˚. The sky is a lovely blue and the only clouds are small and wispy. The breeze is from the north and is still slight enough to be harmless.

Last night we didn’t have a movie on the deck. My friend thought it would be damp and too chilly so we changed plans. We had game night, ate Chinese appetizers and then watched the Deadly Mantis on TV. It was a fun movie with all the cliches we expect from a fifties black and white science fiction movie. We had our handsome hero, an air force officer, who falls in love with the female star, an editor of a museum magazine. This film had amazing scenes as many of the film clips were real especially the ones of jet planes, radar rooms and air force bases. Another wonderful clip was of an Eskimo village, their dogs and the men heading out to sea in their umiaks. At the end, the giant mantis was difficult to destroy but our hero was up to the task.

Some of the scientists on an advisory committee in the movie were sitting around the table. They  were holding slide rules. I remembered using one in math class way, way back, and at one time students in my school had to use them. Teachers carted boxes filled with them from room to room. Now, most students would be dumbfounded if asked to identify a slide rule.

I used typewriters and slide rules. To change the channel I had to get up and walk to the TV to turn the dial. My first transistor radio was square, covered in leather and big. A later radio was plastic. It only got AM. There wasn’t any FM. We had a party line for our telephone. It was cheaper. Dial phones made great sounds. I use to keep dimes in the slots of my loafers in case I needed to use a pay phone. Sputnik scared us. The TV only had black and white programs. My bike had no gears, and the brakes were the backward parts of the pedals. It was, by today’s standards, a primitive time. I figure every new generation thinks the previous generation is antique, backward. My two-year-old grand niece, affectionately called G or Georgie, can use the phone to facetime my sister, her grandmother. That was science fiction when I was a kid.

“Wild nights are my glory!”

September 3, 2016

My reason for being late today is a good one. I have been watching Yongary, a 1967 monster movie made in Korea. It was so bad I couldn’t tear myself away. I’ll give you some wonderful examples. The hero is summoned from the first night of his honeymoon to man a capsule into space. His woe begotten wife shows up in the control room where her father is in charge. She is wearing what I figured was formal control room dress: beaded gloves, a hat and a lovely dress. When her husband lands the capsule, she is wearing a different dress, no hat and no gloves. I guess the dress code for safe landings is much less formal. All through the movie she walks in on secret meetings as if she owned the place. The monster shoots fire. Every time he spews flames, the camera goes to his mouth, and you can see the pipe. The sets are obviously models as are the tanks and cars. In one scene a man opens his mouth in horror and puts his hands in front of his face. The next scene is the car going over a cliff and bursting into flames. You never find out why. The townspeople are told to evacuate as the monster is coming. Most are carrying what I assumed were valuable possessions yet one guy carried a dented table globe. A main character is a small boy who precipitates critical plot lines. He even dances with the monster. He twists. The monster just moves his hips and arms. At the end of the movie, despite his dancing skills, the monster is killed. There is a huge celebration but I couldn’t read the banner. It was in Korean. Newspaper men are talking to the boy and ask his age. He says about 8. What kid doesn’t know how old he is? After every question, there is that silly laughter Japanese movies also seem to have. Just think. I spent an hour and forty minutes watching this awful movie, and I’d do it again.

The MGM channel, which showed Yongary, has wonderful films for the whole afternoon. On now is an updated She, then Contamination 7 starring no one I’ve ever heard of and then Tentacles starring a giant octopus.

Last night was chilly. The house was only 63˚ when I woke up. When I got the papers, I could tell the breeze was off the ocean. It has a different feel about it. Today will be in the mid 70’s. Tonight is movie night. We’re watching another black and white movie from the 50’s, The Deadly Mantis. I’m thinking the title gives the plot away. The menu for the evening is Chinese appetizers then candy and popcorn for movie viewing. It will be in the mid 60’s so I’m figuring it’ll be sweatshirt weather.

Tomorrow will be batten down the hatches day. We’ll have 35 mph winds, but there is also a threat for strong tropical storm force winds of 58 to 73 mph. I’ll have to move plants off the deck rail, close the umbrella and remove the feeders. It will rain but only about an inch. It seems like a lot of work for a  storm which could fizzle, but I don’t want to press my luck.

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